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  1. Got to be prepared cos thats where we are. Let's see what happens when players report back for pre season, need new faces as soon as possible not 3 or 4 leftovers on last 2 days of transfer window.
  2. Yes they are still here. David Downes and Dean Hughes
  3. How many times do we see these long drawn out deals played out in the newspapers and twitter that don't get finished. Alonso never had the money to buy it, he was trying to borrow it according to recent reports.
  4. To have any chance of promotion the team needs a large overhaul. On the playing side we need to be looking at players who have performed well at League 1 and loans from prem and build a side with a bit of character and nous about them that don't fold as soon as they go a goal down. means Chansiri needs to have learnt the lesson that he cannot run a football club and needs people in place that can. If this doesn't happen we will be in for more of the same next season.
  5. We have limped through last 3 or 4 seasons without players who can stay fit and score 15 to 20 goals. We need to bring in 2 if not 3 of these types to compete next season. Not holding my breath though.
  6. And there is a precedent with Macclesfield who were relegated
  7. If Chansiri keeps on like he has then we'll be lucky not to be in another relegation scrap. If he stays in Thailand not interfering and let's Moore and the recruitment team work together maybe just maybe we can turn it around.
  8. This really is a mess. You can understand Wycombe side of the argument. I can see Derby starting -12 next season and appealling it to -6 like we did.
  9. Would not be surprised one bit if Monk or any recent manager we have had have had nothing to do with signings and had these players hoisted on him by David Downey and Dean Hughes at Chansiri's insistence.
  10. Got a feeling Alonso is a lot of talk, when the sale of a club goes through its usually a done deal very quickly after general public learn of it, these deals that drag on and on don't usually get over the finish line.
  11. Rhodes scores 1st minute, we hang on to win 1-0. Rooney has a melt down after as they hit bar and post 6 times and should have had 2 pens from Hutch tackles and we only had 1 shot all game. Its gonna happen we don't do things the easy way. Nervy afternoon. Chansiri comes out after and says that was his plan all a long and we will win promotion next season.
  12. I agree Chansiri has been hanging on to players and letting their value plummet. In fact he's also been paying over the odds for players for example Reach and Rhodes who we could never sell and get the money back.
  13. The state we are in now option 2. Imo its got to be run this way over the next few years, 5 at least to turn it round. Then when you are able to sell players at a profit reinvest in the team.
  14. I really hope he would change advisors, but he would have done it by now. His last rant was just a blame game," it's everyone and everything else not me "
  15. I just can't see how things can be any better in the coming years with Chancer in charge. He's struggling to pay wages so there's not going to be any money for signings.
  16. Absolutely! Moore been around long enough to know people in the game who can recruit the players he needs.
  17. Don't know why that post ended up here. Trying to to do too many things at once
  18. Absolutely! Moore has been around long enough to know people in the game who can recruit the type of player he needs and wants to work with.
  19. Hull brought in Lee Darnborough in 2017 to be head of recruitment and work along side their first team coach to identify players, like all clubs some players have been better than others but its certainly worked and now Darnborough is in line for sporting director at Wolves, They had a plan and the owners let them get on with it.
  20. Nothing will change while Chansri is in charge of it all. Chansiri out UTO
  21. Or Rhodes scores after a minute... imagine the nervous tension of holding that lead for 90 odd minutes. Its never easy with Wednesday
  22. It has been sneaky and horrible I agree. The way the staff have been treated is despicable also.
  23. Leeds store is not profitable. Has not made a profit since it opened. Thats from some who works there. Difference is Leeds is more modern building and does not need millions spending on bringing it up to date. Don't be surprised to see it go in next round of closures.
  24. Got to agree, he was the one we missed most when he was injured.
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