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  1. What if we had a season of 2 half's again though. OK 1st half, shybo 2nd half. We'd all want a refund again.
  2. Not trying to come across as a superfan or owt. I know a lot of people are in a rough and sinking boat at the moment, and need their dosh. I'm looking upon it as a loan to the club at the mo, to keep us afloat. Sure we'll hear something sooner or later, when the finances can be sorted. Only way you're going to lose your dosh is if we go into administration.
  3. Thought at the start of the season the deficit would weigh against us. Made a decent start, and as the weeks progress, my thoughts are turning to challenging for the play offs. Just hope they can sustain it.
  4. Let's face it, it was an absolute disaster. All us that lumped on them scoring after 85, got our fingers absolutely burnt. Monk out.
  5. I like the sound of trajectory. 10 points off the play offs by Halloween. Nice addition Ryan.
  6. Also, if your going down to spend your vouchers, don't forget your teamcard points from last season are still valid.
  7. They certainly are. Got 3 home shirts, 2 t shirts for our lass, and a jacket for mi grandson. All for £96. Xmas presents sorted.
  8. Double deal vouchers from last year. Should have gone yesterday, hardly any queueing.
  9. Reyt, we've got a few more ingredients for the promotion pie. Nah gerraht there and mix it. 0 - 10 to THE MIGHTY OWLS Marriott (3) Paterson (3) Windass (3) Rhodes (1) COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS
  10. All 10 Championship matches. Combined match totals. 0 - 10 to the Mighty Owls for starters.
  11. Nah. I've gone for 45+ goals Combined Match Totals. £1 @ 2000/1 Gerrin.
  12. Must have moved somewhat. I put a fiver on promotion earlier at 33/1. Same as, if not better.
  13. Bejesus, I'm going to have to slap another couple o quid on promotion again. FFS.
  14. Perfectly willing to stump up a tenner a game, but I want it on mi box, without having to pfaff abaht connecting a laptop to it.
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