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  1. I read somewhere that the Cowley's turned down Huddersfield because of the rumours that we were interested. When we didn't make a move they went back to Huddersfield.
  2. Got it as a Christmas gift thought it was great.
  3. Worked fine for me pic went a bit fuzzy at times
  4. Worked fine for me no problems from I changed my VPN a few weeks ago
  5. It's my dad's fault. He (Belfastowl lad) lived near Loftus road. When he was a kid he found a ciggie card with a pic of Derek Wilkinson on it with the stripes going the wrong way and thought that it looked great. Never looked back.
  6. up to second favourite on skybet at 5/1 anybody itk
  7. I was just looking at the ticket stubs from the past in October 2007 I bought 2 adult and 2 kids tickets to watch us play Leicester city it cost £98 in the South stand. Today it will be £20 more for a cat a game.
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