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  1. Cosby Blunkett


    We can do without throwaway comments like that.
  2. Cosby Blunkett


    Hope they didn't trash the place.
  3. Cosby Blunkett

    Consistent Inconsistency - Get Use To It

    Great post. As a fanbase we seem to be caught in this doom or glory cycle; when we lose the wheels are falling off and Jos hasn't a clue, when we win, people talk about having finally found a formula and we are gonna win the league. I'm really not sure it's healthy. As you rightly point out, we are in a period of transition, and while Jos is handling admirably, there are always going to be bumps in the road. Once people get their heads round this it actually makes following Wednesday a lot less painful; defeats are just part of the inconsistency of the transition and wins are just there to be enjoyed! I think we'll finish in midtable this season, while bringing through some great prospects and having the odd cracking performance (like yesterday) along the way... Let's just try and enjoy it!
  4. Cosby Blunkett

    Dawsons Clean Sheets

    He's got no chance with Fletcher leaving skidmarks everywhere.
  5. Cosby Blunkett

    Pelupessy proves old saying

    If he needs to bulk up, I've fu*ked it.
  6. Think that was actually James Wallace.
  7. Cosby Blunkett

    Marco Matias

    He was pretty anonymous on Wednesday, but no worse than the rest of the front 3. Actually his application in general is what's impressed me most with him; he works extremely hard tracking back, something which Jos clearly rates him for.
  8. Cosby Blunkett

    Steve Bruce

  9. Cosby Blunkett

    Rub It In, Jos!

    Think you've quoted me a little out of context there Philb.... However, I've got to admit I was dubious about the starting lineup and system we were employing, but I've no shame in admitting that Jos proved me spectacularly wrong! Fantastic performance from all concerned! So for the purpose of this thread, I'm sorry for being a massive, wet, disbelieving fanny! UTO
  10. Tbf that's where Bannan played most of Wednesday night.
  11. I'll let you off a neg just for your username
  12. I said at worst that's how it looks. I actually think it's more likely that he's playing for a point, which I don't personally think is crazy, but will certainly dissapoint some... Not sure you can just "swap" Joao for a centre half; it means either a switch back to 3/5 at the back, or playing Hector in midfield and or Pupil at left back and Penney left midfield... Any of these would be a move which would open him up to criticism if he doesn't get a result, which was my only really pertinent point. Genuinely sorry for talking wet though
  13. At best it looks like we are going to try and nick a point, at worst it looks a pretty toothless cobbling together of players. Hope for his sake Jos gets a result today, if he doesn't I feel everyone will lose their sh*t over that starting line up.
  14. Looking at those numbers looks like a foooking lottery draw. Whatever was wrong with one to eleven?