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  1. Yeah I do pal, barrow in Furness on the train to Wigan now
  2. Look, I know tickets are slim pickings if you haven’t got one already. But When there’s a will there’s a way, If anyone could help a fella out and know a ticket I could buy off someone I’ll Get you as many pints as you can flipping drink! (I mean I’m not made of money so I probably won’t but ill definitely get a few rounds in) WAWAW
  3. Just needing the one if anyone’s still selling
  4. Right bit of a long shot but was gonna head to Sheffield for New Year’s Eve and was wondering if anyone’s out for a big night and if they fancy meeting then few drinks before burton After that. WAWAW
  5. Pod, you beauty ! on our wayyyy on our wayyy to the wanderers, on our wayyyy
  6. A bit too fantastic for my liking, shouldn’t of pissed about but hopefully some unlucky buggers ill and can sell it my way
  7. Really don’t want to be in the home stands though, full house away is always a good crack
  8. Saw it this mornin thought il get it sorted after work... what a tailface I am
  9. Just wondering if anyone's driving or getting the train from up north to Cardiff this weekend? Cheers
  10. Only seen the away kit they played in against Alfreton ... hmmm
  11. Is anyone driving from pretty much anywhere in the north west? Will pay with gold, silver and a pint
  12. I'm going to Wembley but I was wondering if anyone is commuting that I could get a lift with as there's no trains back after the game. Will pay with money, respect and a few cans
  13. Wednesdays's on my mind, Always wednesday

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