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  1. We should never have sacked Ron. I remember Troussier being touted about as well as one or two others then we got Wilson. So many bad decisions made around that time. Hindsight a wonderful thing, as they say
  2. Who would blame him, at the moment a move might look tempting. Imo we need to get him signed quickly and not let this drift on. He has been a positive this campaign.
  3. In Wilko promotion season JP started as our centre forward and I thought that style of play suited him as it brought his ability to win headers and allow Varadi and Bannister the chance to pick up the second ball. He just didn't have the pace which we later acquired with Cunningham. When you think back to those times we brought some decent local players through our youth system. Shame it's all gone boobies up on that front nowadays.
  4. David Downes and Dean Hughes. https://www.swfc.co.uk/teams/coaching-staff2/ they report to Chansiri... seems manager has little input
  5. As I pointed out in another thread Monk does not make decisions on which players we recruit.He has minimal input. We have a head of recruitment and a Recruitment analyst that report to Chansiri. Monk will be telling them what type of player and what position we need, they go and find them and then Chansiri rubber stamps it or not.
  6. I don't think Monk has much input in to signings. We have 2 blokes on the staff, David Downes and Dean Hughes who find the players and recommend them to Chansiri. Then it's a short conversation with Monk and they are signed. The signings we made in January look like 'we'll take a punt' sort of signings, Windass ok knows the league, Wickham not fit enough and Da Cruz not up to speed with English football.
  7. That's what we want, positive attitude. I'm going on Trivago now.
  8. We have a recruitment manager and recruitment analyst, they must be responsible for getting the players.
  9. Jolly good show Snoots.. Ted's right we have been Wnk lately, the comeback starts tonight 3-0 to the Owls
  10. Good God! I'd almost forgotten him. I remember my brother saying we might as well have kept tranfer free in bank, he was that bad..
  11. Probably not going to change, but I'd think a lot more of him if he said 'sorry I messed up' sacked the coaching staff told Monk to bring in who he needs to help him, found 2 or 3 people who know how to run a club to advise him and take their advice. I am dreaming if I think all that will happen:)
  12. Agreed, Bruce brought his 2 mates with him. Could be the only way to keep us up might be to sack the coaching staff and let Monk bring his own staff and freshen things up a bit.
  13. Bang on..but get rid of Bullen and the rest of the coaching staff and let him bring his own staff in.
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