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  1. Everyone played pretty poorly today but if you think Hutchinson played worse than matias fox reach you must have seen a different game
  2. Without those 2 today it would have been 5 minimum
  3. Must admit things looked bad before the fans forum but fair play to him he has turned things around big time! I'm optimistic about the future
  4. Struggling to see any positive contribution he made when he came on? Maybe one or two defensive headers but poor overall
  5. Agreed. Plus the fact we always set up defensively as well should suit us
  6. Dont think onomah has been that bad although he was poor on Saturday v Norwich
  7. After going to every game this season except qpr + brentford I think our best chance would be this formation against the blunts with the following team. Dawson Palmer lees hector pudil penney Reach bannan onomah pelupessy Fletcher. In an ideal world I would have Hutchinson and Westwood in for dawson and pelupessy but we all know thats not going to happen under this manager. Joao and nuhiu on bench and thorniley + fox with whoever else is fit. I would be optimistic we could get a result with this team and formation if the players dig in. Be nice to sit forestieri there even if not fit enough to play. Lets hope we can do the business.
  8. Agreed but we are struggling for strikers? Joao is too inconsistent and Fletchers fitness is dubious? We struggle without a forestieri/matias type player to hit teams on the counter
  9. No its so we can live in hope that he might win a header when we lump it upto him when we are inevitably losing in the last 15 mins
  10. Nuhiu should be an impact sub at best for me and palmer i sort of agree but we are limited in that position and my only criticism of him today would be the chances he missed
  11. Finding it hard to be optimistic any more after performances like that today. We were decent up until they scored but after their goal we just seemed to be going through the motions again. Apart from a 5 minute spell where we passed the ball well in the 2nd half we were way off the pace. Maybe Fletcher doesnt have the fitness to play 90 mins because how he can be subbed instead of nuhiu is beyond me. Also thought pelupessy had his usual below par performance today, very limited player for me and struggles with basic tackling (which should be his forte). Can we get a result against the blunts? Cant see it im afraid...
  12. Starting to remind me of carlos with tactics/choices
  13. Just had that feeling watching it in real time that he could have tapped it in. Might be harsh but stand by my initial reaction
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