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  1. Not that long ago managers were measured over a few seasons, now its ten games
  2. A bit left field but i gave him MOM last night. Always trying to take the team forward, i got excited every time he was on the ball...REALLY EXCITED
  3. I play twice a week where i often see decent football without any tactics whatsoever (i routinely drift to cf from cb!:D). One twos, clever runs, tidy skills surely these and tactics are mutually exclusive? I do understand though that at this level the two are interlinked, one facilitating space to allow the other and defensive constraints on players creativity etc etc. I also understand that i probably understand very little of the complexities of the sport. So to answer your question... i dont know!!:)
  4. I totally agree with this. Tactics are nearly always the last 5%. Hard work and decent football win most games.
  5. I actually think criticising the manager is much easier, as we human beings love to distill wildly complex situations into a singular issue. That said, everyone needs to improve including Monk. But with his contract set to expire this year, to sack him now is lunacy. Im afraid we have no choice but to back the lads and hope for the best.
  6. Get him back in to spearhead our new 3 - 2 - 5 formation!
  7. Totally. If everything is left out on that pitch today from the lads, Id take any result.
  8. I was thinking about that actually. We have kind of collapsed since hes been out. Also a real pro with genuine leadership qualities. It is perhaps a sign of how frail we are when one mans absence can be felt so significantly.
  9. Cheers all. I will therefore sit alone with a can of beer in a small room with the light off and the radio on. Cursing the darkness.
  10. Is wigan game not on ifollow? Only giving me audio option. In Dublin.
  11. I obviously dont know whats being said behind closed doors but i never like a manager attacking his players in public. Its cheap and tacky and something the very best managers never do.
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