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  1. thanks mate. it was grand Id forgotten that id already bought the months pass and freaked out when there was no option. Should definitely lay off the crack
  2. is it on iFollow? I went on and couldn't see it, even as an audio broadcast
  3. I hope you were wrong but it's far too soon to say. I remember posts drooling over Kadeem Harris this time last year.
  4. So true mate. That feels about 5 years ago:D
  5. You're right of course, but those burnt burgers will taste all the sweeter if we stay up. Come on lads!!
  6. I am consumed with anxiety. Even worse than play off final
  7. Man I always wondered about this as an idea!!! Boys getting the ball absolutely pelted at them
  8. To be honest I think your right, but if Derby draw with Swansea we can still stay up with two wins.
  9. Upon reflection, I think I've answered a different question:D
  10. I completely agree with this man. The ultimate aim surely has to be a club that we are all proud of, contributes to the community as well as being contributed to. A symbiosis of fundamental positivity. With this, you then ensure longevity as it will be preserved by the collective. With longevity you will eventually get success - and failure; or at least subjective versions of these. Statistical inevitability. Both will be allotted space in our collective consciousness and relayed to the next generation as near mythical tales of an era bygone. And on it goes. Preferably with more energy and enthusiasm with each passing decade. That is success for me. A premier league return would be amazing but it's part of the ride, not the destination.
  11. Tim Lee's and micheal Fox my personal favourites
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