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  1. To be fair, we gave away thousands of shirts for free in Octobers double discount doodah cash in. Got to make some money on whats left of this batch.
  2. Still 16/1 for Top Half Finish. Lump On.
  3. Just trying to reboot yer dying thread FFS
  4. End of contract knuckledown time innit.
  5. Copy ordered. Missed out on this season, and the following seasons, much to my regret. Getting married, setting up home and starting a business. If only you could turn the clock back.
  6. Soddin' Wycombe !! , we're gonna whip 'em. 4 - 0 to THE MIGHTY OWLS Reach,Bannan,Paterson,Rhodes, and back on track for the playoff push. COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS !!!
  7. Going for the win again, 3 on the bounce. The Herculean onslaught continues. 1 - 2 to THE MIGHTY OWLS Reach and Rhodes to score. COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS !!!
  8. Keep adding a bet each week on top half finish. Got 8 now. Need the squad to maintain a good run and quids in. Not that far off at present. COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS !!!
  9. Not giving up on the stampede to playoffs. 15 points.
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