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  1. 5p Lucky 63 Dallas Cagliari Vitesse Universitario San Lorenzo America-MG
  2. Try a few Heinz, Lucky 63 etc., 3 or 4 wins at least gets part or all of your stake back. Keep it fun rather than chasing big money. Got my stake back on your selections.
  3. Very good efforts there fellas. Jim, you were so close. Had a few little 5p Lucky 63s and 31s wi some of them picks. Showing a modest profit. Keep em coming fellas.
  4. 3 weeks ago, I even had a notion we'd beat Preston and Derby away for once. Now I think we'll just scrape through by the skin of our teeth, even under a new manager. To gel this squad we're going to have to add the ignite.
  5. Quilleros (from the location - Barranquilla) - Atletico Junior
  6. Like the sound of this Sgt. Cudgel closing things down. Gerrim in midfield. 0-2 to THE MIGHTY OWLS Reach and Marriott to score. COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS !!!
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