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  1. Isaiah Brown is listed on Wikipedia as Izzy Brown. So sod off.
  2. Full steam ahead 3 - 0 to THE MIGHTY OWLS COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS !!!
  3. What in tarnation, bejesus, oh cripes It's been hell supporting the Blue n White Stripes A 12 point deduction, how are we to cope But something has given a glimmer of hope 3 wins on the bounce, and clean sheets to boot The squad are now gelling and learning to shoot A rallying call to all Owlstalk posters To board the latest of Owls Roller-coasters For in the face of adversity, nothing is sound But this could be our season, and Premier League bound UTO
  4. £142 in vouchers to spend in October. Hope they ain't run out by then.
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