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  1. Man of the match & ratings

    Wildsmith 8 - couple of very important saves at key times Hunt 7 - decent game few good runs Venancio 7 - solid Lees 8 - commanding but iffy distribution at times Pudil 8 - solid game some important interceptions especially 1st half Fox 7 - one of his better games Hutch 6 - struggled and suprised to see him carry on after the injury Pelupessy 7 - anonymous 1st half much better 2nd Reach 7 - looked weak 1st half better 2nd Bannan 7 - still getting back into the swing of thing but some great passes Nuhiu 9 - tough 1st half on his own up front but fantastic 2nd half Subs Palmer 6 - dissapointing for me bad decision making Joao 8 - looked dangerous from minute 1 in the 2nd half and great header Forestieri - 8 positive impact and great free-kick
  2. Obligatory Ref's a clown thread

    Nice to stuff em even when the ref was on their side!
  3. Much better from Pelupessy

    Agreed he was much better 2nd half. Still got a long way to go though, i cant help thinking that bollocking he got from bannan in the 1st half might have helped him to wake up
  4. Sheffield Wednesday Orange Shirt Launch

    Not nice to talk about hirsty like that
  5. Preslav Borukov

    Deffo not a double D by sounds...
  6. Sammy ameobi

    He roasted us in the away game as well
  7. We were pretty shocked when it happened. Normally could shrug it off as a "good laugh" but it looked really serious at the time. Thought the steward had been knocked out as he threw the seat like a frisbee and it hit him full on the head
  8. Wednesday fan. Happened right behind us
  9. Almen abdi

    Agreed mate but why isnt jos seeing this?
  10. Almen abdi

    Surely tonight he should have played at least 45mins? Thought we were crying out for some creativity and attacking flair/runs from midfield? Butterfield and jones were never going to do the business tonight creatively
  11. Glenn Loovens

    How can jos not see that casual glenn is past it? We were lucky not to concede from his woeful backpass and i honestly thought he had conceded a pen as did all the ipswich team! Surely he cant start again for us? Woeful
  12. This Is Shocking

    Looked half hopeful 1st half but 2nd half back to normality. Hardly any attacking threat, never looked like scoring 2nd half
  13. We got what we deserved tonight

    This made me chuckle - perfect way to describe his last few months on the pitch CASUAL GLENN haha
  14. Typical carlos match!

    As per the title!
  15. Lucas Joao

    Reminded me of tammy abraham tonight, ball sticking to him rather than being outmuscled and 2 great finishes