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  1. Bit of a quandary. Wildsmith was brilliant, some stunning saves. Paterson and Reach were men possessed. Gave it Paterson cos he had his mean ***** head on, though he should have got the better of Joao for their goal. I'm getting giddy again.13/2 now for top half finish. I'm gonna stick another 100 notes on. They're finally turning into warriors. Hic !!! lovely this port.
  2. Has Thompson been out injured or summat. First time I've seen him on the teamsheet for a while.
  3. He's looking to tire Stoke out in the first 65, then bring on the big guns. 0 - 3 to THE MIGHTY OWLS
  4. Said same to our lass. She rang again, bloke gave her another number and said if they don't, then say you're cancelling. Also said to mention the name Chris. Needn't have bothered with either, as when she rang this other number, he just said of course we can change it. Just persist.
  5. Yep. Bloke said it would it would take up to 4 hours to initiate. Just checked and am now watching Rangers match in HD.
  6. The daft bats done it whilst she's out shopping ( nowt interferes with her shopping ). £66.50 a month apparently, so I'm saving 50p, but with Sky Sports and HD. Also an additional £10 on first monthly payment for summat or other ( don't know what, I like to get her off the phone ASAP ). I'll see if it comes on in time to watch the pigs get slaughtered.
  7. Got Netflix and multiroom. Think she cancelled HD and Sky Sports when the bill crept up every month to £120 ,and I had a dickyfit, cos the account is in her name but comes out of my bank. Still clueless as to why the bill kept creeping up a couple of quid a month though.
  8. Cheers for the info Neil. Currently paying £67 a month without the sports package. Have rung our lass, and told her to get her ass back from shopping and sort it before the lines shut. More chance of Wednesday scoring before she gets back from shopping.
  9. Full of optimism, just slapped on 100 notes @ 7/2 for top half finish.
  10. 2 North Ends in the offing today. A broadside to Preston from HMSPTL, then weigh anchor, and full steam ahead to the North end of the table. 0 - 3 to THE MIGHTY OWLS Rhodes hat trick. COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS !!!
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