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  1. Seems like a sad end or I hope at least a chapter of his career. We wanted him and due to form, timings and his wage bill we can't release him. That's football
  2. We can though that's why nothing Is moving in or out. Keep the team steady get up the league, stay in the Cup and earn the money. Then buy and sell when we have got a pre season and no real games to bond any new arrivals.
  3. 10 - 15 million in an inflated market transpires to 7-10 when everyone has had their bite and we've filled the clubs empty coffers. Then we have to buy equal or better quality with what's left in an already inflated market and we're only a few knocks away from an injury crisis. Hold steady and let's get the team kicking on to the end of the season.
  4. I'm going today exactly because of the price. I can't commit to every game cause of time and family so I go when I can. A 25 quid day out is an easier sell to the wife than a 60 quid day out for just the two of us. And let's not forget all the other things that inevitably come with taking young kids to football. Drinks, snap, football shirts, programmes. Tell my lad he can't have a Beres and he gets a lip quiver.
  5. To the tune of uptown girl. Lucas Joao He's f00king brilliant and we don't know how He's scoring goals like we knew he could He went to Blackburn and he came back good. With his right foot Woo Oooh oh oh ooh ooh oh ooh ooh oooh..... That's a banger right there surely
  6. Would we have to flap our arms in a tin pot fashion?
  7. I still cringe everytime I watch this. Like us singing "flapped by the owls, you're getting flapped by the owls, flapped by the owls...."
  8. This is why he is selling 2-5 year season tickets so he can secure income. I think he might want to chuck a few quid on the pies.
  9. Left your kop goggles at home then credit to you for taking the journey. Put there fans to shame. All I could hear was our fans
  10. Kop goggles = a favourable view gained from the excitement of being inside the ground.
  11. Adam Reach for instance. Last cup game. View from then kop he looked like he kept everything together. Last night on the telly he struggled at times, gave more away than usual. It was like having my beer goggles lifted off. Kop goggles if you will.
  12. I've been watching at the ground from one position and then watched last night at home and saw everything. Every pass back, missed shot, poor pass. Has telly just showed how bad it is or was last night particularly poor? Answers on a postcard
  13. Agreed. Can't think what anyone else could do with this team and the injuries. Staying up and winning the FA Cup is ambitious. People need a bit of perspective
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