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  1. EuropeanBob

    Cmon Adte

    Looks like he's had a good Christmas!
  2. I couldn't wear those. Within a week they'd be yellow at the front and brown at the back.
  3. EuropeanBob

    Carlos and the Bottlemen

    becoming a bit of a theme of his teams, the Hull play off final; Huddersfield last season and now the Blades yesterday
  4. I took my two lads down yesterday to see if the shirts had been reduced. He's shown no interest up to this time but all of a sudden he says he's a Wednesday fan. Had to walk out with no shirt. It's a good job he's not a brat because even I was disappointed I couldn't get one for him.
  5. EuropeanBob

    30 Years Ago!

    The article says it was the last time we played Fulham in the cup. Didn't we play them in the third round a few years ago when Andy Johnson scored in a 1-0?
  6. EuropeanBob


    O rly?
  7. EuropeanBob

    A thank you

    You have to remember and sympathise that most blokes who go to Hillsborough on a Saturday afternoon have been pushed around all week by their gaffers and their missuses when they get home. Its a little bit of 'their time ' to moan and whinge at someone else for a change, deserved or not.
  8. EuropeanBob


    On the waterfront is way too old fashioned. Time we got up to date and came out to something hip and happening a la
  9. EuropeanBob

    Forget Bamford

    He's off to Palace Take a look at @sjstandardsport's Tweet: https://twitter.com/sjstandardsport/status/623163901862105088?s=09
  10. No way will part time glory hunters like me be able to afford these prices!!
  11. http://www.eadt.co.uk/sport/mccarthy_reveals_ridiculous_loan_offer_for_daryl_murphy_believed_to_be_from_sheffield_wednesday_1_4149576 Have to agree with McCarthy, does seem a bit strange to try and take a rival teams leading goal scorer on loan as opposed to stumping up the readies.
  12. EuropeanBob

    May To Rangers ?

  13. EuropeanBob

    A message to Wednesday

    Gayest. Thing. Ever.
  14. Ha Ha Ha Ha the old I've got experience on football manager application. Literally making people $h1t themselves with laughter since 1996
  15. EuropeanBob

    Part timers of owls talk

    I won't set foot back in Hillsborough again until Wednesday are in the Champions League. I'm going to wait until the end of August then whoever's top of the league out of Man City and Chelsea they're the boys for me.
  16. EuropeanBob

    Ian Cathro 25-1

  17. EuropeanBob

    The Wednesday FC - Reborn

    If you become disenfranchised with Premier League / Championship football just get yourself to onbe of the local non-league teams, Worksop, Stocksbridge et al. I've been going to watch Worksop since the mid 90s but I still love Wednesday. I just think of the Tigers as a young bit on the side.
  18. EuropeanBob

    Sergiu Bus

    Dom Howson opens his laptop and types 'Sergiu Bus' in to Google.
  19. EuropeanBob

    Football fix for Saturday

    The Worksop game was postponed last Saturday with Glossop expected to bring 450 - 500 which for that level is pretty impressive. Both teams going well in their respective leagues so should make for a good game.
  20. EuropeanBob

    Striker refused move but deal agreed

    Wanting to stay and fight for their place is the football equivalent of the 'it's not you it's me' binning off.
  21. EuropeanBob

    Tweets on the scoreboard

  22. When did Parramore change their name from Worksop Parramore?
  23. EuropeanBob

    Nostalgia ain't what it used to be

    Nipping into the bogs under the Town Hall to empty it of all the bog rolls to launch when the teams came out of the tunnel. Leaving five minutes early to fly back in to Town, check the final scores in the Redifusion (?) window in the hole in the road then onto the almost empty X15 back to Swall before you missed it and ended up on the 221 with all the 'hards' from school.
  24. It must have something to do with the state of the pitch and all the sand which is in there.