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  1. Those ads are based on your browsing history 🤣
  2. Tivoli's https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/staggering-rise-of-speed-drinking-bars-5352224.html
  3. What you don't see on that picture is the stonewash 501s and black Sambas
  4. If his little legs will carry him. Walk down to Middlewood and get on one there.
  5. Looks like he's had a good Christmas!
  6. I couldn't wear those. Within a week they'd be yellow at the front and brown at the back.
  7. becoming a bit of a theme of his teams, the Hull play off final; Huddersfield last season and now the Blades yesterday
  8. I took my two lads down yesterday to see if the shirts had been reduced. He's shown no interest up to this time but all of a sudden he says he's a Wednesday fan. Had to walk out with no shirt. It's a good job he's not a brat because even I was disappointed I couldn't get one for him.
  9. The article says it was the last time we played Fulham in the cup. Didn't we play them in the third round a few years ago when Andy Johnson scored in a 1-0?
  10. You have to remember and sympathise that most blokes who go to Hillsborough on a Saturday afternoon have been pushed around all week by their gaffers and their missuses when they get home. Its a little bit of 'their time ' to moan and whinge at someone else for a change, deserved or not.
  11. On the waterfront is way too old fashioned. Time we got up to date and came out to something hip and happening a la
  12. He's off to Palace Take a look at @sjstandardsport's Tweet: https://twitter.com/sjstandardsport/status/623163901862105088?s=09
  13. No way will part time glory hunters like me be able to afford these prices!!
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