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  1. FightLikeAGirl


    Or just get one of the band to follow Bruce around with a tuba like in Family Guy. Warnock should be Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead.
  2. FightLikeAGirl

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    Also: Is the Pope Catholic? State of the pigs in the comments as well.
  3. FightLikeAGirl

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    Shame. I liked him as a player. :(
  4. FightLikeAGirl


    Definitely some Arctic Monkeys and Milburn in there as well. Was there any Human League?
  5. FightLikeAGirl

    Send In The Boys

    I liked the Def Leppard!
  6. FightLikeAGirl

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Did Chris Waddle?
  7. FightLikeAGirl

    Love these...

    Holy balls, was this before or after he retired? I swear some people are born looking old.
  8. Also, Woods didn't work under Koeman, that was Patrick Lodewijks who's with the Dutch NT now. Woods was at Everton under Moyes, same with United. I don't know who their GK coach is now but I don't think Mourinho and Woods ever worked together.
  9. Because they think Pressman did a poo job with Archer and Forde, and that Pressman is the reason Archer makes mistakes. Btw Woods is David Moyes' man so unless Moyes comes to us, it's not happening. ETA: has Weaver been confirmed?
  10. FightLikeAGirl

    Weaver as new GK coach?

    If Pressman can't have it, then I'm glad Weaver can.
  11. FightLikeAGirl

    What was the last game you went to

    Millwall on Halloween, season just gone, 2-1 to us.
  12. FightLikeAGirl

    We are popular in Rovrum

    It's not like Rovrum have much else to talk about.
  13. Everton and West Ham are both absolute gash, though. Actually, I'm being unfair. Everton were alright under Moyes.
  14. Good luck to Rhodey, he's done a good job. I wonder if it means his kid's going to go too. Not gonna lie, if Pressman replaces him, I'll be over the flipping moon. I know a lot of Millwall fans dislike him but I honestly don't know how much of that was on Archer.
  15. FightLikeAGirl

    Chris Morris Makes Cornish Pasties

    You could put Roland Nilsson in a pasty. He's a Swede.