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  1. SWFC Chairman

    What other companies are them then? Can't for the life of us find his other companies.
  2. Flounce Post

    Very good OP and from the heart. I'm a bit further down the line and refuse to step into Hillsborough until Carlos and his staff are permanently in Portugal, aldo refuse to buy anything to do with the club, Carlos has ripped the Wednesday soul out of me just hope it's not too late when he's gone.
  3. Used to take my grandad to watch Chesterfield when cook was manager. Some of the best football I've witnessed, edge of seat with the intent on attack at all costs. He's been a success at Chesterfield, Portsmouth and now Wigan. His style of play and our squad are match made and he would take us up.
  4. Carlos going defensive and boring. Doyen basically running the club. Chairman who doesn't seem to have balls to sack a failing manager and quite happy for his investment to go down the pan. No orgainsation on or off the pitch, the whole club is a complete shambles amd will take quite a while to recover from this.
  5. New Manager & Doyen

    Paul Hurst from Shrewsbury or Paul Cook from Wigan. Paul Cook plays fast attacking football and his tactics would suit this squad down to a tee. He always seems to be quite successful aswell. But he's not exotic enough or a Doyen client so he's no chance.
  6. This x100 Carlos has got very lucky with the fans not turning at matches. Personally it needs to happen and he needs to be let known that fans don't support him anymore. He will blame the fans for another loss though by not creating a positive atmosphere. Sorry Carlos you sucked that positive atmosphere from us long time ago.
  7. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Will be about Doyen. Carlos is Doyen client. Doyen advise Chansiri Doyen are George hirst advisors. Sheff wed pay doyen accounting/Advisory fee. Now im starting to believe Chansiris money is Doyen money. At the point am done with Wednesday hope they get caught we have start again chansey
  8. Heard it's going to be the new sausage cottage.
  9. I agree it's too expensive, the point i was making if he did that then some fans will say it needs to be cheaper still. Sometimes i think if it was free then someone will find a problem with it like it costs them 10 quid to get there or something. Saying that if it was free to get in and with the way we playing then it's too expensive.
  10. Then the next person will say its new years day and everyone skint this time of year so it should be £10, then the person after will say everyone skint so it should be free etc.... Yes it's against Burton, would you be going to watch Burton or Sheffield Wednesday? As a Wednesday fan I'd be going to watch Wednesday even if they play Real Madrid, Man utd, Rochdale or Burton. I'm off to watch my team try to get 3 points.
  11. Wilders missus says the same to him. Wilder doesn't mind though, hes in the shed at the bottom of the garden drinking strongbow while trying to learn the Sheffield dialect.
  12. Farkes' opinion.......

    Not won at home since August. Our remit is the usual.
  13. Deals on too.... https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/december/norwich-v-owls-at-the-wednesday-tap/ The Owls visit Norwich on Saturday looking to extend their run of resistance to eight games at Carrow Road. The Championship clash has been selected for live broadcast on Sky TV, with the game kicking off at 5.30pm. If you are not heading for Norfolk, then why not watch the Owls live at the recently launched Wednesday Tap? The club’s very own fan bar is running a range of offers for Saturday’s fixture, with Wednesday Ale reduced to £3.00 from 4.00pm to the final whistle. A pint of Lukas comes down to £3.25, while Marples will be available for just £3.00. The Wednesday Tap opens at 12.00pm all the way through to 11.00pm and serves as the perfect place to watch your football with fellow Owls of all ages. The bar opened its doors for the first time last weekend when Wednesday hosted Hull and proved a roaring success. The club are planning a raft of theme-based events on non-matchdays in future weeks so watch this space for full details!
  14. Carlos must be on the brink. For the past few managers Benny has popped up just before they are sacked saying the exact same thing. Then they get sacked and we appoint someone else so he goes quiet again. I wonder what his managerial record actually is and if he is any good. Seems to do alot of stuyding of the game.
  15. We won't go up Probably under a transfer embargo because of ffp Carlos will resign or be sacked. Agencies dictate who we sign. Unbalanced squad with no chance of improving. Managers dream, on more serious note i can see the above happining and god knows where we go then.