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  1. Tidman and Jeffers were awful. Carbone was a decent player but had a MAJOR attitude problem.
  2. FightLikeAGirl

    Bell of the season -Championship

    Wilder. I know he's not a player but I'm going to nominate him anyway.
  3. FightLikeAGirl

    Big sam

    Allardyce did admittedly have a better 'tache.
  4. FightLikeAGirl

    Big sam

    Allardyce is a cheeky monkey and I can't believe some people actually wanted him to come to Wednesday. Everton were a horrible team to watch this season. We don't need that style of football here, not if we want to challenge for playoffs, and I'd like to see what Jos is going to do next season.
  5. Dunno if this is relevant to this thread, but Kevin Pressman's left Millwall. I'd love him to come here. Can't see Rhodes leaving though.
  6. FightLikeAGirl

    Joey Barton

    He's at Fleetwood. I pity them.
  7. Bad Leeds. Bad. Leave Westy alone.
  8. Not arsed as long as it's not fundamentalism or sectarianism. But then I'm Jewish and you barely see any of us at matches because the religious ones don't do football on Saturday. It's why there's barely any Jewish players either, except the Israeli ones.
  9. FightLikeAGirl

    14/1 to go down

    It's mental. We were in the playoffs last season. This season we're tipped for relegation.
  10. Don't even go there :(
  11. FightLikeAGirl

    Badly Drawn Footballers

    Needs more Nuhiu tbh. And Westy.
  12. Franny Jeffers, or was he too rubbish by then?
  13. FightLikeAGirl

    On this weekend of Rememberance

    I watched the memorial celebration on TV earlier this year and cried my eyes out. Men and boys, literal children were being sent off to fight and die in a godforsaken muddy hellhole in Belgium. Hearing about the conditions, it's no wonder so many of them came back with PTSD, or shell shock as they called it then.
  14. I think being as mad as a spoon is a job requirement for a keeper. Are there any normal ones?