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  1. Pulis, and honourable mention for Wilson for getting us relegated.
  2. Goalie special: Woods: John Sheridan's keyboard player (Shez would be a rock star) Westwood: PE teacher Pressman: guard dog Wildsmith: model Bywater: everyone is too frightened to ask
  3. He does look a bit like a hippo. I can imagine Bazza perched on his head.
  4. Even if it is the Special Trophy for Teams Who Can't Play Good, it's better than nothing. How the mighty have fallen.
  5. I bloody knew it. One of Westy's kids is a goalie now, incidentally. He's on one of the junior Man City teams.
  6. What always gets me when I see football teams commemorate Remembrance Day is that 100 or so years ago, they would have been fighting in the trenches. Not all on the same side either. And they would have been fighting alongside literal children. So many working-class men and boys treated as disposable cannon fodder by the higher ups. I watched the Passchendaele commemoration a few years ago and it made me cry my eyes out. And as a Jew, the slogan 'never again' has a double meaning for me as well.
  7. I like Barcelona but they only have themselves to blame for the mess they're in.
  8. Well, you know what Space said about the female of the species...
  9. Be interested to see what went down at Grantham. Maybe the Upshot will have something about it.
  10. Sounds like another ex-Blunts manager we know.
  11. Boro are officially the pigs' dumping ground.
  12. Imagine the thought of him and Klopp going up against each other. It's a bit of a gamble for Villa, but hey. I guess he's a step up from the likes of Remi Garde.
  13. Not sure if in right forum, but I found this while looking for footage of Pressman on Youtube the other day. I have no idea who the guys doing the podcast are but I think he's worked with them somewhere.
  14. Everton did do it with Benitez, but not for me, Clive. Having that creature managing us would be beyond weird. Thanks for the mental image of Colin in drag btw.
  15. Ugh, can't edit my post. That was about Keane btw, not Palmer.
  16. In Palmer's case, he wasn't forced out by players. He resigned. Moaning incessantly about how lazy players are these days does not a good manager make.
  17. I dread to think what Chansiri would be posting if he had a Twitter.
  18. I remember when Monk resigned and my first thought was, "Chansiri, don't you DARE get Pulis." Whoops.
  19. When did he do this? Doesn't surprise me though, he's a dild. Oh well, not like Wednesday have anything to fear from Grantham anyway :3
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