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  1. Reviews are saying its the best game since BOTW but I've played the demo a couple of times and I find it awful. The combat is unwieldy, just button mashing and still end up dying every 5 minutes. Don't know if I'm missing a trick or what but I'll not be purchasing. Not at that price anyway.
  2. Definitely.... Its one of those games that you don't touch for months then lose hours to when you do. Been copied many times but never bettered.
  3. I'm more than happy with my Series S for the money. It's a steal. I'm only a casual gamer so the Game Pass model is ideal for me. The thought of going for 50 each time a new game came out only to get bored after a couple of hours really put me off buying physical games. As for the storage its not, and I don't think will be an issue for me. I've got six A+ and three indie titles on it and still a little left to play with it. 8/10 WB
  4. Thanks, mines slightly different as I've ordered the S. Presuming they've got it but not dispatched for some reason. We're sorry about the delay in getting your order to you, but I'm pleased to tell you that we're preparing it for dispatch now. Within the next business day you should receive an e-mail from us confirming that the following items have been dispatched: "Xbox Series S" http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08GD9MNZB This confirmation e-mail will include tracking information if it's available and a new estimated delivery date.
  5. Has anyone got a dispatched notice from Amazon yet? Mine says its been delayed but will still be delivered by 10pm
  6. Those ads are based on your browsing history
  7. Tivoli's https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/staggering-rise-of-speed-drinking-bars-5352224.html
  8. What you don't see on that picture is the stonewash 501s and black Sambas
  9. Thanks, I think I'll take a look at golf story. Seen a few rate it. Not sure about the Mario game. Not a fan of turn-based. The sort of game that could do with a demo. Is Dead Cells any good. I like Hollow Knight but it's rock. Is Dead Cells any easier?
  10. Bit dissapointed with the January sale. Thought there might have been a few of the older A games discounted like Mario Odyssey but no such luck. Might get Ori and the wotsit. Any more recommendations?
  11. If his little legs will carry him. Walk down to Middlewood and get on one there.
  12. Looks like he's had a good Christmas!
  13. I couldn't wear those. Within a week they'd be yellow at the front and brown at the back.
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