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  1. Craig7484

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Not because of this game. Massive fan of Wildsmith and he has stepped up this season but we should start giving Dawson the opportunity of first team football to build his confidence too. As for a manager change I think we need to do it soon if we are or the chairman should just puplicly back him and offer a new contract to stop speculation
  2. Be more happy if he just gave a big discount next season to this years season ticket holders. My two boys already want to renew their tickets. My 9&10 years old they have just fellen in love with the club.
  3. Got myself and my two boys one. You do have to get a size bigger than you are. I’m large and it was tight so sold it on here. My boys are 9amd 10 and are tall lads but had to get 10-11 and 12-13 for them or youth large and youth xlarge
  4. Craig7484

    Nuhui is the answer

    Couldn’t agree more and should have scored. He’s got the biggest heart on the team. He reminds me every time he comes on as if Carlos just threw a shirt into the kop and said to a fan you have a go.
  5. Craig7484

    Christmas Cards.

    Felt a bit of an idiot falling for it been signed when my second lad opened his and was exactly the same place. But they believe it and their faces lit up when they opened it.
  6. Agree I bought a large. I’m large in all my tops and it didn’t fit. Sold my lovely 3rd kit top to a fellow Owlstalk member last night.
  7. Craig7484

    Joe Wildsmith

    Hahaha thought we all need it recently.
  8. Craig7484

    Christmas Cards.

    My other boy couldn’t believe it one the youngest opened his first and come running downstairs to see if he had one. Anyone would have thought santa walked through the door.
  9. Sorry for all the treads. A friend of my fiancée who she works with at Sheffield Hospital is close friends with Joe Wildsmith and because my little boy is obsessed with him she’s asked him if he will sign a card for his birthday and he went one better and gave her some signed gloves for him.
  10. Craig7484

    Christmas Cards.

    Couldn’t agree more. Little boys are buzzing
  11. My two boys have just received these cards cards from Wednesday. Must be because their season ticket holders but it’s a classy touch and has made their days. Already planning to take them to school tomorrow. Even the signatures look signed and not printed as the inks gone on to the other page.
  12. No but they do online. But large I think was 42-44 and xl is 44-46