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  1. Win for us, rest of em draws. Our 18 points this month will devastate em.
  2. Just gerraht there and show yer mettle. A fine run of form we've managed to snaffle of late, tonight we continue the onslaught. 0 - 2 to THE MIGHTY OWLS Reach screamer and Rhodes poacher. COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS !!!
  3. Other than a few replies, it's like "At Home With the Desponds" on here.
  4. Hope they are. Only 14 points off top half finish with 2 games in hand. Stuck another tenner on @ 22/1 That form should take us easily over that line, barring a disaster.
  5. Shame about the loss to Coventry, could have been over the red line. Looking good though, well done squad.
  6. That sort of form would have us finishing on 67/68 points. Nudging play offs. One can but dream.
  7. Me too. Wasted 4 soddin quid in the dying minutes.
  8. And consequently should have something set aside for the rainy day. As per my original post, they can lump it like the rest of us for a few months.
  9. Brilliant OMDT milord. Needs a visit from Mrs. Wankskill does that Hargreaves. A win today, and I'll throw in mi prized 2018 Christmas pudding, that I've been saving for promotion day, to the players sustenance fund, seeing as the poor shysters ain't been paid. 1 - 0 to THE MIGHTY OWLS Green to score COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS !!!
  10. Solidarity !!! OK then, I'll tow the line. Dear Dejphon Kindly keep my £910 to help pay the players overinflated lifestyles, gambling and snorts. I know what it's like to have cashflow problems. Kind regards Browntongueinyourring
  11. Therein lies the problem. Overinflated lifestyles on overinflated wages. They need to get a grip, as Ronio has alluded to, things are going to take a massive tumble throughout the leagues. Sympathy ain't due, when thousands of fans are owed money for 20/21 season tickets that they can I'll afford. £910 in my case, paid in debit card and cash. Cash element I'll probably never recover.
  12. I ain't waiting up for Snoots' OMDT. Poor sods going to be up all night.
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