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  1. Didn't know this, do you have the link to the inteview which states this? If thays the case then maybe some German loans with view to buy.
  2. My first thought too. Straight away you know he's no nonsense and straight to the point and basically no going to take any crap, no more classical music, meat on the fire rock n roll 20 quid notes. What i also found interesting was through the interviews on social media and the video interview. He is referred to as the Manager, Carlos was the head coach. So I'm wondering whether certain advisors have now gone and he will take control of the transfers of who he wants and the CEO will try to get them. Seems a bit more like a football club now. Chansiri. Redgate. CEO COO Manager Players. Better than a month ago, lets move forward get this season out the way and start rebuilding for a go next season.
  3. Teflon Don

    Appoint before or after The Derby?

    Within next 3 hours.
  4. Teflon Don

    Jack Hunt joins injury list

    Ronald McDonald.
  5. Teflon Don

    clubs you have a 'soft spot' for

    Chesterfield. My mums side of family from there and follow them, my Grandad took me to matches when a kid. Occasionally go and watch them now and again and now i take my grandad instead.
  6. Teflon Don


    Wednesday will never die.
  7. Teflon Don


    If only he knew how to get out of league one after being smashed by the dog n duck, Stevenage and Chesterfield. Lump it lad lump it.
  8. Teflon Don

    What do you want in 2018?

    Players that want to play for Sheffield Wednesday. Players that give 110% win lose or draw. Players that dont just go through the motions because they are guranteed 30k a week while George and Alfred scrape up a few pints to watch them. A manager that will instill fight and attacking formations for us. As it stands we are in a relegation battle and don't have any players who will fight, Hutchinson will but he's on his own. Someome to go on wiki and change it to est 1868 Probable I'm asking for a miracle.
  9. Teflon Don

    Liam Palmers belly

    He is muscle though and known for it as he his bodybuilding and he probably eats 30 full chickens for breakfast. Palmer eats pizza. I eat kebabs
  10. Teflon Don

    On way back

    The players have it too easy. Todays performance shows that, they turn up when they can be bothered (every 10/11 games) We need a manager in who will kick some ass and get rid of alot of these players. The club needs a complete clear out too many has beens in thd club now. Not to turn up so consistently when fans spend hard earned cash is nothing short of disgracful and pathetic. Unfortunately i think we are in a relegation battle and tell you summat, these players don't have 1% fight in them and i fear relegation. Glad Carlos has gone because his football was boring and backwards but over half these players need to follow him out the door. We need players who want to represent Sheffield Wednesday and not just here to pick up a fat wage packet every week. Pathetic.
  11. Teflon Don


    Against the grain but the midfield looks better without Bannan. Not knocking Bannan because he is one of the best players at the club, he has just been played out of position. He is better further forward like in the no10 role, but i think Abdi and Reach are going to play that role if we continue this set up then there is Foresteri to come back also.
  12. Teflon Don

    Simon Grayson

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Grayson Jesuse flipping wept Wednesday
  13. Teflon Don

    What do you think of this?

    Please stay on the topic.