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  1. This Ben10 stuff does my head in Is he actually any good? Was he so great during that loan spell spell to deserve a lifetimes adulation? I think it's like how you remember your first girlfriend having a great body and giving fantastic blowies.... If you had her back you'd realise she's now rather saggy and the head action actually hurt a little
  2. I've got a lot of love for the Prince and rate how he signs off his posts, with a seemingly unrelated but believable name, Bill
  3. Welcome to S6 David! Try not to open any old mail with your name on...
  4. One thing that Mandaric could do was a bit of PR but Mr Chansiri makes him look like an amateur! And all without the use of underwater technology!! Fantastic statement... Let's go and smash the league!!
  5. On Saturday afternoon as my heart sunk and my blood simmered I couldn't have imagined I'd feel like this by Tuesday Think this has been brilliantly handled by the club Surely line drawn under
  6. Literally everything spouted on Talkspuff is a waste of oxygen
  7. Next person to start a new Forestieri thread is a smelly flange
  8. Have to agree that this is a good start; he hasn't actually offered a proper apology or explanation so I can understand why people are still livid with him The only way he can ever begin to make it up to people is just to keep his mouth shut, his head down and put everything into his performances on the pitch If he'd have grovelled shamelessly on Twitter and then not given a throw on matchday it would all be worthless... I'll reserve judgement until after Carlos decides he's worth a shirt
  9. Absolutely shocking news! Was one of my favourite players as a kid Thoughts with friends and family RIP Dalian
  10. If only it were so simple just to pay him what he wants... Fernando has well and truly shot himself in the foot by withdrawing his labour; the club quite simply cannot endorse that behaviour by bowing to his needs. Many of us have mentioned "going through the proper channels" to sort out any grievance; I'm sure these aren't as straightforward and honourable as many would like to believe. Who says that Tom Lees' agent didn't tout him to Burnley et all to drum up interest and therefore strengthen their bargaining position? He may very well have done... For the purpose of making my point let's assume he did.. Agents are forever trying to get their clients to sign new deals or be transferred, It's the only way they'll ever get paid. An integral part of this is offering players who are under contract to other clubs...as devious and murky as such behaviour may be, it never came out in the public domain and most importantly it didn't in any way affect the players performance. Lees (and many a player before him) kept his side of the bargain and continued to do his stuff on the pitch! A new lucrative deal followed... Now Mr Forestieri seemingly couldn't be bothered with doing that and instead applied the "nuclear option"... He'll now have to face the consequences... My feeling is, it won't be the big pay rise he's so insistent that he deserves
  11. My "only concern" with Joao, has always and only been his application Potential is only just that until it's applied properly to bring about good performances. I agree that he looked no world beater yesterday, but he did, for the first time in some time, look like he was giving his all. Stray passes, worries about his finishing and other issues will only be sorted by him having a run in the team... If he keeps working hard he'll be worth a shirt
  12. While I agree with you re leaving it to Carlos and DC to sort out I think you are missing root of people's anger We are only ever really hurt by the ones we love and all that... It might be a little frustrating to see Dielnas latest gym video or Lachmans lazy sausage, no one really cares a coont for these no marks As a fan base we all admire all Fessis skills and work rate and in return have shown him nothing but love... It's gonna hurt when we find out he's just a selfish little s od like the rest of em
  13. David Garrison is busy putting his boys back in the barracks
  14. For me it's always been pretty simple.... You're even Wednesday or you're not I love Fessi and from the little bit I know of him as a person and everything I know about him as a footballer, he seems a talented, hardworking, down to earth bloke.... He's achieved a great deal here and could still go on to achieve so much more... Maybe he's just been badly advised, maybe he's just feeling undervalued, maybe he's just a greedy cuunt... Frankly I don't give give a flip... We all make mistakes and all do silly things "in the moment" but when the dust settles and if he isn't prepared to apologise he can walk as far as I'm concerned... Today's performance was just another example of how Carlos' team play for one another and to a defined plan... If Fernando wants to be part of that then great, if he'd rather look after himself then good luck to him, we're on our way back regardless Wawaw
  15. Think we all need to chill out a bit. What of any substance has actually happened with this situation? An (apparently) unenthusiastic goal celebration from a lad who had covered every blade of grass for the previous 80+ minutes and an alleged (derisory) offer from a inferior club, treading water... Just cos the old bloke next door likes to watch my Mrs unpack the shopping... Doesn't mean he's gonna get to have a go on her! (Note I'd much rather that than Fernando go to Derby)
  16. Very astute signing imo, will offer competition for Wallace and depth to the squad if nothing else... If he rekindles his form from Brighton then he might just surprise a few people. Oh and I couldn't give a flying foook what Leeds fans think about owt, least of all football!
  17. As many have said, would be a good addition at this level, plenty of ability and something to prove. Some may be disappointed and I can understand why they might prefer a Reach around
  18. Was it you playing in net against Benfica?
  19. These predictions sum Holloway up as a pundit for me... Some very popular/obvious calls, the odd insightful/astute one and the downright ridiculous... Leeds making the playoffs just cos he rates his mate "Monky"!!? FFS
  20. ∆∆∆this∆∆∆ Think bazza and the rest of the lads are gonna be really up for this one.... The more I think about it, the more appealing this fixture seems for an opener. At home, in front of the cameras against a big club who have just come down but who actually look pretty darn average on paper... Can't wait til Sunday
  21. That's why we are keeping Nuhiu!!! He can do all of the above..... Apart from the goals bit!
  22. I only trust that fat fooks opinion on fried goods and cheap mascara
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