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  1. (I'm not Pressman's wife btw)
  2. Kevin Pressman. Chouji from Naruto.
  3. FightLikeAGirl

    United away

    What genius thought having football matches on a Friday night was a good idea? flipping Sky.
  4. FightLikeAGirl

    King Kev

    As I said, I think that might be what fizzed him over re getting the job with us. Lee and Weaver are in much better shape. I'm not exactly skinny myself but one, I am trying to lose weight and two, I'm not a professional sportswoman. If you are in the job, you should be physically fit. Also, my arse he didn't know why he played well against the pigs. It was because you hated them, Kevin. Admit it.
  5. FightLikeAGirl

    King Kev

    Just finished watching it, thought he came across very well. Very down to earth and passionate about goalkeeping and football in general, and I like that he doesn't want to just sit on his arse doing nothing, he wants to stay involved with the game. Apparently he's working with the NI U21s, probably because of his time at Portadown. Also he had a little dig at Francis and how he barely got a game while Woods was around. He seems very happy with Cam too.
  6. FightLikeAGirl

    What hootie said..

  7. FightLikeAGirl

    What hootie said..

    If he can get us beating the pigs twice I will love him forever.
  8. FightLikeAGirl

    Nothing for us to celebr8 here.....

    I can't stand him. Fat tongued hypocritical bellsniff.
  9. Nice one, Bazza. Been great so far this season.
  10. FightLikeAGirl

    King Kev

    It was in the Mirror, and Big Kev's car got nicked, so he rang the police, chased the guy in his wife's car, and then he saw his car in a ditch, totalled, and went over to check if there were any casualties, the thief got out, and Kev chased him for about a mile and then caught him. Whether he was in his pants or not, I don't know. I hope so. Pressman was hot when he was younger. I'm not a native of Sheffield so haven't heard Howard Pressman's show, what did Kev say about Wilson on it? I know Wilson was utter gash and IIRC he and Kev didn't have a good relationship. I'm intrigued now, I want to see what he thinks about the Westy saga!
  11. FightLikeAGirl

    welcome to my good friend tommy lee

    Welcome to the Wednesday, we've got fun and games...oh wait, wrong band. Pressman did get interviewed for the Academy GK Coach job, but got turned down. He's been talking about it on Twitter. Personally I think he should be some kind of club ambassador or something since he's clearly not going to get any coaching jobs here. Maybe they thought he was too over the hill and/or unfit. I mean, no offence to Kev but he's put a LOT of weight on since he retired and he wasn't exactly thin to begin with. I saw him warming up with the keepers one time with Millwall and he could barely run, though he's still got a hell of a kick on him.
  12. FightLikeAGirl

    Westwood conspiracies

    Wednesdayite friend on Tumblr claims dressing room bust-up, but who knows? I hope things get sorted soon because he is a good keeper, but if he's a toxic influence, he's got to go. There's enough of that crap going on in the Premiership as it is.
  13. FightLikeAGirl


    Or just get one of the band to follow Bruce around with a tuba like in Family Guy. Warnock should be Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead.
  14. FightLikeAGirl

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    Also: Is the Pope Catholic? State of the pigs in the comments as well.