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  1. Winnall

    Yes ....once..... I'm well aware of you're love of JR and I'm afraid that it's looking very much that his best days are pretty much behind him I certainly believe they are. He certainly won't ever be successful in our way of playing, imo of course.
  2. Winnall

    If true can't argue with those stats but will stick to my firmly held view that he lacks skill. OK in a Barnsley team playing old fashioned football where heading it into the net is how they set up, but like Rhodes in most sides now he won't fit in. Watched him closely with us couldn't hold difficult balls up couldn't play one twos at pace and frankly felt he was out of his depth in our quick passing type of game.
  3. Winnall

    Whether or not he's a troublemaker, whether or not he's a training ground bully, whether or not he's a bad apple is utterly irrelevant because he's not a good enough player no matter how many he's scored for Derby. Lacks the level of skill for where we want to be.....at some point in the future
  4. Agree with most of what you say however whilst last year I felt Bannan flattered, this year he has conclusively proved we couldn't improve without him and he's been terrific this year, Lee has not been 100% fit at any time. I do feel we have failed miserably to accommodate Abdi clearly a very fine player although even his biggest fans wouldn't say he's taken all his chances when they've been given. His fitness seems to be a major problem in all fairness whatever camp your in.
  5. Good post matey. Absolutely bizarre not to (1) make a third substitution (2) Not to take Fox off who was dire throughout and (3) Play three at the back as you suggest and either bring Abdi or Matias (the invisible man on). Did it really matter whether we conceded more goals by doing so but at least gave us more option to score ourselves.
  6. At the point of collapse

    Unfortunately mate the doom and gloom correlates to what's being served up. Credit to you for a positive post and what you say about last night is probably correct but it doesn't change what's been served up even with those players we didn't have last night being in the team.
  7. At the point of collapse

    FWIW I believe you are spot on JV I've said several times that posters who think and state we'll have a clear out and get new, younger, 'hungry to do well' players in in the near future are being unrealistic ...would you in your early 30's give up 20k a week plus to move for less when your are guaranteed it for another two years or so...no you wouldn't. You only have to look at McGugan and players like Urby pay em too much and they'll go when their contracts end not before.
  8. Doesn't deserve Sack after that

    Agree 100%. That Fox should gave come off although he would never ever get on in any team I picked - you can understand why almost to a man Charltins fans laughed at us for signing him he is completely out of his depth in this league in the last 30 minutes he was alone with the ball and punting it into the box because his kegs had gone disgusting situation. As for Rhodes he was rubbish and rightly subbed. Why didn't we sub Fox and drop Reach back and try Abdi as we were losing Reach could still have p,Ayer as a wing back poor by Carlos imo.
  9. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    Mate he was more use to the team off than on ...terrible player no wonder Charlton fans to a man laughed at us buying him.
  10. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    I'm feeling very grumpy - a lot (including me admittedly belatedly) want a new manager but what I would dearly like is to know the match day squad a few days early because if Fox is picked I wouldn't bother going. He continues to look completely out of his depth couldn't run forward in the last 20 minutes and kept loading crap crosses in from 40 yards to save his poor legs.
  11. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    It matters big time to me dos I'm sick of seeing it every match. Refs aren't capable of getting hardly anything right so they should not be trusted with adding time on. For the record a recent survey showed a football is actually in play for around 57 minutes we could play 40 each way like RU and still see a third more football. You surely can't enjoy watching every team who is ever winning waste time and get their sub 100 yards from the ball sorry it drives me potty.
  12. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    Three minutes disgusting until football gets timekeepers like rugby refs will continue to mess up.
  13. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    You're spot on mate and some like him jesus
  14. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    FOX ffs before I could say yet again worst full back in the league absolutely rubbish and people on here can't bloody see it he is useless and now sent off. Let any poster say he can play and he's never played or watched properly.
  15. Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 1 Wolves OMDT

    Decent post mate but Hooper or plus one other has to get in the box, Hooper is almost playing as a deep lying midfielder we just must get more support in the box.