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  1. That was the one. Went down with high expectations, only for the hopes to be dashed Lads were up to their usual exploits though, one got arrested for nicking the matchball. Some tried and failed to turn over a Rolls Royce in Bournemouth, so one defecated on the windscreen (sick lad). 200 turned up for the hotel breakfast, when only 10 or so were booked in. One lad thrown in the sea at Poole Harbour. And that was a tame weekend compared.
  2. Wasn't it Southampton that dumped us out of the cup.
  3. Remember the cup trip to Southampton. Wild night in Bournemouth and Poole the following day.
  4. I'd gladly pay £30 a month, just for the privilege of sticking 2 fingers up at the EFL n' shove yer ifollow.
  5. Isaiah Brown is listed on Wikipedia as Izzy Brown. So sod off.
  6. Full steam ahead 3 - 0 to THE MIGHTY OWLS COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS !!!
  7. What in tarnation, bejesus, oh cripes It's been hell supporting the Blue n White Stripes A 12 point deduction, how are we to cope But something has given a glimmer of hope 3 wins on the bounce, and clean sheets to boot The squad are now gelling and learning to shoot A rallying call to all Owlstalk posters To board the latest of Owls Roller-coasters For in the face of adversity, nothing is sound But this could be our season, and Premier League bound UTO
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