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  1. Hi, I’m looking for 3 tickets for West Brom away. I’m looking for an adult and 2 child’s tickets but would settle for paying for all adult tickets if that’s all that’s available.
  2. It'll also be interesting to see Jacob Murphy up against his twin, Josh!
  3. If you have Virgin you can watch it on the Sky Sports app (it’s what I’m doing now)
  4. I love the podcast, I listen to it on a Saturday morning on my way up to the games; it gets me excited for the game (and it means I haven’t got to listen to the kids!)
  5. I'd be more surprised if he wasn't at the game last night, especially as we're playing Preston next!
  6. 08:00 leave home 10:30 stop off in services (kids busting for pee) 12:00 arrive in Sheffield 12:30 grab some food 13:00 kids get player autographs 13:30 enter South Stand so kids can go on PS4’s 14:58 sing Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday 16:50 exit stadium and head home 19:30 stop off in services (kids busting for pee) 21:00 get home (assuming no traffic delays) It’s a long day day but great fun; listing to various Wednesday podcasts on the way up, and listening to the evening games on the way back
  7. https://www.efl.com/news/2019/august/efl-statement-bury-fc-update2/
  8. Why would Bullen want the job? At the moment he has pretty secure employment and hopefully that would continue under a new manager. If he took the top job and it didn’t work out he could find himself unemployed pretty quickly and it would be a hard route back into football after that.
  9. Fox was No. 6 last season so maybe they’re all taking in turns
  10. I held off ordering because I go to Majorca on Monday and I was worried it would turn up when I was away because of the SWFC comment (highlighted below).. I was was expecting that to mean a delivery of 5-6 days instead of the usual 2-3 days.
  11. To be fair I did say “sorry” at the start
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