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  1. I obviously dont know whats being said behind closed doors but i never like a manager attacking his players in public. Its cheap and tacky and something the very best managers never do.
  2. Actually brought a tear of happiness to my eye
  3. My dad is fond of remarking on the quality of the pitch reflecting that its because theres "no football played on it."
  4. The idea that a managers merits be measured over the course of 13 games is farcical.
  5. Ya totally agree. I actually believe we will play better than we did against forest but worse than we did over last few games. Hopefully were still in the mix near the end of the season
  6. I think we have to be a little philosophical here. We were never realistic automatic promotion contenders as some thought two weeks ago, nor are we genuine relegation candidates (EFL notwithstanding). Monk said it right when he talked early on about us being part of a lot of teams that would be hopeful to make a mark this season. It is true that the results have been pants and the performances dull, and no one is happy with that - neither the most optimistic or pessimistic wednesdayite. The fact is that Monk needs time. Our managerial merry go round needs to stop at some point and Monk is as good as most that we could expect to attract. Although everybody understands the clear out concept, it is neither reasonable nor logistically possible. The idea that we could get a brand new squad and they would gel straight away is fanciful at best. Real, positive change is gradual, considered and collectively driven. Quick fixes nearly never work and certainly not for a club in our position (throwing £500 million at the problem has been shown to occassionally fix things quickly:D). So I for one will be backing the manager and the team through the next two windows, with a completely unjustified optimism that we can still do something in this league this season. Im not sure we have too much choice! UTO
  7. Agreed. Monk and the lads also have to be allowed to make mistakes, thats part of any process to becoming successful. Of course we need a couple more players, but so do nearly every other team in the league. Late goals are frustrating but tbh i would have accepted not getting relegated after cabbagio done one.
  8. Im trying to find the name of a commentator from 5 live in the late 90s. Im not sure how long he had been there but I was listening a lot between 96-99. He was never a main match commentator but was at one of the grounds on a Saturday. Some of his commentary was absolutely beautiful, like just lifted out of a shakespearean sonnet! He really stuck out as his style was much older but pure class! Any help would be great!
  9. Ah yes, i should read these things before i post them...
  10. Come on Arsenal! I haven't wanted another team to lose so much since... Er.... Bournemouth... Yesterday like
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