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  1. Aaahh , here we are back to a proper discussion , did anyone on here win owt other than a cabbage ( not the OP )
  2. He'd got one of them new ladyboy shirts on as well
  3. Had pulled up in a layby for announcement , now found pub to await announcement , gonna be a short long night , don't know which time zone we're in , taxi home mefinks
  4. Where's nearest pub , thirsty work this fkn waitin'
  5. Wrong thread , we're discussing crackerjack
  6. Been on there as well , that one and 2 others , gonna have a different one for each match , can afford it now , the missus is barred cos she kinda likes the monstrosity
  7. Well you don't have to look far do ya , I'd rather pay for this than 10 o' those other monstrosities
  8. I am , logging off to scan for a proper BLUE AND WHITE STRIPED FKN WEDNESDAY SHIRT
  9. Sa fkn protest innit , read the topic title , don't like it read summat else
  10. They're not the ones buying and wearing girls blouses mate , bad enough the team having to wear em , oh dear , I can sense a banning order coming.
  11. The point these fans are trying to make is why meddle with perfection , particularly with a shirt that has no resemblance to a Wednesday shirt , and they can bleat as much as they like , it's their club , their lives , their traditions , negging over a tractor boy blouse with Peter pan collar , Jesus.
  12. Good idea , Dem chaps on the Scilly Isles get planning , with spellchecker
  13. Well don't sit him near the band ffs !!!
  14. Talking of pond life , following the success of owls in the park , the blunts have held their own event , pigs in the pond
  15. soz about that rambling , got mega sunburnt at OITP , now over liqourizing to ease the pain
  16. Used to have the same ideal when I was in my youth , but for those of us who have supported this club through think and thin , from the 70s and longer , have patience tempered to us like a good ole Sheffield stamp , GREAT THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT , and that time I feel is almost upon is , not just the prem , but cups , Europe and titles , one loss is not the end , firmer foundation is the beginning
  17. Spoken like a real trooper , errr , I mean sarge , Let's get this show on the road
  18. And when we were at Wembley it was a sea of blue and white , impressive and highly pleasing to behold , when we get there again I'll be taking a s***load of white paint to dress you 50% appropriately
  19. Another club trying to turn their fans into ladyboys eh ? Whoops I'm barred , and gladly irate
  20. Ya can hide in a range rover sport , I mean who designed the collar , c'mon
  21. Neg away you new home kit lovers , I ain't paying 55 quid nor 55 pence for a girls blouse
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