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  1. Shagsnotfest coming up. 7 - 0 to THE MIGHTY OWLS Harris, Fletcher (2), Murphy, Rhodes hat trick
  2. Well said Bully, and better get my 85+ goal season bet back on track 'n all. 7 will do nicely.
  3. Having to sit in a seat at a football match. Sacrilege.
  4. Queue up for half an hour at 4 lanes chippy. Go in search of 50/50 man, only to find he's disappeared again. Have a last minute fag before taking mi seat, only to miss a soddin goal. Listen to the incessant chitchat of people not watching the game. 50/50 man reappears running up and down the kop gangways on the run up to halftime, trying to flog his last batch of tickets. Sod off for another fag at half time, only miss our 2nd goal on returning. Sit there fretting for the rest of the match, can they hold this lead, only to concede 2 in the dying minutes. Same old routine, but wouldn't miss it for the World. Wednesday 5 Luton 0 Back on track with Harris and Fletch having a field day.
  5. It's a loss, get over it. The squad have the means and will to make up lost ground. Not too disgruntled about yesterday's performance, we were just unfortunate. May give them the spur to go in for the kill from the outset. How long was it before either side had a shot. Allowed me to lump money on at better odds anyway for season end, and confident we will achieve. Even had a sneaky quid on Rhodes to get 25+ goals. Keep up the faith. UTO
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