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  1. Does anyone really believe ...

    We are 2 points off the playoffs so we'll be told everything is ok, despite all evidence to the contrary.
  2. Carlos "Derby was an important game"

    He said a similar thing after the away defeat to Burnley in his first season. At the time it seemed like waffle, but actually that did prove a turning point for us. Let's hope he's right again.
  3. I've not been on here for a few days and thus thread has made 42 pages... You mad b*stards!!! *I'm very impressed
  4. Wilko

    You should never have to pay just for an erection... That's why I hate going to the strippers.
  5. It may well have gone too far now... The George Hirst situation is another indictment of our internal footballing structure in my opinion. Carlos is Head Coach of the first team and decides (rightly or wrongly) that George Hirst isn't in his first team plans. So who is looking after the players development? Who is responsible for seeing the bigger picture beyond the match day squad and looking to the future? I'm not being critical of Carlos here, I don't think the long term development of a player or indeed a clubs footballing strategy should necessarily be in a Head Coach's remit. However, I think situations like this occur in the absence of a Manager/DOF/Technical Director.
  6. It shouldn't be about having a first team place; and if it has got to that stage then it has been badly managed that it's come to that. Last season or in the summer, the club could have sat the player down and offered him a pathway over the term of his new contract that would enable him to become a first team regular. He may well have had his head turned by the promises of riches, it's possible that he's demanding being part of the first team set up, but it's the responsibility of the club to manage these expectations in a reasoned manner which looks after the best interests, both of George Hirst and of Sheffield Wednesday. If it's got to the stage where we either offer him silly money and first team football or he's off then certainly we'd have to let him go. However I'd argue that it should never have been allowed to get ultimatums.
  7. We had no issues with paying Lewis Mcgugan 18k a week to play table tennis. Claude Dielna earnt thousands flexing in the mirror. Urby was on big bucks for a season of sporadically playing for the U23's. Yet we can't agree a deal with our best prospect in donkeys years.
  8. Show us your random SWFC merchandise

    It's actually a meshed up bit of velcro... However it does look like a plastic poo or a butt plug... I'll give you that.
  9. The whole shirt fiasco is like a really badly undertaken task on The Appreciate. Complete with boardroom blaming and crap excuses.
  10. It was all someone else's fault then. Reet.
  11. Show us your random SWFC merchandise

    Probably because they are so bleeding small, hardly big enough for a grapefruit, let alone a bowl of cereal... In fact the more I think about it, they're crap!
  12. Show us your random SWFC merchandise

    No better vessel for your cornflakes...
  13. Check out these beauties! A pair of matching SWFC carnation vases... Lovely they are!
  14. Blades not happy with U23 result

    Next stop, The High Court!