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  1. RIP Derek Wilkinson

    Rip Derek
  2. I was just looking at the ticket stubs from the past in October 2007 I bought 2 adult and 2 kids tickets to watch us play Leicester city it cost £98 in the South stand. Today it will be £20 more for a cat a game.
  3. iFollow

    It all worked well for me. I used a VPN to set up a new account and watch and used my old one to listen to the commentary. It took a few goes to get them in sync.
  4. For anyone who is worried.

    Just class. love it
  5. Abdi for goal of the week

    Looks like the piggies have jumped on this vote Abdi was well ahead earlier.
  6. If anyone fancies a vote. http://www.footballleaguescout.com/goal-of-the-week-week-30/
  7. Birth date result

    07 Oct 1972 Preston North End v Sheffield Wednesday D 1-1 League Division Two The day before I came along