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  1. Sell Iorfa for me, has not impressed me when he's played in a back 3 and the way we sometimes try and play out from the back he has not looked comfortable.
  2. Not bothered who goes up out of the 2 clubs in the final. League 1 seems to get more difficult every year but we have the makings of a good team, so some decent signing in the summer will put us right up there.
  3. Not now, need to looking at younger players
  4. Agree.. there's also a team spirit not seen for a while at S6. Last 2 or 3 seasons a team coming back from 2-0 down to 2-2 against us would have seen our heads drop and we could have gone on to lose. When Burton equalised it seemed as though the whole team took it as a slight and stepped up some of our play after that equaliser was really good.
  5. After we were beaten by Oxford at home I thought we would be lucky to be top half and Moore needed to go. All credit to DM and the staff they have turned it round. I'm now thinking we could pinch that 2nd spot for automatic.
  6. He is probably OK where he is..would you pick him over the current first choice goalkeepers for the top 6 clubs?
  7. No it's not but they will want to muscle in and their supporters are already looking to them being in Europe in next few seasons. Just their luck this closed shop could rob them of it. Newcastle finish 3rd Man utd in 6th or 7th. "Sorry Newcastle you co efficient is not good enough"
  8. Speaking of the big 6.. Newcastle now see themselves as making it a big 7 in couple of years
  9. Say that happens, move it on a step.. the top teams will say they don't need the smaller clubs from Scotland, Lithuania ect. They will point to attendances, tele audience and then try again to have a closed shop. All the top clubs want is all the revenue no thought for supporters.
  10. As soon as super league could not go ahead they would be looking at ways to bring it in by the back door. If this goes ahead, good rule from Premier league would be anyone playing in CL could not play in prem that season. Can you imagine the noise from the big 6 then.
  11. Interesting listen on Derby and their troubles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUi05KtvTz4
  12. I don't think what Gibson is doing is right, but his point is he had agreed to players signing for Middlesborough who then turned down the move to sign for Derby. Ok No problem, but Derby were only allowed to sign them because of their dodgy accountancy in valueing their players therefore not breaking the spending rules.
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