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  1. What didn’t get paid? Yes we saw the wages issue but what else was missed? The ground has been falling into disrepair since 1996, it probably ain’t worth the up keep why didn’t any other owner sort it? In the current climate, why would you pay back a loan? Service it and roll it on - internet rates are low. Cashflow is king.
  2. That Ian fella been pretty ITK before if I remember correct.
  3. If we are to sign anyone on loan which I’m now doubtful of now because who would sign for us on loan now after Theo? If it does then it will happen on the last day with a few hours to spare. But I have a feeling we going with what we got.
  4. We were never on it. We haven’t been in an embargo we have been in an agreement, they don’t show up.
  5. Wasn’t his brother at the club at the same time in the academy?
  6. It’s not just toady or Joe they target, they also go after the players and anyone they think they can get a bite off. Alex and Joe and Dom do a top job. They are of a certain age bracket who seem to know each other and egg each other on, they think they look good/cool/hard etc… when in reality the internet is laughing at them and not with them. One day it will bite them on the arse in real life.
  7. Can’t blame Wolves, can’t blame Theo either I would do exactly the same thing. Wolves want him to progress and learn his trade and that definitely ain’t happening here, Theo will want to play. He’s and exciting young lad who wants to play and the blame lays solely at Moores door.
  8. Job for mates. We didn’t need him he is just a mate of Moores who needed a job to come back to England too. I’ve never seen a player so lacklustre even when he comes off the bench. Total waste of a wage, total waste of a squad number, total waste of a bench place. Should have sent him on loan to the national leagues and kept one of the youngsters, couldn’t be any worse but they would put more effort in. Sums up the season.
  9. Extremely poor manager playing extremely poor tactics. Players out of position, chopping and changing weekly. That’s your problem.
  10. Paul Cook for last season. Paul Cook for now. The squad is his kind of squad.
  11. He has signed attacking players but plays a defensive formation. He played attacking from the off against Sunderland at home that’s the only game I can recall all out attack. The club/players need a manager that will play to their strength’s and set up to attack teams and let them worry about us. Moore ain’t that manager, again I’ve seen Paul Cook at Chesterfield many times and it was some of the most exciting entertaining football I’ve seen played it was on the front foot attacking teams. Moore is a defensive manager and not a good one at that.
  12. Why should the owner refund? You said further down that DM said the players gave up. Working hard and putting effort in costs nothing and should be a basic to work towards. DM and the players didn’t do that last night, if a refund was to happen and I don’t think it should. DM and the players should dip into their own pockets and refund the fans. While we’re at it captain fantastic should come out and explain that performance last night, after all he is the “Leader” you never here a peep from him unless it’s good.
  13. Why would you resign? You know your no good at your job, you know the boss will be getting itchy feet, you know the customers are extremely unhappy. Stand your ground and take your severance pay for failure.
  14. I was always taught to play to the refs whistle. Even then, after the ref had blew for something I was already committed so wasn’t stopping going into a tackle as the ball was still moving. It’s basic to me…
  15. Not many have the coaching badges he does and nor should they as he is a ledgers of the game. He was treated harshly here and that Yeovil game will live long in the memory as a game to never forget.
  16. Would have him back in a heartbeat.
  17. It’s the tree, it’s artificial but being passed as real so has been tinkered with, I know this because last year it was the exact same tree and exact same colour green.
  18. Francesco Sanetti Thought we had the next best Italian. The rest is history.
  19. Offer him/sign a new contract. Try and loan him to a league two team for the rest of the season.
  20. Club could end up with a fine, limited away allocation or banned away allocations if the ref reports it.
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