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  1. Palmer - ever dependable and reliable + a fan Famewo - reminded me of Reda a little, a unit who will dominate his player, expecting serious things from him.
  2. *Too ******** right Dephjon. *Couple more strikers with pace will suffice.
  3. Out of the current squad I’d say: Stockdale - Posts normal boring stuff. Palmer - Just a fan and interacts as one. Bannan - WUM and creates his own threads. Paterson - WUM gets banned every week and starts new profile.
  4. It’s like club call from the 90s £6 and a back hand from your mum to tell you the club shop is shut and we are interested in Australian superstar Adem Poric.
  5. This years “Wednesday fans” target. They need one every year to attack and Paterson the man this year.
  6. Could have been a legend if he had stayed and signed permanently. One of those players that got away and went on to greatness.
  7. Best striker we’ve had in the last 10 years, kept us in the championship for a few seasons with his goals. As soon as he leaves we get relegated. Bring him back and let him return us to the motherland.
  8. Off the pitch: Excellent atmosphere, no trouble. On the pitch: No diving, no feigning injury, no time wasting, proper tackles, attacking football. What a difference to the mens game, proper football and a joy to watch it.
  9. Just when you thought things were recovering….. We are back to Club v Fans, how can you run a successful business like this….. you can’t. It’s just becoming a wheel of poo .
  10. Sponsored by a probable gas guzzling car leasing company
  11. They will finish 23rd Hecky will be on the dole by Xmas I would put them 24th but that’s Rotherham’s place. It will implode there this season.
  12. I think Derby will finish 16th to 19th Inexperienced manager, club in turmoil and starting a rebuilding job with over aged players on one last pay day.
  13. Potential to use the whole car park? Hopefully local brewery can get involved and a different brand of beer every game.
  14. Let it go, he’s gone from a squad player at best to first team starter at another club in this league. He was bang average apart from a few games.
  15. Stick some blue and white ones up. or a flag from each country a player comes from. A flag of Chansiri in the middle for our leader and benefactor.
  16. Probably didn’t help that Harrogate suddenly got a load of new fans and accounts from Sheffield set up in the lead up to the game
  17. Out of Bannan, Byres or Luongo it would be Luongo I’d prefer to lose. Decent player but only played I think it’s 45% of the games over his contract and isn’t reliable - that’s why he will be on trial with Reading. I think Byres will now take his role because he likes to get stuck in and is reliable. Vaulks will come in and I believe this will be a better midfield than last season and free Bannan up more.
  18. Totally agree and feel the same. It became extremely frustrating at times and obvious what needed to be changed but eventually he got there, now I hope he goes on and wins this league. He is building a team to do just that. Off the field he’s a top bloke too who gets involved, he’s just a likeable fella and hopefully he gets us flying.
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