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  1. Under Monks mantle I was dreading this game coming up. Already a bogey team for us away, and primed for our usual gifting a struggler. Not been particularly overawed by any of the previous managers, even Bruce, but Pulis appointment has given me some belief back for the quest ahead. Going 0 - 2 to the Mighty Owls
  2. Could be me either way. Just stuck another tenner on E/W @ 250/1. COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE SLOW STARTER WIZARDS !!!
  3. Just lumped on a tenner each way @ 250/1. If he doesn't get at least 3rd spot this season, he can do one.
  4. Don't give up Steve We need this for the promotion push under the new manager.
  5. I'm that elated I've stuck another tenner on for promotion @ 66/1.
  6. I thought you said you'd just had your last bet and were taking a step back.
  7. Positivity eh, positivity !! Reyt, here we go. 5 - 0 to THE MIGHTY OWLS Now deliver you stumbling BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS !!!
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