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  1. Managers (particularly young inexperienced ones) need to work at a club with a clear footballing structure in order to have the best chance of success.


    We don't have one... Unless an owner abroad doing a theme park tour and a shady man hanging around the training ground and identifying transfer targets counts?

  2. The ''pay high prices get top players'' thing was just a tool for chansiri to feel justified in having one last throw of the dice... In truth, by the time the fans were asked this ridiculous question, we'd already shot our financial load.


    The Westwood/Hutchinson/Monk situation will be one of many coming up over the next couple of years, as the club tries to cut its cloth accordingly and hopefully rebuild more sustainably for another push.


    How Chansiri justifies sky high prices during this period will be extremely difficult, but I'm sure he's got a plan to keep everyone happy...


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  3. 35 minutes ago, WhiteOwl91 said:

    do we have any faith whatsoever that this club is going to do any form of mass recruitment and actually get that right?



    Er no...


    I've been banging on about the need to appoint a real footballing CEO and/or a Director of Football to people on here and elsewhere for the last four years. 


    I could understand why people didn't see a problem when we were flying under Carlos, but even then the inherent lack of a footballing structure was always going to hold the club back eventually.


    During our current abysmal run, many people seem to be looking back fondly at the football when Bruce was here. For me the product on the pitch wasn't all that exciting, but the things he began to put in place off it where exactly what this club (and any other) need. A full set of coaching staff and a recruitment team are the first things on the list... If it was up to the chairman we would have neither.


    It would be entirely possible for the club to appoint the right people to help create a more sustainable structure themselves. However it would mean putting imminent promotion off the table and Chansiri relinquishing day to day control... IMO he won't be prepared to do either.




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  4. 8 minutes ago, cowl said:


    So, you're saying you think Westwood is refusing to be picked?


    No, but his statement reads entirely in the past tense, as far as he's concerned he's done.


    Now its possible that could be the manager's choice, but as I've said I would find it an extremely strange decision to freeze out a high earner with a season and a half to go on his contract.


    None of us know for sure what's happened and this statement doesn't clear anything up IMO.

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  5. 10 minutes ago, cowl said:


    Not just for the sake of it though if it was to try to arrange a transfer in January.


    If Monk's told him he's not in his plans, then surely it could be argued that if Westwood said he's rolling his sleeves up to fight for his place anyway, then it would only increase the pressure on Monk to pick him should Dawson's dip in form continue.


    You may be right, but he didn't release this statement in January did he?


    Maybe there was a transfer which fell through in January. But do you really think that Monk's man management skills are so non existent, that after that transfer fell through, he was still refusing to pick Westwood EVER just for the sake of it?

  6. Sounds to me, than rather stay and fight for his place, he's just going to write a goodbye letter and leave. Fair enough, that's up to him, thanks for the memories Keiran!


    Unless people believe that Monk has told him that despite having 18months to run on his contract and being a big earner, he's never, ever going to play him, just for the sake of it?

  7. 26 minutes ago, bronxowl said:

    Yeah, I’m the same pig that went through the seventies going to grounds on a wet Phukkin Tuesday in November.

    The posters on here that can’t reply without trying this on is amazing, just because someone has an opinion.


    Who was your favourite Wednesday player of the 70's and why?


    You've got 5 minutes to answer otherwise you're a pig


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  8. For me that's not quite the choice though.


    The fanbase seems to have turned on Monk now; I'm not sure he's ever going to get them back.


    But if he does lose his job, the last thing I want to see is those two welcomed back like heroes and the whole sorry mess to start again.


    If the question is who's in charge, manager or players? Then it simply has to be the manager every time.


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  9. No way is Chansiri going to sell imminently; no one would be prepared to pay anything like the sort of money he'd want to walk away.


    The best we could hope for would be,


    1. The appointment of a CEO to run the football club without any interference from DC.


    2. An experienced footballing CEO would probably be enough alone, but if we couldn't appoint someone suitable, then I think we'd also need a footballing director of some sort.


    3. Monk (or whoever was manager) to be allowed to bring in their own coaching team and let go anyone and everyone who was surplus to his requirements.


    4. Mr Paxiao and any other ''advisor'', who's primary aim is to line their own pockets, rather than the future of the club, to be fu*ked off and never seen again.



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  10. 35 minutes ago, REDAs_biG_piECE said:

    I’m guessing most of the people backing Dawson are politically correct indoctrinated under 30 somethings who would prefer a team full of ‘nice’ diverse gentlemen rather than a team of troublesome, hard to handle men who are winners 


    I'm going to come and get a job working alongside you!


    I'll be getting paid 4 times what you are on, don't worry though because I am marginally better than you...


    And also you'll probably not have much interaction with me, because I'll ignore you pretty much all the time...


    I'll be a right handful for our manager though, I'll call in sick whenever I want but I'll still be getting paid...


    Don't worry though, because I'm a ''winner''... You'll love me!!

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  11. 5 hours ago, Ferkorf said:

    I actually don't...

    Healths good

    Family is good...

     I'm pretty loaded and just 9 days away from my last mortgage payment at 35 years old

    Disneyworld booked in june

    Cars alright

    No pets to worry about after dog died last month


    So yeh theres just wednesday that are letting me down but thats nothing new lol


    Sounds like the dog let you down a bit by dying... The quitter!

  12. Said it straight after the game on Wednesday, that if we get any sort of points deduction this season (likely to be at least 9 points) then I'm convinced we'll be relegated.


    This lot haven't got the heart to be mid table also-rans, let alone for a relegation fight.

  13. 5 minutes ago, bobness said:

    How many other managers would do well without a proper coaching structure? One man can't do it all. Big mistake hiring one person to replace Bruce and his two assistants, especially when that person is expected to command respect in a dressing room already filled with holdovers, both on the playing and coaching side!


    Tough ask of Monk, so it's difficult to tell if he's genuinely incapable. In my opinion DC has dropped a proper clanger on this one. All previous managers came in with some of their own people.


    Monk vs the squad with their mate Bullen to assist him.


    What could possibly go wrong?

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