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  1. And fer that , yer can have another Let's not forget Clint Eastwoods " I talk to the trees " SAME FILM We sh*t on you blunts In all that we do This city is ours It's all white and blue Get back to your sty Where your team is a zoo Cos we're riding high While you're courting league two Regards , the cheesy song club
  2. Register with EFL , they'll send you e-mails , got some handy prizes on offer as well if your lucky enough to win
  3. And fer that yer can have another The man's man Lee Marvin's " Wanderin Star " SAME FILM Fer - nan - doooh is a Wednesday star, a Wednesday , Wednesday star He's a magic forward Always on attack When he gets the ball You better get all your players back Oh Fer - nan - doooh is a Wednesday star , a Wednesday , Wednesday star
  4. yeah , I becomes we , we becomes I , but WAWAW , just fer a laugh ( not proposing this to replace our song ) thought I'd keep it more to the original film score Gotta dream boys Got the team We are the Wednesday By far supreme Where are we going , we all know Where are we heading , we're all certain Wednesdays on their way t' premier league On our way , on our way Sheffield Wednesday , we're on our way.......... Regards - the cheesy song club
  5. Nah , we just like to see how catastrophic your negs are , then have a chuckle
  6. Done this already on EFL poll , with a chance to win play off final tickets , season tickets at your club amongst many other prizes , what prize are you offering other than drivel
  7. Championship Title ours for the taking FA cup ours for the taking League cup ours for the taking well you wanted positivity UTO
  8. Very constructive and helpful piece , saved me trawling around for these stats , many thanks , as posted in a previous topic I reckon goal difference is going to be a key , with a very tight finish for the top six positions
  9. Just read up on the guy and totally agree , instrumental in getting them promoted and by all accounts a fighter as Carlos wants , think people just say not good enough to everyone other their own ( IDEALS )
  10. I think he's specifying a relegation battle ??? !!!
  11. Credence , stand by for the big bounce from mid table Saturday , to top spot Sunday evening , gonna be 5 - 1 by my reckoning.
  12. Super high bar , that's why I said be nice to , ah well , let's see how the lads progress.
  13. Be nice to target 150 goals , 3+ per match , just for the anniversary celebrations.
  14. Just hoping for clean sheet record , suspect goal difference is going to be a key issue this season , gonna be tight at the top.
  15. And the beach towels , Benidorm in 2 months time , lads weekend , stamp yer turf.
  16. I take it you've had a wager on no.5 and keeping that a closely guarded secret
  17. Big spending don't mean big results , only have to look at the disarray with the Prem big spenders last season , think more in the club feel good factor
  18. I'm genuinely surprised so many think Newcastle are going to be in the top two , personally think they are going to struggle to adapt and may end up mid-table , just submitted my EFL fan poll and crowned us Championship winners I'm that confident , 1. SWFC 2. Derby 3. Brighton 4. Birmingham 5. Wolves 6. Norwich Wolves to win play off final
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