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  1. ..... and then after that we had Geoff Sheard. ..... and then after that we had Club9 sports. ..... and then the Bills turned up on here and all hell let loose with the Americans. Which was extremely entertaining.
  2. No doubt we will hit FFP again and end up under an embargo as early as January. Would this stop the club from offering new contracts?
  3. Lees is a good back up player to come off the bench if we need him. No way should Borner and Ifora be broken up, they are building a great partnership and compliment each other. He will have to wait his turn and fight for the shirt.
  4. We are too defensive as a team. We play Fletcher up front on his own and he’s expected to win the header, win his knockdown and score a goal. We have Reach who gets the ball and instead of looking to take the player on an whip a ball in he immediately looks for Palmer with no intention of attacking and if he’s in a 50/50 he jumps over it. Bannan and Hutchinson sit too deep playing a 6-3-1 formation and the midfield is wide open to exploit which happens most games. Westwood has been Mr dependable for many years but this season a few mistakes are creeping in like palming a shot straight towards the penalty spot and his positional sense. He’s still number 1 but Dawson is catching him up pretty quick to make the spot his. We need to go with 4-4-2 stop isolating Fletcher and attack. It was Blackburn, in poor form lost something like 4 of the last 6 and no confidence. We set up to defend the game from the 1st minute gave them confidence and paid the price. If we are to challenge you have to beat teams like Blackburn, a lot of other teams manage it. It’s frustrating, especially after the first few games of the season when we attacked teams and high pressed them into mistakes.
  5. Is there much difference from the two seater Bentley?
  6. I would be tempted to stick Harris upfront with Fletcher and Foresteri on the left. Bring in another striker and another right winger and send Murphy back if allowed too. Sell/Give Rhodes away.
  7. South Yorkshire’s finest failures have advised Leeds fans to go down Penistone Road. Couldn't make it up. Or do they want trouble to justify themselves and the problems they are causing. https://twitter.com/SWFC_Police
  8. The league will settle down in the next 4/5 games when teams at the top end start playing each other. If we are there or there about’s after this we have a real chance. Strengthen the front line in January and we are notorious for having a good second half to the season either in a relegation or promotion battle and pick up quite a lot of points. The main worry for me is if the league see fit to deduct points for the stadium sale/ffp etc.... like Birmingham had last year.
  9. Good winning teams are adjustable in how they play. Against Huddersfield we were compact and hard to break down and won Against Boro we were fast flowing and enjoyable to watch and won Against Stoke they came for a scrap due to lack of footballing ability and a relegation battle, we matched them in a scrap and won. The one thing Monk has done it make us adjustable to the game being played. Against Leeds I think it will be like a game of chess, big game, big atmosphere but my Leeds supporting workmate thinks we will win comfortably so happy to take another 6-0!
  10. you are correct would be weird if it was his son
  11. Nathan Jones is just as bad saying if they cut out mistakes and won some they would be up there too. So would the rest of the league Nathan That’s a man close to losing his job masking it up. Stoke will go down with Barnsley & Huddersfield.
  12. Need the ref from last night. Let the game flow, let the tackles go and bought out the cards towards the end, didn’t get much wrong either Madley wasn’t it? His dad used to be the Premier league ref Bobby Madley. Probably the best this season.
  13. Take your dentist for the day out? Kop bigs at half time for the treatment. Make sure they are not a Leeds fan before opening your mouth.
  14. Was Chief superintendent at Merseyside police 2006 to 2011 I think.
  15. Until they sort out Parachute payments v profit & sustainability rules it will go on and on. Parachute payments are not being used for its intended purpose and they get away with it, clubs try to compete with it break P&S rules and get punished for it. The EFL need to appoint the Costa crew to investigate themselves.
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