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  1. The Rugby version, quite a close game going into the last 10... unfortunately played at Bramall Lane
  2. Postage is a bit steep - a lot steep tbh Base your price on weight not quantity. Royal Mail will help with that and keeps it simple. Some nice stuff though mate. Be nice to see what you sell next.
  3. Based mine on historical data on how teams finish in a season.
  4. If he takes a bottle of fizzy pop tell him to shake the hell out of it. Then give it the steward.
  5. Seems to be the in thing at the moment taking fireworks in the ground wasn’t there some at the derby outside the ground last week too. Just ordered a Catherine wheel for the south stand.
  6. Or Bruce has seen Palmers strengths and is guiding and using him correctly. also playing in the team on a weekly basis will be helping, before he would play one week and be dropped the next week. Will be up there for player of the season for me.
  7. If plastic bottles or glass bottle makes someone hurt or not then good luck too you. They are still pure scum Football players go to play football home or away without the scum threating them.
  8. What the scumbag didn’t realise is.... If it had hit the Utd player it could have caused serious problems or literally killed him and possibly ruined a family and taken some child’s dad off them and for what? If if it didn’t reach the pitch it could have hit a fellow fan adult or child and again done serious damage or killed them. Again for what? at least it made them look hard to their mates. The club need to do all it can to find them ban them for life.
  9. Westwood Palmer Lees Thorniley Fox Hector Hutchinson Bannan Reach Winnall Flecther 4-1-2-1-2 Let Hector sit between defence & midfield as Derby are quite strong here let him break it up. Play Reach behind the top two in a free role he’s wasted on the wing let him do driving runs and give them something to think about, shots edge of box and little through balls and gives Fletcher someone to knock down too. Hutch and Bannan to clean the midfield up keeping it tight and will stop Bannan dropping so far back.
  10. At left back or is she more of a holding midfielder?
  11. If that was the case, Fletcher was stood next to him and he didn’t get booked.
  12. I remember seeing in year one someone mentioning we smashed load of sand on it during the bare period in winter. Desso said you should never put sand on it but we did for some reason. Have to agree with the OP that seeing most of the desso pitches, we have by the looks of it the worst one, is that down to the groundsmen or the stadium design? Down at BL 3 miles away they have the same pitch which looks in a lot condition.
  13. Lees is a good player, I feel Thorniley is a better player though with better positioning, better attacking of the ball and better distribution. When Lees has the ball in defence he makes me nervous and always looks to pass backwards or sideways, Thorniley looks forward or sideways. Thorniley should be the first defender on the team sheet and let Lees and Hector fight it out for the other. At the moment Hector has it.
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