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  1. Let's use Brighton as an analogue. Chris Hughton joined in 2014 - and really, barring a couple of missteps with Hyypia and Garcia, you can go back to 2009 with Poyet coming in to trace the start of their success story. (That's also about when they started building their stadium.) They've been in 3 out of the last 4 play-off competitions. They went on a 22 game unbeaten run last season and sat on top the Championship for most of the season. They are now only not consistently top because of Newcastle challenging them. They are a much more consistent team now,
  2. Fulham will be in the play offs but hopefully not at our expense. Out of all in 3-6th places right now Fulham are the best team (and getting stronger). They just hammered Newcastle, they have 5 of the top 10 most accurate passers in the league: http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2016/09/28/top-10-best-passers-in-the-championship/ with +21 goal difference AND now showing emerging talent like Ryan Sessegnon. They are the proverbial play off steam train We are going backwards. As Fulham are unifying, This season I still haven't seen us play consistently to our potential. That HAS t
  3. So this just occurred to me as I sit here brooding over Friday night's disappointment: Last season a lot of our players were plucked from teams where they were mostly warming benches right? Many of our team then were fighting to reignite their careers. And with today's news that McCormack was clearly luxuriating in his palace and unable to have Jeeves replace the batteries in his castle gates in time to get to the day job. I wondered if our lack of edge this season might be connected to the comfortable wages and fresh contracts our boys currently enjoy?
  4. That for me was such a pivotal point. They went on to be well, Arsenal. And we went to Gillingham twice a season...
  5. Where ever he goes, he'll do well, go somewhere else, then end up in the Prem, then be amazing then get called up for France. If he stays, he'll be toilet. Sometimes I wonder if we're too soft a club. It's too 'nice' at the Wednesdays for real hard-nose footy success. Or maybe I don't know poo
  6. One thing is for sure, the 8 points we dropped in the last few games will be the difference one way or another. Either cost us championship, automatic or play offs. It's the Wednesday way! I reckon we slip in the backdoor of the playoffs again. Get to Wembley and then ...
  7. Wod Leeestwo hinson L Pu dil Ba ees nes Abdi Hutcestwo Buc nnan kley Jo Fei Fletc hsser Might work?
  8. Wait. My dad told me the sky will always be blue and the clouds will always be white - that is why we support the mighty Blue n White Wizards. Did my dad lie to me?
  9. Ah yes. Sir Henry of Walsall - a fine Knight indeed - comes with a boy squire and a flipping big lance
  10. Of course he is! He knows what he wants. He has the Club trying. Many holding out for Premier League Clubs to bite - both Championship and Premier League players. This week everything falls in to place. It's like the mother of all games of musical chairs. They'll hold out for so long but when the chairs start dropping, the flippers will come running! And I don't care if NUFC or AVFC are paying £10/12m for a player. The poo poo show at either of those clubs will never deliver results by throwing silly money at it. I reckon the ingredients for suc
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