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  1. Best get the butler to do the dirty singing, keeps you out of it and achieves the goal.....not that that's anything they'll be getting.
  2. Good post Ever the opti.......sorry the pessimist.
  3. That puts me in perspective mate I have trouble getting my arris off a bench without a pull up.
  4. Spot on Mike I recall Steve Evans saying how he was outsprinted by Clarke to the ball in a trial game.
  5. Hutch abdi loovens

    Amazing how we all see it differently particularly as regards Loovens; he lacks pace, his distribution is ultra cautious and either sideways or southerly, however he's a very good partner for Lees and he reads the game brilliantly but what we've seen from Van the man is perfect for our style of play, he looks up, looks forward and picks a pass as good as anybody. Please have your debate about Sam and Almen but for the sake of the team leave Loovens to one side until Van the man shows some vulnerability which we ain't seen so far. His play has helped us no end so far and is a big part of the missing link between defence and counter attack.
  6. Well said mate. As ive said if the game was 20 mins it's anybody's but it's 90+ extra class will out every time forget the "it's a derby crap" we're (a) too good all over the pitch for them and (b) playing at fortress Hillsborough so keep calm keep the faith it's a win win no brainier.
  7. One defeat in 17

    Great response I played in a golf match against Essex yesterday played half decent and have felt good ever since sport can lift you or drop you in a dump in a heartbeat.
  8. One defeat in 17

    Mmmmm ......post not gone down too well mate but still the sentiment was there come on cheer up Holmowl.
  9. Is this the North Stand being built?

    Just checked my amended post is right my first post is not.
  10. Is this the North Stand being built?

    Correction just checked we were not all wins and a draw but we did finish runners up and they were winners of the league and I'm pretty sure they were unbeaten when they came to Hillsborough........it's an age thing.
  11. Is this the North Stand being built?

    I saw both those, in the Spurs game they came with a 100% win record we had dropped one point the rest wins. We beat Spurs 2-1 and went on to be runners up to them. Always sat in the old north stand with my dad.
  12. David jones

    Lets not forget it's not 5 minutes since Sam was being lauded as the best player we'd got and how lucky we were to have him, he has more than enough class and ability to be that again ........imo. However like most I wouldn't change the team and he has to win his place back.
  13. Football Heaven Boycott

    Sorry big Ron but the word fink is definitely born,bred, and raised in Landarn.
  14. Football Heaven Boycott

    Be just the job to hear someone say "thar nos its me Brian't blade" on lovely sweet radio Sussex!!!!!!!! Miss all that banter. ...but.not too much.