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  1. They tried to move them to Dublin first. Wanted to call them the Dublin Don's or something like that.
  2. We would become Red bull Sheffield and look like all their other teams.
  3. I read somewhere that the Cowley's turned down Huddersfield because of the rumours that we were interested. When we didn't make a move they went back to Huddersfield.
  4. Got it as a Christmas gift thought it was great.
  5. Worked fine for me pic went a bit fuzzy at times
  6. Worked fine for me no problems from I changed my VPN a few weeks ago
  7. It's my dad's fault. He (Belfastowl lad) lived near Loftus road. When he was a kid he found a ciggie card with a pic of Derek Wilkinson on it with the stripes going the wrong way and thought that it looked great. Never looked back.
  8. up to second favourite on skybet at 5/1 anybody itk
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