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  1. Some perspective...

    How do you know the next manager wouldn't have a transfer budget/funds? Just curious
  2. The young lad Brookes

    He will be off to the Premier League come January's window.
  3. Glenn loovens

    I think Tom lees being captain affects his game, said so last season. Just doesnt seem the same player, maybe too much pressure. But other than Hooper or Bannan i don't see anyone else. Would love it to be Hutch but he's injured.
  4. The Women that confronted Carlos

    Wonder if it was the same woman who had a word in Yoraths ear.
  5. Brian Laws on Carlos

    Would love Laws to have this squad at the moment. Laws was entertaining and attacking with a budget team, would love to see him with this talent.

    If Chansiri wants promotion then he seriously needs to have a long good hard think tonight. This is inexcusable, and if he persists with this set up then im afraid promotion will have to wait for a few more years.
  7. They are not the scrubbers of Sheffield for no reason. Love to catch one of them in the act, take the can off them and spray it in their eyes then kick them into middle of Penistone road because I'm in a good mood.
  8. Referee for Sunday

    You don't need to be a journalist to work for the star anymore. Just call yourself one and your away.
  9. Jordan Rhodes

    Its written in the script isnt it. 85 mins score 87 mins score 91st min score with a pen
  10. York Roast Co are Wednesdayites

    khickenz not bad.
  11. We are gonna get thrashed.

    I think we will either thrash them, they will thrash us, we will win a close game or they will win a close game. Also predicting a draw. Could also get abandoned if their Neanderthals start.
  12. Is this the North Stand being built?

    With the state of the stands in them days. The North when being built/finished must surely have been a sight to see in a good way. Was born way after this was built, does anyone recall seeing it being built and first opened? And what was your thoughts of it?
  13. That idiot Kevin Gage

    That means it wasnt a bit of fun because if it was he wouldn'tt have needed to defend himself and delete it. After the scum of the earth did that to Norwich fans last week he then puts that on. He's a grade A jbjknnkkn and in person too.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday Badges

    West brom when you had a skinfull.