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  1. I think that's Thai culture, they don't seem to like criticism. https://www.learnthaiculture.com/thai_culture_criticism.shtml
  2. Plymouth when sturrock was in charge, midweek game about 3500 turned up, sang all game the team gave us a footballing lesson. Always had respect for them since and keep an eye out for their results, nice to see an ex owl doing his magic with them now.
  3. And adding Bullen for the experience and calmness. Would like to see that replicated and use Borner as the figure head.
  4. Hate is a strong word never hated anyone. Disliked attitude/Performance/Failed to live up to standard: Leon Knight - attitude Jay Bothroyd - attitude Wim Jonk - performance/attitude/standard Andy Hinchcliffe - performance/failed standard Aidan Mcgeady - attitude/performance Kenny Lunt - Failed standard Etinenne Esjas - Failed standards
  5. So Carlos, you said you was going to tell us some things at the end of the season....?
  6. Won't have been on this forum mate. Owlstalk started in the 2000's I think.
  7. It sounds like he has to many advisors. One tells him one thing one tells him another and he agrees to both which will probably conflict each other. He needs to scale it down a little, if he's insistent with the paxo fella, then cut alot of the others. Stick a scout on each continent, appoint a CEO and DOF and go with that. Let the manager manage.
  8. So he doesn't trust the Sheffield star or radio sheffield by sounds of it. Dom is his man for interviews.
  9. The best we get these days.... Football gone downhill.
  10. Put ifollow on thinking it was an early April joke. Sat there until 4.30pm and nowt happened for a change. Then this woman kept staring at me weirdly on the other sofa. Saying we had been together 5 years this month. Absolute freak. Got drunk and realised it was my missus, apologised and now shes not talking to me. Result.
  11. Tidman Hunt Westwood Lees Beswetherwick Partridge Bannan Reach Rudi Olsen Williams
  12. What constitutes a "proper" manager? Who is this proper manager? Carlos, Jos, Bullen, Now Monk have got nowhere with these players what makes you think another manager will? The problems are the players and the upper echolens of the club off the pitch. That needs sorting first, because no proper manager will work under it. Chansiri needs to appoint: A CEO to look after the club A director of football An advisor with the clubs and his interest at heart. He needs too: Invest in young hungry players who want to fight for the badge, let the manager build a team of teams and not a team of individuals. Produce a business plan what keeps the club away from FFP Let go: Of trying to control everything, let the manager do his job with the players he wants, let the departments do their jobs, let the new CEO work for him and work for the club to his and the fans benefit. Let the DOF commincate with the manager and CEO. The manager is the least of our problems they will all fail without change. Not a dig at Chansiri either it's just basic business common sense and he will see a return on his investment and a return of the fans to 2015 style attendances. It's up to him and I hope he has seen his mistakes and has a look around at things. A new manager won't solve anything. And the answer to the OP question is above.
  13. ° Board trying to sue fans ° Can't talk, on a B road in France ° CEO on high court steps shaking like incredible Hulk - Dilly dally I think. ° Mandaric and the underwater phone ° Milan sells to Mammadov ° Mammadov gets arrested - no sale ° So we go and see Some Ukrainian or Russian Mobsters who want the club, Negotiating in a warehouse in middle of wherever with a few guns for a laugh - no sale ° Chansiri decides he wants it and finally a new owner ° Promised a new pitch and new swing, one delivered. ° So close but lost play off. ° EFL don't like us and threatening deductions and other stuff - if the mobsters had got us the EFL would have had a pigs head delivered not a legal letter and we would be safe. Oh and Billsaja v club9 on here - probably the best one. It's boring when it's smooth.
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