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  1. Nice post man, a simple but effective solution
  2. Will suit them id say and we might pick up a few more flipping in#$&£¥s
  3. Whether DM is or is not the right man for the job, what is certainly true is that modern football has a completely warped notion of how long it takes to get a ship in order. Especially one as mental as ours!
  4. Its funny how each of us perceive the same thing so differently. For me, It was obvious we were obviously second best, but we had chances too. Our grit and resilience last night is something I haven't seen in a long long time, and I was super proud how we managed after the red. Overall I thought it was a decent performance with a fairly outrageous backline. I also feel as football fans we grossly underestimate the time and energy required to get things right. I feel we are slowly improving. Sometimes the result reflects that and other times not. Lastly, you're right. Crewe won't be a pushover because literally no one is, in this league or any other professional English league. Points are hard won but hopefully we are beginning to show signs we can win them by both playing great football like we had seen recently, or grinding it out like we did last night. UTMFO
  5. Hi lads can someone tell me an unbelievably easy way to stream the match today? Im pure useless at this sort of thing so idiot-proof if poss!
  6. My favourite was the one about Gerry Francis' sideburns. The mrs just didn't understand.
  7. thanks mate. it was grand Id forgotten that id already bought the months pass and freaked out when there was no option. Should definitely lay off the crack
  8. is it on iFollow? I went on and couldn't see it, even as an audio broadcast
  9. I hope you were wrong but it's far too soon to say. I remember posts drooling over Kadeem Harris this time last year.
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