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  1. He's got to play, always likely to score and you could see panic spread in Stokes defence when he was trying to run at them.
  2. I'm happy to be 3rd and winning. Thought Stoke played well last night. Currently it seems as though Hutch is being used to play out from the back, first half at Cardiff it worked well with Fletcher dropping deep and dragging a Cardiff defender with him allowing Bannan, Luongo or Reach to run into the space. Second half we stopped doing that and paid in the end. Last night Stoke were quick to press and stop Hutch and we did not seem to have another plan, Bannan started to drop deeper and we seemed a little bereft of ideas. Better sub last night bringing on Fessi he will run with the ball and draw fouls stopping pressure on our defence. We dont have a couple of prolific goal scoring forwards which needs addressing. Early days with this Manager, give him some time as 3rd at the moment is better than anyone thought, especially me. if we dont get up this year he will have had 2 tranfer windows by next season to put his mark on the team. Then we will see. Leeds are not scoring lots so might be another game we can edge on Saturday. UTO
  3. Fernando would have offered a lot more, he would have tried to protect the ball and maybe won us few free kicks, Murphy offered nothing and how someone paid 12m for him, mind boggling?.
  4. 70% possession in this league means f all if you don't make it count. It is such a tight league and any team in this league a goal behind with 10 to go are going to throw the kitchen sink at it, home or away.
  5. The Guardian, more sense from The Beano
  6. Would not be surprised to see a back four with Hutch just in front, dropping between the 2 centres to make a five when we are out of possession and Luongo and Bannan just in front, Fletch up front and Reach and Harris told to use their energy to get up with him when we get the ball. Remember when Leeds beat us with Monk in charge they played something similar. Could be totally wrong though :)
  7. Dont get the fixation with Hutch as a centre back. Last time he had a run there 7 games about 3 years ago we won 1 against Wigan and he got sent off against Bristol, during that run Burton beat us 3-1 and Gary Monks Leeds beat us 0-2. If anybody plays CB it should be Thornily if he is fit.
  8. Got to agree.. wherever they go they are only taking over because the club is in need of turning round, if they have been offered Hudders and us and turned both down it does show a lack of confidence.
  9. In Derby’s case, the owner and chairman Mel Morris used a separate company to purchase the ground for £80 million — with a deal to then lease it back to the club — when it was listed as an asset on the club’s books with a value of only £41 million. This will be the reason they are looking into it. If we have not valued our too high we should be alright.
  10. In a previous post I said something similar and got negatives. Not sure about relegation but it certainly not a promotion forward line.
  11. If it's not Pulis and someone else gets the gig, we still cant play open attacking football with our squad. Bruce realised this.
  12. Not a Pulis fan andhe would not be my choice, but if he starts winning 1-0 at home and drawing 1-1 way, gets us in top 6. Would we really bother about the style of play?
  13. It does go deeper than Bullen some of those players are not good enough and should already have been moved on. Was some poor decisions tactically today. 'Counter attacking' ffs we are at home we should be on the front foot and pressuring teams.
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