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  1. I use Microsoft Forms - very easy to use if you have access to it on your MS suite
  2. Streets of Doyen running in the 14:30 lump on
  3. Worth remembering that Wigan were 6-0 up against Hull in 2017 and still lost ...although that was Rugby League
  4. Thailand tour worth £10M in gate receipts and merchandise. P&S sorted
  5. Wages and we have 7 forwards. Something has to give with the current Financial situation unfortunately
  6. TransferMarkt site needs an update by the looks of it then. Iorfa’s is down as 2019 but I’m sure he signed a 3 1/2 yr deal didn’t he?
  7. Rhodes is 2020 as well. Reach, Van Aken along with Bannan, Joao, Lees & Thorniley are all 2021. Not sure about Iorfa wildsmith is 2022 and that’s the current squad accounted for I think Source: TransferMarkt
  8. Good spot @1993swfc It shows SB has the right connections and will attract signings where an unknown foreign manager may struggle. Overall he’s built 4 promotion winning teams so says it all. Whatever he decides we must trust his judgement. The transfer policy also needs take into account that at the end of 19/20 season we have another 12 players out of contract (according to Transfer Markt) Fletch, Forestieri, Nuhiu, Winnall, Pelupessy, Hutch, Dawson, Fox, Stobbs, Penny, Baker, Kirby...not sure if those are all accurate) so do we start offering anyone new contracts, sell whilst we can or release.
  9. The first year in the Championship doesn’t make good reading: (McCormack £12M, Hogan £?M, Kodija £15M, Chester £8M, Tshibola £5M, Elphick £3M, Gollini £4M, De Laet £2M, Hourihane ?, Bree £3M, Lansbury £2.75M, Adomah £? plus afew others. Second year was Terry on a free, Whelan £2M, Elmohamady & Samba with loans of Snodgrass, Grabban, Onomah plus a couple of others. This season he bought McGinn plus others & loans of Abraham, Hause & Bolasie
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