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  1. Still one more twist i reckon, hull and stoke away wont be easy
  2. Sensible prices should see us sell most if not all of that allocation
  3. 1 adult and one child @ face value
  4. 1 adult 1 u17 ticket available @ face value. Pm me
  5. Saw a Wednesday fan with blood all over his forehead sat down with a copper on leppings lane. Looked like he'd had a bit of a bashing unfortunately
  6. Agreed but anything else even bad contact and surely would have been a goal
  7. Looks like I have 2 spare due to family holiday. Available at face value
  8. On the bbc sport website, cant believe he's still playing! I know he has taken a lot of stick on here (rightly so based on his time with us) but scored over 50 goals in the j league and also fair play to him for talking about how he suffers with epilepsy. Found it mildly interesting
  9. Haven't they refused permission? Thought I saw it on another thread
  10. Just had a photo in meadowhall with him and reckons hes back playing sunday.
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