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  1. This bloke with Chansiri and Carlos is part of the problem too. Some kind of Portuguese agent/Advisor. Wouldnt be surprised if it is Chansiri advisor and player recruiter. Was present at Derby today as picture shows.
  2. So this is in wrong thread, even though i didn't have this thread open!! Must be drunk, and Stella becaymuse that's all thats in.
  3. Personally think the 3rd person in this picture taken today at Derby, and the person to the right of Chansiri is to blame for alot of stuff. - both he same person! A Portuguese agent/Adviser apparently. Can't remember his name now.
  4. Promotion

    Hope im wrong but not a chance, wont even make the playoffs. I'm more concerened about being 6 points above relegation which at the moment, we have a bigger chance of relegation than promotion.
  5. Apparently fans fighting each other in the concourse according to people at the game on twitter a big brawl too 2x fights. Dont know if true or not but a few a reporting it.
  6. Can't buy the game on Ifollow?

    Oh it said to watch the stream live, clicked it and it took you to Derbys player/ ifollow stream.
  7. Can't buy the game on Ifollow?

    They have ifollow Mate too. https://twitter.com/dcfcofficial/status/921715224373276672
  8. Aye, 4 relegations, 3 promotions, 1 league cup win, 2 cup final losses, 1 play off final loss and 1 play off final win. Not bad for 28 seasons. Looks like the Sheffield United honours board. Not easy being a Wednesdayite but wouldn't have it any other way!
  9. November 1989 Nearly 28 years. Highs and lows and lows and highs.
  10. Does he still post on here?
  11. Fickle Fans

    On a more serious note, i think its born out of frustration for the past 20 years and to the point now, we have the team - probably one of the best in the league and we are close but our tactics are dictating our play and results. Not fickle just frustration.
  12. Fickle Fans

    I moaned when we spent millions and millions then the Sheffield derby turned up and we were still in bed and lost 2-4 at home. Also depends how much the bottle costs
  13. 1867 Club

    Isn't that already happening?
  14. 1867 Club

    It will be fine, our new 50,000 seater staduim near meadowhall will be more than adequate.