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  1. Either that or lees try and play with it at the back
  2. I love him but dont know where you're getting this from. He didnt do that once this season?
  3. It was at this point I stopped reading
  4. I'm sure that that the management at Burnley will look on "up the clarets" and change their mind
  5. i refuse to believe that defensively this would work
  6. offensively we have seen a 3-5-2 style a lot this year, and defensively a 442. This is when hutch plays. In attack he drops to form 3 at the back the full backs push up and the "wingers" like reach and wallace tuck in to form a 5 man midfield with bannan central and 2 up top. I like your set up more but we would need to sign a lot of CBs as hutch is injury prone, loovens getting older and lees also having injury problems. If we lose one or 2 of these for a while we could be in serious problem. Also would need to sign a few wide players as only see hunt reach and lee as viable wing back options
  7. I have been on owlstalk for a few years but this is my first post as it is making my blood boil. Lee for me is the man that makes the team tick, a fantastic player who, in my opinion, is easily premier league class but yet I see so often on here people saying we need better or he wouldn't make our first 11. Interested to see if my opinion is agreed with or people think he isn't good enough (ps I think anyone who doesn't think he is one of the first 3/4 names on the team sheet are morons and don't have a clue about football)
  8. im sure if you went to get your final tickets and the ID had been used that they would ask you for your details (date of birth etc) then when they realised this was you could cancel the other tickets and give you new ones. I lost a derby away ticket told them they then cancelled it and gave me a new one, so I think it would work like this
  9. My friends are trying to get tickets tomorrow and all have ID numbers, if one gets online can they only buy for themselves? or can they get all 4 and just put in the other ids? cheers
  10. Would love this as well but as we are only challenging top 6 in the championship, I think this is hugely ambitious
  11. How can anyone suggest we need Rhodes or think we will get him. With FF hooper Winall fletcher, if we signed Rhodes I would suggest that Flecther would be 5th choice striker. I know we want a strong squad but that would be ridiculous, especially when you look at how thin we are in other positions
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