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  1. The final penalty was Fernandes levels of rubbish, I was half expecting a comedy xylophone to go 'doodleoodleoodle'.
  2. What an absolute cretin. Doing it on camera, to one of the pigs' star players no less. He's lucky he didn't get slaughtered by pig fans for that. I bet he was coked off his face as well. Just enjoy the win, you don't need to attack the opposition. And even if Sharp is a pig, I'm not exactly happy about it because remember Pressman getting a death threat? Remember Kirkland getting attacked by that Leeds fan? One of these days someone is going to get seriously hurt by morons like this.
  3. I can't believe the BBC did that. That was just cruel.
  4. Bye, grunters. I wish Forest had buried them without going to penalties, but missing three is hilarious. Losers.
  5. Come on, you tricky trees! I have COVID. Cheer me up.
  6. This is what I hate about white clothes. They are sauce magnets. Especially if it's got turmeric in it, which is an absolute nightmare to clean out of anything.
  7. I grew up in the '90s. I'd be lying if I said I didn't find the downfall of Man United absolutely hilarious. Alex Ferguson needs to make like Elsa and LET IT GO. I absolutely hate Liverpool as well and resent them being rammed down my throat like a giant red wang. I know City are an evil oil club but they're the only actual threat to Liverpool, Chelsea can't cut it. Too inconsistent.
  8. As long as the squad give it their all. That's the least they can do.
  9. Somewhere Kevin Pressman is pointing and laughing. Come on you tricky trees.
  10. They could have done the sensible thing and strengthened their defence instead of spunking loads of money on more attackers they don't need, but nooooo. And they can't blame it on Slabhead this week. They also should have let Lingard go last season, especially given that he's been gobbing off to the toesucker about the bad vibes in the changing room, but apparently there was something in his contract that stopped him going West Ham?
  11. Oh no, what a shame, never mind. Hope Leeds go down. Trying to play like '60s Leeds is not going to save you, guys.
  12. Of Everton, Burnley and Leeds, I'm hoping Leeds will go down. Burnley have gotten their mojo back now Dyche has gone (and I'd love to know what went down there, I found the timing of Dyche's sacking weird) and Everton MIGHT be OK, but have a diabolical away record, which could shaft them, plus they've got a tough final game at the Emirates. Liverpool will win it because they always land on their feet.
  13. I hate both Real Madrid and Liverpool. If only there was a way for both teams to lose. City done goofed but then they always seem to go down the toilet in Europe. I have no idea wtf they were doing buying Grealish.
  14. Yeah, the thought of Waddle, Di Canio AND Walker is tempting. I'm not sure if I can make it though.
  15. I'm very superstitious. Was bricking it all the way through the Pompey game! Anyway, it depends if pubs near me are showing it. I'm in south Manchester so I'm sure there's one.
  16. Waddle, Di Canio, who else? I'm almost tempted. I'm guessing Chris Turner's in goal for us?
  17. I am a Manchester Owl but too nervous to watch.
  18. I should have brought balloons with me. Oh well, next time. This is the first time I've managed to get to Hillsborough in ages and...words fail me. I was in a daze for ages after the match. It all just feels so unreal and miles away from the tedium I saw under Monk. I was in the Kop about midway up, so got repeatedly hit on the head with inflatables. I'm amazed Plymouth got ravaged tbh. Also even when we were 3-1 up I was worried we'd bottle it, because a little hope is a dangerous thing, but no.
  19. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bricking it re the Owls and the Pussycats. Sunderland are going to be tough. (I like the minimalist owl badge)
  20. While I love Bannan, I'm going to go with Byers for covering practically every blade of grass. I swear those two and Gregory have rockets up their holes.
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