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  1. thanks for the memories hoops, loved this banger v brum and everything about that game
  2. Agreed but he is constantly disappointing for me
  3. Sorry but yet another underwhelming performance, underlines the fact for me we need better for next season.
  4. Thought we were 2nd best for long periods in the 1st half but improved in the 2nd after bruce told em straight. Usually we are finished at 3-1 down but thought nuhiu earned his money today and changed the game. Disappointed joao didn't win it with that shot near the end although I also thought if iorfa stayed on we would have gone on to win
  5. Still one more twist i reckon, hull and stoke away wont be easy
  6. Sensible prices should see us sell most if not all of that allocation
  7. 1 adult and one child @ face value
  8. 1 adult 1 u17 ticket available @ face value. Pm me
  9. Saw a Wednesday fan with blood all over his forehead sat down with a copper on leppings lane. Looked like he'd had a bit of a bashing unfortunately
  10. Agreed but anything else even bad contact and surely would have been a goal
  11. Looks like I have 2 spare due to family holiday. Available at face value
  12. On the bbc sport website, cant believe he's still playing! I know he has taken a lot of stick on here (rightly so based on his time with us) but scored over 50 goals in the j league and also fair play to him for talking about how he suffers with epilepsy. Found it mildly interesting
  13. Haven't they refused permission? Thought I saw it on another thread
  14. Just had a photo in meadowhall with him and reckons hes back playing sunday.
  15. Everyone played pretty poorly today but if you think Hutchinson played worse than matias fox reach you must have seen a different game
  16. Without those 2 today it would have been 5 minimum
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