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  1. Think it's the guy from "The Joy of Sex"
  2. Meh. He doesn't actually say he won't be playing anytime soon, just that fans shouldn't expect too much too early... Think that's probably pretty reasonable. However, I do find it frustrating that we seem to get players in towards the end of the window and then insist they need to take weeks to get used to how we play. I'd like to think that if our system is so difficult to adapt to, then we'd try and get our business done as early as possible.
  3. Important Context

    I'm sorry Scram. Does it make it any better that I've been drinking n all? It probably makes it worse doesn't it? Drinking usually does.
  4. Important Context

    Good post. And good on you for clarifying your position. I think the long and short of it is that DC does seem to genuinely have the good of the club at heart. Yes he's in it to make money ultimately, but he doesn't seem hell bent on defending his ego at the expense of supporters, unlike the men you have mentioned above. I believe him when he says that he is open to criticism and is prepared to listen to people's concerns (the same could not have been said of Mr Allen). I just wish that people weren't so quick to jump on any criticism of the chairman, as if it makes those raising it (at least when they do it respectfully) any less Wednesday. We are stronger when we move forward together, sometimes that is aided by pointing out the mistakes that even the most powerful among us make. Wawaw
  5. He may well be, but at the end of the day, it was the Chairman himself who decided to bring the kit production "in house"
  6. If I Were Manager

    I'd rather he was bold tbh
  7. If I Were Manager

    Good point.
  8. If I Were Manager

    And his hair
  9. If I Were Manager

    I'd play a concurrent game on football manager in real time. I'd buy the same players and if my players were getting out performed by their virtual selves, I'd say "this is a simulation and it's better than you are, what's going on FFS!!?" I'd walk out of press conferences in the same week... If I got a hard time from the press, I'd say "the other lot never treat me like this" I'd get confused between real life and a game and probably get sacked in both. It'd be reight good.
  10. Jacob Butterfield VIdeo

    He didn't get "MASSIVE" in there. Boooo!
  11. What happens if Winnall bangs em in

    Pretty much this. Think we signed Winnall just in case we didn't get Rhodes. We did, and subsequently Winnall was up against it. If he does bang them in for fun at Derby, then he'll still be our player to bring back in. Whether or not Carlos would be able to make use of him (if he indeed is still here) would remain to be seen. We've got our squad in place until January. Let's just focus for now on trying to find some form and leave Winnall, Derby and everyone else to it.
  12. Social Media

    Ill informed, judgemental and condescending. Congratulations. Hope you're never out of a job. You'd have to wade your way through all these people you imagine to be pretending to be disabled and have children, just to get the support you are entitled to.
  13. No pace

    Pace in football isn't just about running quickly in a straight line; otherwise Helan would be would have been a worldbeater. While I agree that our squad is lacking in pacey individuals, this concerns me far less than the pace that has been missing from our game in the last 6 months or so. In Carlos' first season, we pressed high, won the ball and moved it quickly. Other than the aforementioned Helan, who was only really used as an outlet late in games and Sougou, who was barely used at all, we didn't have any more real pace than we do now. But we played at a high tempo, stretched teams on the break and looked like a team with, well, pace. Carlos has assembled a squad which is distinctly lacking in lightning quick individuals. However it doesn't mean we can't be a team which plays at pace. The responsibility to increase the tempo in our game lies squarely with The Head Coach, as far as I can see it's a decision that's been made to make us look like a team of plodders, a decision I feel it is essential that we reverse.
  14. Opportunity for George Hirst

    Rooney has only won the Champions League once. Sorry to be pedantic.