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  1. No woman would choose the username "Ted Bundy" (ask if you need further information) You're male (kind of), a scummer and c.14years old I'm like the canine columbo
  2. Leeds are a one team city- it has always been this way as to not confuse the locals Despite this they have consistently averaged less at home than us over the past 10 years 1. Because they have been absolutely shuffle (not that we haven't mind) 2. Because half the city would rather watch someone chase an egg around or eat their own fist They have a good away following mainly because they gained a number of supporters from across the country from sucess in the dim and distant past... People like this guy...
  3. Tbh he's already impressed me just by going out on loan, but particularly to Blackburn of all places (shudders) I could have envisaged a little trip to warmer climbs for some tippy tappy football, but instead he's going to the dark side of the Pennines to be kicked around at the bottom of the Championship. Fair play Lucas! He could happily have messed about in the gym and on Instagram (which seems to have been in fashion at S6 recently) but instead I'm sure this will benefit all parties... Good luck to the lad! PS please bag against the scum on Wednesday, love Cosby x
  4. Have you not thought to encourage him to get a proper job?
  5. In the main I find his dross vaguely entertaining, but that 1 line makes my ears bleed
  6. Every time Brian the Blunt says "believe you me" I have an urge to eat my radio
  7. I'd recommend to most players to not stay in the office... Although some would be more effective from there
  8. ^^This^^ I get that the OP was just a witty observation of the armchair (or computer chair) supporter but ultimately opinions are what make the game so interesting.. they are certainly what make this forum so much fun! I also think that despite the most vocal critics perhaps being the least informed, there are a fair number of people who have some very worthwhile insight...Differing opinions and perspectives are essential to the development of the game Also as a side note. The assumption that everyone employed as a coach or manager in football knows what they are talking about is a naïve one...
  9. Meh Like others have said my overriding memories of Woods are mainly of his mistakes I'm afraid He certainly was a good shot stopper and his positioning was pretty sound. You'd watch him and think he was really solid and then he'd drop a bollok There was very little between him and Kevin Pressman for me, even when Woods was the established no.1. I also think his number of caps for England are a bit misleading... Post Shilton and pre Seaman (oh err!) He was England's number one, but never stood head and shoulders above the rest Wasn't his nickname "Baywatch" or am I just having a homoerotic delusion brought on by pre Seaman?
  10. The Joao conundrum reminds me of an argument I continually have with my Mrs She'll keep literally bleeding everything just on the off chance that one day it might be useful My argument is that even in the rare instance that does happen and you say "why did I get rid of that?"... This is outweighed immeasurably by the number of times you think, "why is my house full of useless crap!!?"
  11. He just said.... "When a manager like Steve Bruce comes calling" Well its either time to go or Dinner time
  12. ^^This^^ Don't see the point in starting Fletcher, particularly as we just tend to lump the ball up to him. Would be meat and drink to Dunk If he's going to go 1 up (with Forestieri just off) I'd like him to go for Winnall, he's still good in the air but would offer us that little bit more mobility
  13. What's the Owlstalk record for negs? Think you might deserve to break it
  14. For the record I forgave him for the Norwich incident as soon as he put out his apologies... Not because I necessarily believed it was a simple misunderstanding but because I knew that holding it against him (as many have) would only have a negative impact on his performances... Forgetting is a different matter.... You see, ultimately we football fans are simple folk... Give your all for the team, performing to the best of your abilities and preferably inspiring victories and we'll love you. Regardless of flaws. Fans of certain clubs even grew to love Steve Evans FFS... Anything is possible. Regardless of what anyone says, FF has not done that this season for whatever reason I don't think a new contract is justified purely based on performances and I can agree that ultimately this might send a message that if you stamp your feet loud enough you'll get what you want However, Fernando on top form is the spark that this team missing... If a few (thousand) extra quid or the recognition of his influence that a new contract brings is enough to get him firing on all cylinders again then I'm all for it! I forgave you long ago, be the player we all know you can be and everyone will very quickly forget too! Wawaw
  15. I never bet on Wednesday, although my brother bets on us quite a bit, each to their own I suppose Although today I have considered breaking my own rule. We're 5-1 to win today!? Seem crazy long odds to me seeing as though QPR are pretty much the same (11-2) to win at Brighton; they've lost the last five and we've won 4 in 5 Despite the value on offer I'll still abstain from betting on us, won't blame anyone who does... Unless we lose obviously
  16. "The University of South Mexborough"!? That's definitely made up Mexborough doesn't have public toilets let alone a flipping University!
  17. Heard Forestieri likes his Christmas tree... Must mean he's trying to engineer a move to Forest
  18. Two things 1) Do you mean the Ethiopians? 2)Are you for real?
  19. Great OP and some top quality points throughout this thread... It may even have changed my opinion I don't consider myself an "old boy" by any means (the wife sees this as a problem) but I'm in my mid 30's and have been going since the late 80's. As a young man I saw us beating the big boys, trips to Wembley, the "old girl" full to bursting against Kaiserslautern. As a teenager I used to moan when we were last on on Match of the Day, get disappointed when we didn't sign Michael Mols or Patrick Kluivert... Didn't even know I was born!! Eventually we can all take things for granted... The last few years in the Premier League felt truly painful, they were nothing compared to what was to come Maybe it was all part of growing up but no matter how bad things got it never felt like the end of the world to me. During our prolonged absence from the top flight football has hurtled at breakneck speed towards money, business, showbiz... None of these things mean much to me, just give me watching The Wednesday Even on the way to Wembley I genuinely felt like I didn't care if we were promoted or not. Just thought it was a throw up between struggling week in week out against the billion dollar boys and another push towards the top of the championship But as the day unfolded it felt like the big time was in touching distance... Wednesdayites out singing the opposition, seas of blue and white... I walked out down Wembley Way as deflated as anyone Reading how some of you (who are no longer young men either for the record!) either have no memories of Wednesday at the top or even worse have only ever seen the dross, tips the balance for me... You all deserve to see the Owls flying high at least once... If you are lucky you might one day take that for granted Wawaw
  20. How does she know he's called Richard and from Chapeltown? I get how someone might remember that the guy who handed it in was middle aged, but did he declare his name and where he was from too? FFS Richard this isn't Blind Date!! Having said that, Richard from Chap sounds like a dreamboat
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