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  1. If I was a betting man I would be sticking a few quid on Dan Petrescu.
  2. Animals, dildos and inflatables are ok though?
  3. The sponsor is in the pixels you just have to look closer. That’s what we told the football league for the accounts anyway.
  4. Plenty of manager threads already without starting this one. Mods please delete.
  5. 2 week work trial cleaning bogs if jobcentre permits it and it doesn’t affect his Universal credit claim. Take it from there
  6. Doesn’t he part own a club in he football league now?
  7. Nice to see Dom is still around.
  8. Or maybe there isn’t a Hirst side and what had been said is what actually happened.
  9. Got a good feeling about this season. A gruelling time in the algarve greno woods with the players looking up for it. Targeting players to form a team this time instead of a scatter gun approach of named aged players. Youth and experienced players with emphasis on speed. A manager who when he talks you can actually believe him.
  10. I think the captaincy affects Lees game, plus he’s not vocal enough just let him concentrate on defending. Westwood, Hutchinson or Fletcher for me unless Cattermole does sign then him.
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  12. Was going to break into the first team that year apparently. Always looked good when I saw him.
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