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  1. Imo with have a ready made replacement in Thorniley. but I like Thorniley and Hector together
  2. Was just about to post this.... Looking like we may have some what Derby did with the growing? Probably what got the Boro chairman’s back up.
  3. Hi Hootie, This is the link for it, we can afford the funeral but his mates set something up to help. So heartwarming so many people felt they way they did about him and to do something like this. Thank you you for all the condolences too many to reply too. https://www.gofundme.com/wayno-tut-turton
  4. Wayne is my brother, I’m struggling to come to terms with it. Still cannot believe he’s gone and we never had the chance to say goodbye. The past week and half have been a blur, don’t know which way to turn. He had so much to live for. He really is one in a million.
  5. Wouldn’t play Bannan. He is one booking away from a 3 match ban next season. You know what will happen in the 91st min.
  6. 30th April 2020 Club Statement “Few things in life unite and divide opinion like football. But one thing at this stage of every season is undebatable and I would like to offer the warm congratulations of everyone at Sheffield Wednesday to the achievement of promotion to the Premier League.  We may be rivals but we are friends of the same city that holds such unique tradition in the football world. Recognition in the Premier League can only benefit Sheffield and we wish United well in their quest for promotion back to the Premier League, whilst promising our loyal supporters that we will be giving our absolute best to ensure Wednesday are competitive will be tasting the same success this time next year of Champions League football. - Dejphon Chansiri" Statement Ends
  7. Do you why Eyad Hammoud is on trial with Preston u18s? Played against Blackpool other day. I thought he was one to watch? Have we released/not offering a contract?
  8. What with the golden globe above the south stand does it represent anything? Only seen it at Wednesday and Spurs I think.
  9. Transfer list: Foresteri - not done it for a few years now Fox - while improved under Bruce still not good enough Lazar is the level we should be aiming for. Nuhui - offers something but feel he will ask to move on for first team football. Time to rebuild
  10. Since the first season when he was unplayable and the star of the show. He he is constantly injured which isn’t his fault obviously, but when he’s played he hasn’t hit those standards and it’s like he doesn’t want to be here. Problems seem to follow him - refusal to play Norwich, Winnall incident and the Mansfield incident. Lots of talent in him but just doesn’t do it anymore, what was once a asset is becoming a bit of a liability to the team. Wouldn't be surprised to see him in Spain/Italy next year and sold for £2.5 million. We we need a complete rebuild in the team.
  11. Thorniley into CB and Hector next to Hutchinson in CM Aarons on the left if fit & Reach on the right.
  12. Would love to sign Hector permanently but at the right price and if we can afford it. We have Thorniley in the background who Is also very good and ready for the first team imo. Then there is Van Aken, I’d like to see him under Bruce before he’s put on the scrap heap because there is a player in him.
  13. The OP obviously saw a different game from the commentary on the radio to those who actually attended the game. While this is the season Morgan Fox becomes the scapegoat, yes he maybe average for this league and needs improving on but the manager trusts him to do a job and he is not the worst LB in the league and not the best. He has not been too bad since Bruce came in and had a decent cross on him. This thread was prepared at 2.55pm just as the teams came out. Will be Intresting to know now who next years scapegoat will be, I’d predict the new keeper if Westwood is gone.
  14. You have not been micro chipped yet? WTF how you get away with that? My missus knows when I go and sit on the throne these days even when she’s at work. She texts me to flush the toilet when I’ve done and finds it weird I take my headphones and phone in with me to return 3 mins later.
  15. What Bruce has to contend with at Villa: • A nutcase of an owner (2+¥=D -4) • Villa fans who thought should win the Champions league that season. • Arrogant fans who think they have a divine right to win every game in front of them. Yes it went sour for him towards the end that happens at every club any manager is at. What Bruce has to suffer in his personal life will afffect the job he’s doing, it would anybody in any walk of life - if it doesn’t then they are not human. Villa fans used used to be a decent bunch, not sure what went wrong.
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