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  1. Adam Reach goal video

    Hooper bossing Terry hahaha on your arse.
  2. Time For Rhodes

    Rhodes just runs round like a lost sheep chasing the ball like a dog and once he has it doesn’t know what to do with it.
  3. 150 Anniversary

    Couldn’t agree more how can it go from touching distance of the premier league against hull to this season.
  4. It’s been a total disaster we all agree with that. A kit coming out closer to Christmas that the start of the season. But just imagine if our rivals get promoted on a shoe string budget on our 150 anerversary. Even the Barnsley fans were singing were a sh@t Sheffield United today. Can we we save this season. I don’t think we can but I would love to be wrong.
  5. My dads a nice bloke but he would be pants as a manager. I’d take a w@#ker any day that would get us promoted.
  6. Us 3-0 up. Did you watch us today.
  7. After today’s performance I fully agree with this. I have never seen Hillsborough so quite like today. All you could hear were the away fans. Sick of passing back to Westwood constantly. We need a change and I’ll be chanting Carlos out.
  8. Made me laugh last nights email saying the home kit will be on sale Monday. Then underneath advertising the 2017 calendar in October.
  9. Loyalty

    Think this shows he's committed in Carlos and their both their as a team not individuals.
  10. Wallace.

    Today proved Carlos still has the dressing room and the celebrations in front of the north was class
  11. Wallace.

    Would love to know what Wallace says to other players. He's always the one having little scuffles with the opposition. Clearly today got under the skin of a few Leeds players. At one point thought he was going to get head butted.
  12. Think everyone should get a free shirt after Paying to see that shambles last weekend.
  13. Dead proud of SWFC

    My two boys last season wanted the championship badges on the sleeves but the club shop refused as they can't put sky bet on any kids replica shirts.
  14. I was thinking the same. The shirt collar looks like one of my battered work shirts