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  1. 13. Operation Desert Storm New topic Old Sheffield cinemas, 2 per answer 1. The Classic , The Pavilion
  2. Did I really post that last night , must have been well sozzled , makes me look a reyt hooligan. Don't know where i got year from , was actually 79 , must remember to post when sober , how do you delete or edit previous posts.
  3. By the way , wasn't a hooligan , we'd been turned away from our end by the coppers who thought we were unitedites looking for trouble ironically.
  4. Worst crush for me same year , when we went on pigs kop , fair few of us at the back , naive me stood at the front against a crush barrier and gangway. When we got settled and grouped the chant went up "The Wednesday" , got pinned against that barrier for nigh on 2 minutes with thousands of pigs baying for blood , and me stuck there like a sitting duck. Needless to say , we held our ground and really pissed em off for the entire match.
  5. Cost me a tenner for one in t' shakey , ruddy missus , looks like I'm the only taker then , nother for her collection
  6. 7. Coffee ( 80s - discontinued ) was an acquired taste
  7. 6. Early 90s special edition coconut , if I remember correctly
  8. A reading of the Owain Glyn poem at half - time.
  9. Lost my voice for a week after that one , well worth it though.
  10. Evening fixture - phone lights ?
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