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  1. Jakes Grandad

    Happy Birthday Swany - 82 years young!

    One of my first hero's
  2. Jakes Grandad

    Slept on it thoughts

    The defence is shaky and when they come under prolonged pressure they seem to panic and clear it long. I thought our problems started when they made their subs last night FF and Atdhe starting to tire, defence clearing long and forwards not being able to hold on to the ball. We just keeping losing the ball putting defence under constant pressure. Although FF had one of his best games for a long time last night Jos should have taken Atdhe and FF off and brought Fletcher and Lucas on and Pelupessy should have grounded their player.
  3. Jakes Grandad

    Professional Performance

    Agree maybe fletch should have come, but all our other subs were kids.
  4. Don’t think that was bad performance from Wednesday, Leeds were better than us. If Leeds can keep that up all season and finish top two then it will be well deserved. If I was a Leeds fan I would be concerned that they could not put us away and can’t score. Really feel Leeds will run out of steam around March. As for us some positives in there (Penny and Thorniley) and we are not going to play many better teams this year.
  5. Jakes Grandad

    Blame for their goals

    Woods had far too much freedom to play yesterday. Even in the second half when Reach dropped back to face him he never got close to him just stood 2 yards off him and let him pick passes. We should have put someone on him when they had possession and tried knocking him about a bit. Not ideal but it's a job Jones does well.
  6. Jakes Grandad

    Having Slept on it...

    I was thinking the same yesterday
  7. Jakes Grandad

    Having Slept on it...

    Never noticed he was playing till second half, then he sort of was pushing up on the ginger kid who had so much space to pick passes it was ridiculous, he never actually went near him to challenge just stood a couple of yards off. I was wanting him to go in knock him about a bit and put ginger off but them remembered it was Reach and he never really tackles. We need him in position where he can carry the ball at defenders.
  8. Jakes Grandad

    Devaluation of the League Cup

    The rise of the premier league and loss of the Fairs cup and Cup Winners cup has led to the demise of our cup competitions. Top clubs are just not bothered anymore if it is not got premier league or Champions league written on it.
  9. Jakes Grandad

    Your thoughts and memories of this match?

    I think that Everton side would have gone on to win the European cup but Heysel happened and English clubs got banned.
  10. Jakes Grandad

    Your thoughts and memories of this match?

    I remember at full time trying to get out and there being a big crush at the top of the stairs, remember panicking as I did not know where the top step was and the crush was so bad I had difficulty breathing. Match was very disappointing, thought we might do it when Shutt scored but Everton were just too good for us.
  11. Jakes Grandad

    [Rubbish thread title]

    Apart from when Bert McGee and the early days of Dave Richards were in charge we always seem to have been run on a wing and a prayer. Whoever comes after Chansiri wont be much good either. Wont stop me supporting those blue and white wizards at S6.
  12. Chansiri has made some bad mistakes since he has been here i accept but its current form, the Football League's financial rules are not fair, Chansiri probably wants to spend more money as do villa and one or two others and it won't bust them, it's just a cliche that it prevents another club to crash. The way Stoke and WBA are going to spend it makes it a very unlevel playing field
  13. Jakes Grandad


    If that was the starting line up first day, I would not be too unhappy looking at what we have available. We are going to miss Hooper and Lee tho as we did last year
  14. Jakes Grandad

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    Snodgrass will win this and end up here on loan next season
  15. Don’t think Joss has worked the last few months put his mark on the squad, agree to stay and then have his best players sold.