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  1. 29th June @ 14:17 Still waiting on refunds on the Season Tickets for the kids (I transferred mine for the iFollow pass) and Bristol City away tickets..
  2. My email rebate confirmation was on the 29th June at 2:17pm.. 134 days ago.. I exchanged my season ticket for the iFollow pass so it’s just my kids season ticket refunds (x2) and the Bristol City away tickets (x2) I’m waiting on..
  3. To be fair “static” is something we associate with our team at the moment anyway..
  4. I haven’t read right through the thread but what do people see in Carlos Carvalhal to suggest he’s our saviour? In over 20 years of management he’s only completed 2 full seasons at 1 club, yes us! He’s currently in his 19th appointment in 22 years. Carlos is not the answer..
  5. They’re charging £10 to watch the game on iFollow and £20 to not watch it..
  6. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/august/owls-to-face-leicester-in-pre-season/ The Owls can confirm a pre-season friendly against Premier League Leicester City, which will be live streamed with multi-camera coverage on our official YouTube channel. The behind closed doors fixture will take place at the Loughborough University Stadium on Saturday 29 August, with a 12 noon kick-off. Wednesday head to Loughborough next week for a five-day training camp with outstanding facilities deployed by UEFA and the FA for the European Under-17 Championships and internationa
  7. Really disappointed with this; our first 3 away games are easy for me to get to and I’m normally able to get tickets for those (Cardiff City, Bristol City & Birmingham)
  8. A bit ironic coming from someone with the username “REDAs_biG_piECE”
  9. Have you ever thought about doing motivational speaking? You could earn a few quid on the side.. With that rousing speech I’m surprised they didn’t get you to play the part of William Wallace in Braveheart, instead of Mel Gibson
  10. To be fair, we had a much bigger squad at the start of last season and still struggled to put out a competitive team!
  11. iFollow has an even more positive influence on my mental well being when it wasn’t working and I couldn’t watch the game!
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