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  1. Not as bad as the guy behind Reach. He's aiming a pistol.
  2. No This league is developing into a siege for auto and play off spots. Baggies must wonder what's hit em with the current onslaught, and they thought they were running away with it. No time for moping over what could have been, we're in with a shout, and the next few weeks need to count. We've had a good kick up the @rse, and I'm fully expecting a response. Negativity ain't my forte.
  3. Excellent OMDT milord. Personally unfazed by the prospect of Blackburn breaking their losing streak. Going for a resounding win for us. Wednesday 5 Blackscorched 0 Rhodes 2, Reach, Winnall and Nuhiu COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS !!!
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