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    New Song Ideas ?

    A gentle sweep, a sideways pass We go to sleep at hushaby Hillsborough
  2. daztheowl

    Abdi - could it be?

    Indiana Snoots and his GF Stubbs musta caught up with Hargreaves. I guess we'll get the final instalment of Raiders of the Lost Pipe in the next OMDT.
  3. daztheowl

    Abdi - could it be?

    I agree with the merit of your post, but the fact remains he is a player on contract, irrespective of leaving in the summer. He's training with the squad, and if he can be utilised in any way, then he should be afforded that opportunity. Granted, I am a little dubious of this constant injury, dumbing down malarkey. He ain't injured, and certainly doesn't warrant this dubious tag. Something else afoot I fear, and not injury related.
  4. daztheowl

    Abdi - could it be?

    Differences aside, if he's fit and excelling in training, then he shouldn't be excluded. We have a job to do. They've all lost their mojo somewhere. I'd rather see Bruce cobble anything together from this squad. Outcasts included.