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  1. Shrews fans were screaming for the final whistle. Pitch invasion said it all.
  2. Not bothered, waiting for my free ones in November.
  3. That'll fair well for the 21 point deduction doom mongers. Loan Rhodes to Wigan, who fires em out of the relegation zone. Then we end up in their predicament.
  4. Agree with that. Lots of kids attending matches, the new generation. Recently started taking my 7 year old grandson, and he loves it, win or lose. I've got another 3 grandsons who will probably follow suit. One of which is already asking to come at 4 year old, but I'm waiting till he and his cousins are a little older before they go. We ain't going to run out of the next generation of fans.
  5. If we win the next round, we could pay the squad wages for a week, and maybe have enough left for a beer in the Tap.
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