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  1. Get well soon gaffer. Nothing is more important than your health. Wawaw
  2. Was going to start a similar thread. There isn't one of their players that on an individual level would improve our (mediocre) squad. But they all work hard, are aggressive and play to a system. Fair play to them, but my God, what a waste of "£350 million"
  3. we could play every game against one of the poorest teams in the league with a man advantage, we still wouldn't get enough points to stay up. We are that bad.
  4. When I saw the flash of red, I just assumed it was for one of ours
  5. Looks like 4-2-3-1 to me. Its not quite the personnel I'd have chosen, but form aside, it's probably our strongest starting lineup with that formation. Can't blame Moore for going with that as it's a clean slate for everyone. Let's hope they all pull their f*cking fingers out! COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS!!
  6. This is Rotherham's cup final. Always will be. It's sad really.
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