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  1. I’ve got the same attitude as the players now. I too cannot be bothered anymore and quite happy to do nothing on a weekend. Certainly won’t be watching overpaid failures on a Saturday anymore.
  2. That’s one of the problems, they are not ashamed of the performances because it’s been happening for a few years now. All they want is the money, they can’t look into a mirror and say they have tried their hardest, they can’t look at their families and children saying they have tried their hardest. They may not be ashamed of themselves but I’m totally ashamed some of these players represent the club I’ve followed for 40 years and this is by far the worst bunch I’ve watched. The sooner the lot clear off the better, sick of watching 50% performances from overpai
  3. Is it a legit account that or a parody? And if he’s a legit journalist then how low has the industry got, the star used to have some really good journalists and currently do on the Wednesday section in Toadfish and Joe. If that is the standard of Journalism the star want in Darren, it won’t be around much longer.
  4. Darren Moore outlines Wednesday vision Watch video here Darren Moore outlines Wednesday vision
  5. Darren Moore outlines Wednesday vision Watch video here Darren Moore outlines Wednesday vision
  6. Real estate in Thailand is not in a good way from covid. That’s what he was on about.
  7. No. The current set up is destined to fail as it always has so bringing in a legend will tarnish them. Until off the field is sorted and the reset button is hit it will always fail.
  8. If Brentford score first they will get 5, this team doesn’t have the heart to fight back.
  9. Needs a massive revamp. Presenters are not a patch on Seth, Paul and Rob. Same callers every night with Bev and Jonathan who both believe Utd will get into the champions league - I’m sure these two are married and stroke a Chris Wilder teddy in bed at night. Brian the blade is past boring now, used to be entertaining for a week and believe you me you know exactly what he’s going to say. It needs some controversy from the presenters - the truth, wind some callers up and stop the politically correct response and say it how it is. Seth, Paul and
  10. Thompson started off by letting the players play to their strengths and let the shackles off, it worked and results started coming. Then... He has done what Monk, Pulis have done by going defensive and concentrating on the opposition and making sure we don’t lose quite happy to play for a point and good it forward while playing players out of position and dropping players that have performed well. Oh for the days of concentrating on us and our shape to attack teams and win games, hopefully one day this will return under a forward thinking manager.
  11. Alarming he changed tactics to suit an in form league beating Birmingham team. When this club/management decide to stop being scared of the opposition and what they will do we may get somewhere. We are already defeated changing the team to suit the opposition, like Carlos said in his first season... Let them worry about us. Poor judgement and cost us.
  12. No sane person/consortium will buy the club at the moment the club is not investment ready.
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