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  1. Looked like lees was too busy appealing for/celebrating the goal rather than just whacking it in?
  2. Probably didn't deserve a point on that showing tonight anyway but still would have been nice
  3. Anyone else think Lees should have redeemed himself by scoring from that corner? Looked easy to toe peg it in from where we were before their guy got his body in the way?
  4. Thought he had a good solid game today and just a special mention due to his clearance off the line which saved a certain goal. Must admit I was sceptical about his inclusion today when I saw the team but he definitely proved me wrong long may it continue
  5. Still hits the deck too easily for me but his workrate and overall performance have definitely improved
  6. Ok so we set off to Nottingham tonight quite optimistic after recent results (if not always the performances) but i have to say this evening we were as poor as ive seen them for a while. Unhappy with the team selection it seems a bit like the bad old days under carlos with too many changes each game? Not sure what the plan was tonight as we did the usual sit back and let the opponents have a go at us, prime example of this was every time they had the ball at the back we gave them all the time in the world to pick their passes whereas they constantly forced our defence into errors by closing us down quickly, surely we should be doing the same to the opposition? Not sure about dawson in goal if im honest if Westwood isn't going to be picked i would go with wildsmith. Thought both full backs were below par tonight, centre halves did ok. Onomah was a positive for me tonight although he possibly could have done more for their goals? Looks composed on the ball though something we have needed for a while, think he will improve with more game time. Unhappy with both reach and joao's performances tonight but also thought this was partly down to Jos playing them in the wrong positions, surely they should have just swapped? Thought Nuhiu looked way off the pace tonight but wasnt helped by lack of support from Matias? Never seemed to read the flick ons or passes? Makes me wonder what they do in training?? Didn't think forest were any great shakes overall but they got the job done, we kept saying he needed to change it just after half time before they scored the 2nd but even when we got the goal back we messed around with it too much rather just pumping it forward for the last 5 minutes with 2 big men up front. Much improvement required for us to get anything away at villa.
  7. Yes you can and i think it was Wigan they had an under 11 ticket that was only £5 or thereabouts
  8. As per title. Will need to be collected from s5 area. Face value cheers
  9. Improved performance from him last night but still a long way to go before hes upto the required level for me but hopefully over time will get there. Just seen him dwell on the ball and misplace passes too often. For me hutch should be starting over him every game.
  10. Just looked like he couldn't be arsed to me! Kept slow timing it every time the ball came near him even making dawson fetch it a few times!
  11. I was on holiday in fuerteventura for the wigan game. Purchased a matchday pass for 6 euros and just used my normal uk billing address. No problems at all (apart from the result)!
  12. Agreed but he aint the best defensively and has stopped a couple of crosses.
  13. Pelupessy and van aken look out of their depth to me. Thought palmer did ok apart from that cross that hit the 1st man when he was well forward. Tempo too slow.
  14. As per title 1 spare available face value cheers
  15. Anyone else sad to see him depart? Watched him at most home and away games this season and i will admit his performances have been a little lacking in some games but also seeing his highlights today still gave me goosebumps! A clever little player who knits things together rather than speedy winger?
  16. Brilliant today but could easily have been sent off on another day if ref was that way inclined. Bit lucky it was an end of season match but cant argue with a hat trick
  17. Wildsmith 8 - couple of very important saves at key times Hunt 7 - decent game few good runs Venancio 7 - solid Lees 8 - commanding but iffy distribution at times Pudil 8 - solid game some important interceptions especially 1st half Fox 7 - one of his better games Hutch 6 - struggled and suprised to see him carry on after the injury Pelupessy 7 - anonymous 1st half much better 2nd Reach 7 - looked weak 1st half better 2nd Bannan 7 - still getting back into the swing of thing but some great passes Nuhiu 9 - tough 1st half on his own up front but fantastic 2nd half Subs Palmer 6 - dissapointing for me bad decision making Joao 8 - looked dangerous from minute 1 in the 2nd half and great header Forestieri - 8 positive impact and great free-kick
  18. Agreed he was much better 2nd half. Still got a long way to go though, i cant help thinking that bollocking he got from bannan in the 1st half might have helped him to wake up
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