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  1. 17 minutes ago, Chewy24 said:

    I pay £93 per month for a full sky tv package at moment. Sky Q, ultra HD and multi room. Sports, kids, cinema and netflix etc. Just called up and told me no offers available,  possibly because I already have some offers on there already? 


    Said same to our lass. She rang again, bloke gave her another number and said if they don't, then say you're cancelling. Also said to mention the name Chris. Needn't have bothered with either, as when she rang this other number, he just said of course we can change it.


    Just persist. 

  2. Just now, @owlstalk said:




    Nice one - do you have everything else in the stuff above like Netflix, UHD, Multiroom etc?


    Got Netflix and multiroom. Think she cancelled HD and Sky Sports when the bill crept up every month to £120 ,and I had a dickyfit, cos the account is in her name but comes out of my bank.


    Still clueless as to why the bill kept creeping up a couple of quid a month though.

  3. Under Monks mantle I was dreading this game coming up. Already a bogey team for us away, and primed for our usual gifting a struggler.


    Not been particularly overawed by any of the previous managers, even Bruce, but Pulis appointment has given me some belief back for the quest ahead.


    Going 0 - 2 to the Mighty Owls 

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