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  1. I still think we should give cc 10 league games then decide from there. Pretty poor for most of tonights game, at least they made a fight of it at the end. Not the end of the world going out of the cup. At least the beehive did a nice apple crumble for £2.99 with custard
  2. Adult or child ticket would be fine? Know its a long shot but if you dont ask?
  3. Do you have any details for this or similar? Driving down myself
  4. I thought he came in for some heavy treatment last night (as per) but didnt do himself any favours by throwing himself to the ground a few times looking for the foul.
  5. Agreed with hindsight thats what i should have done but at the time didnt really think as my pal with season ticket usually sorted us out but with 1 ticket per id thats not happening
  6. Feeling peeved about the ticket arrangements (again) as i have 370 points but am forced to wait until general sale to buy 2 seats together to go with my lad who has 0 points but been to 90% of the games with me due to the tickets being bought on mt id seems wrong
  7. Just logged on and im position 866? Any chance i will get on in my dinner hour?
  8. Thanks guys. Decided against it now as dont want to travel without ticket in hand.
  9. 1 adult ticket needed please if anyone has anything spare?
  10. Ok so i had 220 points on my id but wanted to buy with a friend whos now not going? Waited until general sale and missed out, tried the ballot + no luck so heres hoping!
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