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  1. "Dutch Irvines" current squad

    Players with a future at Hillsboro' Rhodes Based on what so far ?
  2. Next season, Jos’s squad

    I am hoping the signing of Pelupessy 24 and got some years in him is going to be the way forward with Joss. Straight off the top of my head don't think Forestieri will play for us so cash in. Westwoood would bring some cash and Rhodes can go for me. Loath to say it but Hutch could be another to let go of, but would have to go for nothing as cant see us getting a fee for a player insurance have already paid out on. Loovens looks as though he has had his day so another to let go on a free. Wallace can go for me, Fox is not consistent enough. Could be a bit of cash for Joss to bring in 2/3 plus maybe loans from Prem. Be a very interesting summer
  3. Butterfield

    Joss just seems to play players in positions that suit them. That breeding confidence.
  4. Central defence

    Covered as long as we don't get injuries
  5. Thank you Milan

    Eventually there could be a huge knock on effect, younger players at the club seeing that in a few years they could get their chance and further down the ladder and so putting the work in, also juniors deciding to join as they see a path to becoming a professional like Thornilly, Clare etc
  6. Positive Vibes

    Might just be one of those nights, Derby hit the post and bar 6 times, half a dozen goal mouth scrambles where we survive and one of our players latches onto terrible back pass and scores. Rowett goes into full on bottom lip rant of how crap the ref was.
  7. Pelupessy

    I am not writing him off yet. Van Aken looked out of his depth as well, makes the Dutch league look rather poor. Hopefully both players will settle and get used to the physical side of this league
  8. Almen Abdi

    Can't remember where I saw it but Iam sure I read somewhere during last summer that Abdi might struggle to play 45 mins without breaking down again. It seems to be working out that way at the moment. I really hope it's wrong
  9. Where was the evidence?

    Especially after just buying Winall for next to nowt
  10. It does look good the sign and the standing area in front
  11. Joey D How did he play?

    Joey has a trick in him its called peppermint twist
  12. Jones has been quite solid in midfield, at least we are showing some fight
  13. A plea to Jones, Butterfield and Abdi

    Jones is a player i cant understand, so much experience in promotion winning sides and he is complete rubbish most of the time for us. The only thing I can think of is, when he has played under Carlos this last year he has played as someone to try and stop the opposition play maker playing i.e Saiz when we played Leeds at home, Jones was on him every time he got the ball. Maybe this just stops him showing what he can really do. Maybe new manager will get him playing better??? mind boggling how he can become so crap for us.
  14. Luhukay and the Derby.

    This derby game could show him a lot about the players he puts out, I've no doubt he will expect them to perform, if not those that dont will find they have no future here.
  15. Nixon- DC chasing German coach.

    Doesn't seem as though Chansiri wants a British manager. Can't see this happening