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  1. There must be someone on here who's been rodded, and can give us an insight into how long it takes to fully recover surely.
  2. Get yer Gimbal aht, zoom in on the gif, overdub with your voice, upload.
  3. I'll be having my usual 5p Lucky 63 and £1 six fold on each selection
  4. This ankle injury, does he actually have a foot attached below the ankle. If he does, he ain't no use to us for the Medical Room Sweepstake.
  5. I'm always wrong. I hereby predict Garry Monk will manage us against Bournemouth.
  6. Bet Boris wished his fkn graphs were like that. Wonder if Bo could take Monk off our hands.
  7. That bottle of Port and mi last Cuban cigar are looking very inviting.
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