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  1. Merry Christmas. Not a chance this shower will put any effort in from now until the summer. They haven't earnt their money in 3 years nothing will change that now.
  2. SYP did exactly the same last year at the Sheffield Derby. Hit a young lad on the shoulder/arm with a baton for standing there, the lad was nowhere near any trouble but the cop ran over to him with no warning and whack... The biggest thugs in South Yorkshire are the police. That was attempted man slaughter and the officer should be arrested, charged, sent to Crown Court and sacked too.
  3. I watched a different game because in the game I watched Wickham hardly lost an header all way through the game even if at all.
  4. Against Brighton and QPR t by e midfield looked good, tight and gave no spaces both didn't contain Bannan. As good as Bannan is in what he does, he creates a gap in midfield what opposing teams fill in and dominate. A middle two of Luongo and Windass would give a defensive and attacking threat whike compacting the middle. Wednesday are so easy to play against. For me there is no room for Bannan, Reach or Lees in the team.
  5. He's a liability and all the defenders seem to play worse when he is in the team. He's stayed two years too long Imo.
  6. Don't think it was the under 18s tbh. They ended up bringing the big guns on with 20 mins left too.
  7. An official was quoted as saying it was the loudest fans to ever visit and literally the stands were shaking and they didn't expect it to be bettered. Until we go again!
  8. If Shrewsbury can hold Liverpool at home - should have beat them in theory. Why can't Wednesday beat Man City? Liverpool didn't and City won't put a full team out. Depends if the players really want it - that's the problem.
  9. Imo that was the start of the downfall. Joe Ashton published this letter 20 years ago regarding Charterhouse and Dave Richards. Doesn't time fly! https://www.theguardian.com/football/2000/jan/20/newsstory.sport
  10. Just Google it and it came back with... Centre of human fertility in Colombia. I would read the small print before commiting now.
  11. Hidalgo just scissor chopped someone, looks a feisty little garden gnome. Looks a decent player too but thought he was off for that! Atmosphere just as good as first team game as well.
  12. Dawson - signed Fox - 2 years Fletcher - 1 year, if his agent asks for 2 then thank him for his services. The rest can go now, a rebuild is needed. Transfer list Reach Rhodes
  13. I thought it was just a southern thing how he speaks. Then I realised he had no chance because they spelt his name wrong at birth and added an extra R to his birth certificate. But he could also be a fan of Jonathan Ross who knows. Not sure it's his IQ or GCSE's it's just the life he was given. #prayformonk
  14. On paper yes, but Barnsley are fighting for their championship status, while our players are just going through the motions and couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag while collecting the pay cheque. As it stands Barnsley will win.
  15. Is it true Monk only has a contract till the summer then? It would explain why he isn't bringing his own team in, and maybe Chansiri knew of the impending points deduction and seen what Monk did with Birmingham in keeping them up. Interesting comments from Chansiri at the time of the appointment too... Club chairman Dejphon Chansiri said he spoke to some applicants about the vacant role in July, but added that Monk was "the best choice at this time".
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