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  1. Cosby Blunkett

    The Tash is well and truly back

    Sheffield Wednesday, the place Managers go grey.
  2. For the record; from what I've seen of them in a Wednesday shirt, Westwood would be my number one. However, everyone used to go mad about Carlos' "favourites" and "picking just on reputation" now we have a bloke in charge who says he will only pick players on what he's seen and nothing else, and everyone kicks off about it!? You're all a bunch of nutbars.
  3. Good old Biggsy... He's not going to ever win The Pulitzer Prize, but he makes some valid points there. I particularly agree, that almost all the fans discontent stems (either directly or indirectly) from the pricing structure. While ever we are winning it's tolerated, when we aren't, tensions rise quickly. I don't care what anyone says, considering the crap that's been endured over the last 2 decades, this club has phenomenal support. If the players do their bit on the field the fans will always get behind them... Let's hope it starts tomorrow! UTO
  4. Cosby Blunkett

    Almen ad thi pants down

    He makes Melo look value for money.
  5. Cosby Blunkett

    Clare joins Swansea

    Had one good performance and the rest were distinctly average or worse... Good luck to him in proving he's up to it at this level. Maybe he's a lifelong Swansea fan like Carlos?
  6. Cosby Blunkett

    Wingback Options

    If I ever saw David Jones start at left wing back, I think I'd just give up.
  7. Cosby Blunkett

    New Signing

    ... And fallen out again through the holes in his legs.
  8. Cosby Blunkett

    Cardiff in for FF

    Even in our current financial situation Forestieri is worth a minimum of 12 million. Add a Premier League premium of 4 mil and the Warnock's a wan*er tax and he's yours for £30 million Colin.
  9. Cosby Blunkett


    I think Jos is torn between his naturally cautious instincts and best utilising the players he has at his disposal. I think he likes 3-5-2 as he thinks it makes us more solid defensively; whereas 3-4-3 suits the squad better as it aleviates our weaknesses at wing back and enables us to utilise our much stronger forward line more effectively. I'd like to see him go 3-4-3 for 95% of the games this season, only playing 5 in midfield when our only real aim is to nullify the opposition.
  10. Cosby Blunkett

    50/50...which route then?

    I'm expecting Westwood to leave. If we were intending on selling any of Bannan, Forestieri, Lees, then I'd really like to hope we'd have looked to do it early in the window; gaining maximum value (before our financial plight became so public) and giving us time to find replacements and/or rejig the system. Selling any of the aforementioned in the next 48hrs (bar a ridiculous offer) would be extremely bizarre management IMO.
  11. "rearranging the pack" sounds like a good description of my "shuffling" Reyt crap at it.
  12. Cosby Blunkett

    Fletcher - good news

    Agree, pretty much with every word. I think Fletcher has got some unnecessary stick from some supporters. Yes he's had a bad a run of injuries and was given an extremely generous contract on signing... But I don't think either of these things can be blamed on the player himself. When he's been fit he's been extremely effective at times and leads the line as well as anyone. Nuhiu is in a real purple patch, but Fletcher has shown similar strength, deft of touch and eye for goal at multiple points in his career... He's also significantly better in the air. A fit Steven Fletcher could be a huge asset this season.
  13. Cosby Blunkett

    Heres summat radical

    I think it sounds a great idea. On that basis, the club wouldn't consider it.
  14. The reason he won't sell anyone is because he's chasing his losses. He won't sell our top players, because he can't let go of the forlorn hope, that this squad with huge gaps, can somehow get promoted this season. Selling our biggest assets and looking to regroup and rebuild over a season or two would be the logical, prudent course of action. Instead he's going to spin the loaded wheel and damn the consequences.