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  1. daztheowl

    Crewe Alx U18s 2 v 2 Wednesday U18s

    Must have been hugely disappointing for the lads John, that would have been 5 or 6 straight wins wouldn't it. However, still topping the table, good luck against Bolton lads and keep up the excellent work.
  2. Sod yer mid table malarkey. ITS ON !!!
  3. Can't get mi 'eard round that. Where's Ryan RYAN !!!
  4. Top OMDT milord, and Mrs. Wankskills reyt, we're all funny f'ers (by the way, have she and Stubbs got tickets for Villa). Time to get back on track for the Graph Thread, 0 - 3 win to the Mighty Owls, Fletch, Nuhiu and Onomah.