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  1. He should get a weeks fine if he goes to take a corner or free kick again. He's never been any good at them.
  2. Would love to have seen him with a bit of money and stability. He created a decent team and decent entertainment with nothing.
  3. From a club who appointed Dave Hockaday or whatever he's called......
  4. Without the points deduction we would be 21st, that's not mid table, that's a relegation battle which we are currently in.
  5. Has he been Charged with section 18 or 20?
  6. Rhodes looked decent against Cardiff and Watford. Got his goal at Cardiff, chased balls down and put his foot in. He was looking like his old self. Similar against Watford but because he hasn't scored 4 against them then his partnership with Windass was killed off. In comes Paterson and Marriot and how Marriot gets on before Rhodes is just blind stupidity, he's offered nowt since he's been here and quite frankly Derby have had our pants down yet again. But nowt surprises me with Monk.
  7. So are 8 others who are in the first team/bench. Lees Reach Bannan Harris Rhodes Van Aken Pelupessy Odubajo And all the loanees.
  8. They have They got another ID and a tenner has left their PayPal.
  9. Enjoyed that cheers, enjoyed his passion, enjoyed his anger, I get what he means about the CEO situation. Nice to hear from him and answer the questions and to be fair he didn't say much wrong even if we agree it disagree with him. Kind of expected him to pull a brandy out, light a cigar and kick back towards the end while burning £50 notes - very disappointed this didn't happen.
  10. Can't remember the exact amount, but can remember when Dave Allen was here it was being serviced and never any trouble. As soon as he left then all hell broke loose, Allen was well gone and owner at Chesterfield when we could no longer pay things and ended up at the high court.
  11. Dave Allen without a doubt. Successful businessman who left the club in a better state than he found it, yeah his PR wasn't the best with fans etc... but when it came to business he knew his stuff. Chansiri had the finance and didn't know what to do with it possibly from bad advice. Now we don't own a stadium, getting relegated and have for the first time a points deduction. And we won't have bottomed out next year either.
  12. I'm starting to fear a Bolton situation arising. I don't relegation to league one will be the bottoming out of the club either. It's a really worrying time for the club, we are rudderless and drifting into the abyss. When this happened before just over 10 years ago we always had belief someone will come in and stop the rot did. This time I'm not so sure and nobody can do anything about it.
  13. John Harkes First American to play in the premier league and first American to play in a major final in England. His thundertwat away at Derby will do.
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