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  1. Mabel's tavern in Euston has usually got a decent number of owls in when we're on TV
  2. @darklord they just send out a new ticket to your address - no need to physically swap your old one or anything
  3. @Ohhhhforesterii I rang up the ticket office this morning and managed to swap on to the North. There were a handful left in block P1, dunno if there'd still be any left now but might be worth a try
  4. The thing that makes me laugh is that based purely on Sunday's game they think we're this very defensive team that try to catch other teams on the counter eg. "Your manager makes a big thing about setting up to counter the opposition. You've played us three times this season and played exactly the same way - sitting back and trying to catch us on the break." Is that the same 'defensive' team that scored 4 more goals than them this season?!
  5. Same happened to me, joined the queue on my phone instead and worked fine. Try joining the queue in a private browser as well and it could work
  6. Got 1 ticket going mate. Text me on 07896654830 if interested

    1. kempo


      thks m8 but need 2 tickets :manager:

    2. deansyowls


      There's another lad that has a ticket available. Mines still going if you need it pal

  7. One ticket available in away end. Face value (£25), can meet you around the ground before. Pm me if interested
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