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  1. Reminds me of Alvin and the chipmunks. No from me. But need to watch Alvin and the chipmunks again.
  2. The owl is missing in the corner. Wrong colour collar. Gaps missing in the teeth. No probs Pete happy to help. 😉
  3. I want to see him with his own players and coaching team. He seems to be getting through his ideas now and the formation works, be nice to give a manager a good go with his own players and no interference, just let him do his job.
  4. The formation suits him and his style of play, suits all the midfield really. If he carries it he's got to be offered a new one year deal.
  5. It's done the opposite. Look how the players are now playing for each other and the manager since the bad eggs have been cracked and washed away. The team is a lot more stronger because its a full team now, not 3/4 of a team with a few bad eggs.
  6. Westwood is the past. Wildsmith and Dawson are the future. I feel a lot more comfortable with Wildsmith in the net, commands his area, point blank saves, distribution excellent, He's the best keeper at the club now. He needs the no1 Jersey next season not the no 28. Westwood been a good servant for the club but time moves on and there is no room for sentiment we do what's best for us - Fletcher and Fox will vouch for that. Viva la Wildsmith
  7. We are in that battle points deduction or not. Monk needs to get into the players heads we are 4 points from safety and need to start fighting. The other teams are fighting now and that's the worrying bit.
  8. Hopefully Rhodes gets the rest of the season, get him match fit and see what he's got. It's pointless giving him two games, dropping him for 2 months then bringing him back. When Nuhui signs his new 2 year contract we need another 2 strikers to compete with them.
  9. 1, Iorfa - impressive, odd bad game but very rare. 2, Borner - Very Good first season, wants to win at all cost whether its celebrating goal line clearences or encouraging his team mates (should be captain) 3, Palmer - Mr consistent, puts a shift in and dependable, doesn't need headlines just gets on with it and an international call up.
  10. Carlos, Bullen, Jos, Bullen, Bruce, Monk He had enough bosses, if one failed him then there could be a point. But 5...
  11. Hunt is ready for the first team, I would put him in until the end of the season and get him ready for next. He's got big things ahead of him, you can only nurture talent for so long. Let him have a go with no crowds to get on his back. We will know if he is ready or not.
  12. We need and want players that will put the effort in, Monk didn't slag him off he said it how it needed to be said. Our problems lay with the players attitudes, good player or not the basics are attitude and effort especially when your team mates are giving effort even if they are not very good players. If you don't get the basics correct then you have no chance, too many managers with the same group of players and same results isn't a coincidence. Barry Bannan had his say on Foresteri too. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/sheffield-wednesday-fernando-forestieri-isnt-working-hard-enough-place-owls-first-team-says-barry-bannan-1327314
  13. Hunt and Penney. Both will be in the first team next season just hope Hunt is signed up long term.
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