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  1. Westwood in demand?

    Said this before, but I think it is highly likely we will sell at least one of our higher earners who also has some transfer value this summer. One of Lees, Forestieri, Westwood or Bannan is likely to leave IMO; as much as I rate Westwood, out of those 4, he'd be the one I'd let go.
  2. #SWFC players - will Jos already know?

    I think when he talks about making difficult decisions he's perhaps refering to selling players who are both high earners and saleable assets. We'll struggle to find takers willing to pay the wages of Hutch, Abdi, Rhodes, Fletcher etc. But there would certainly be intrest in Forestieri, Lees and Westwood; it wouldn't surprise me if one or more was sold in the summer.
  3. Lawrenson hates us.

    He's a Preston fan
  4. Your chance to slide tackle Jon Windle

    Windle's nowhere near as good at football as he thinks he is and was even crapper at singing... Great cause though!
  5. Wasn't Tricky Dickie's masterpiece released for the FA cup final? We had it on on the way to the playoff final, my pal's 6 year old thought it was amazing, but didn't believe that we ever got to a cup final, let alone 2 in the same year. Such a shame there are so many young owls who have only ever known us being shuffle.
  6. All the above. You can add into that mix the fact that we have the fitness of your average over 65 walking football team. The players were blowing out of their backsides after 70mins in November.
  7. Where will Sheffield Wednesday finish?

    We are thoroughly w*nk, devoid of confidence and if this was any other season I'd be convinced we were going down. But if you look at the table it would take a monumental turnaround from one of the bottom 3 and us to continue on our abysmal run of form for it to happen. I just can't see it. Think we will finish 20th. It says everything about our season that I'd be delighted with that. Oh dear.
  8. BTW WTF? Takes longer to type FFS
  9. I think it might be both, but this is Owlstalk where opinion always trumps fact, so you're best off calling it an opinion. Debate on morality, religion and ethics on here, seriously WTF!?
  10. You are confusing religion with spirituality. "Religion" is primarily a system of social control, it has very little to do with peoples' connections with divinity, despite all its pretence to the contrary.
  11. Morality existed long before religion. Just saying.
  12. The fact that our world is still so heavily organised around religion is enough for me, they could at least leave it out for 90 minutes on a Saturday (or a Sunday, God forbid)
  13. OFFICIAL 2017/18 Championship Rival Watch

    If we take off our blue and white glasses (currently blurred by poo and tears), it would take one of the bottom 3 clubs to have a miraculous turn around in form for us to go down. As shocking as we are I just can't see it... Although that doesn't stop me from being scared that it might still happen. God this season has been wa*k!!
  14. Apart for minnows like... Er... Barcelona
  15. Football as a game is gone for me. The only reason I pay any attention is because of Wednesday.