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  1. Or Rhodes scores after a minute... imagine the nervous tension of holding that lead for 90 odd minutes. Its never easy with Wednesday
  2. It has been sneaky and horrible I agree. The way the staff have been treated is despicable also.
  3. Leeds store is not profitable. Has not made a profit since it opened. Thats from some who works there. Difference is Leeds is more modern building and does not need millions spending on bringing it up to date. Don't be surprised to see it go in next round of closures.
  4. Got to agree, he was the one we missed most when he was injured.
  5. I hope one day quite soon I wake up to the news someone has bought us out from Chansiri. I not holding my breath though, he has no other business interests to take his time. Not sure he is any part of tuna empire like his elder brother is. So ruining our club is his only past time outside his family.
  6. Lucky to get any points with this load of crap. Can't see it improving next season with chancer in charge.
  7. I think Chansiri has proved he does not know how to run a football club. We are a total clusterf*@k at every level and its such a shame as we have a huge loyal fan base.
  8. Brian Clough once said if he could have had one defender for his team it would have been Jackie Charlton. I think the reason he never got a knighthood was because he supported the miners and never forgot his working class roots.
  9. That's one of the problems.. Modern building 1963 but out dated and falling to bits inside now. One or more escalators always seems out of order and they can't just get parts off the shelf nowadays so takes weeks to repair. Cost of bringing it up to date far too much. It does make a profit though Leeds JL shop doesn't apparently.
  10. 20th April 1963 - Sheff wed 0 Ipswich Town 3 And still I kept coming back
  11. Not a chance... Does not have the density of customers of the right demographic in the catchment area to make it profitable. Their words not mine
  12. I remember when my missus started at John Lewis how surprised she was at the number of customers they had from Leeds and York coming to shop in Sheffield just because of John Lewis. Unfortunately the last management Andy Street and Charlie Mayfield decided to open more stores including Leeds and York.
  13. They have not taken any money from council. John Lewis were offered the money but only if they matched it. The money on offer would only have brought the store up to a certain standard but will not guarantee customers through the door.
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