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  1. I wasn't banging the drum for the  Cowley's, but when they were heavily linked I must admit I thought they would have been an exciting appointment; not least because it would have been a bit of a gamble.


    I can understand why Chansiri would have chosen experience at this level in Monk, over potential in the Cowley's, on the balance of probabilities he's probably made the right choice.


    I certainly don't think it does anyone any favours people moaning over what might have been. 



  2. 12 minutes ago, Costello 77 said:

    Players should get those buzzers from the joke shop and enjoy life a bit..


    What happened to the joke shop FFS!?


    1 minute ago, torres said:

    I bet Borner shakes like a bear, Rhodes has one of those weak ones that make u feel weird for about 30 minutes after and Reach tickles your palm with his little finger!!!


    The palm tickle!!?


    I forgot that... Huge no no in the handshake, makes me shudder just thinking of it...

  3. On the back of the roaring success of ''Who gives the best hugs''... Who in the current squad has the best handshake?


    I hope we all agree that the perfect handclasp should be firm, but not a vice like grip (Westwood might be guilty of this)... Although too strong is preferable to a feeling of shaking a wet lettuce (Adam Reach)


    Please note, that we are referring to the traditional British welcome here, not the trendy air hand slapping stuff.

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  4. 1 minute ago, LSOwls said:

    Not sure why people get so butt hurt when talking about Women's football. If you don't like it then don't watch it.


    I still think it would have been better if the ladies trans weren't associated a men's team.




    Don't get everyone started on that!


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  5. 14 minutes ago, Elderly Owl said:

    Maybe he was just giving Bullen a chance? I think, bearing in mind Bullen’s commitment to us over the years, it was the least he could do. Time to get behind the new manager and give him a chance. WAWAW.


    I'll back every manager

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  6. I'd have been pleased with Monk if we'd have appointed him the week after Bruce left. He's a decent manager at this level.


    However, my overriding thoughts are why the fruitcake take 7 weeks to give the job to a bloke who could have started immediately!?


    People are bound to be disappointed, because its now abundantly clear that the chairman wasn't spending that time finding just the right man for the job, he was sitting on his hands and hoping Bullen would take away the need for him to make a decision. 


    Monk can't feel like he was first choice, Bullen probably feels put upon and our new manager is weeks behind the curve... Not sure its been healthy for anyone!

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