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  1. Jakes Grandad

    [Rubbish thread title]

    Apart from when Bert McGee and the early days of Dave Richards were in charge we always seem to have been run on a wing and a prayer. Whoever comes after Chansiri wont be much good either. Wont stop me supporting those blue and white wizards at S6.
  2. Chansiri has made some bad mistakes since he has been here i accept but its current form, the Football League's financial rules are not fair, Chansiri probably wants to spend more money as do villa and one or two others and it won't bust them, it's just a cliche that it prevents another club to crash. The way Stoke and WBA are going to spend it makes it a very unlevel playing field
  3. Jakes Grandad


    If that was the starting line up first day, I would not be too unhappy looking at what we have available. We are going to miss Hooper and Lee tho as we did last year
  4. Jakes Grandad

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    Snodgrass will win this and end up here on loan next season
  5. Don’t think Joss has worked the last few months put his mark on the squad, agree to stay and then have his best players sold.
  6. Jakes Grandad

    Have we seen the last of Almen Abdi

    As I said in another post about Abdi earlier this season, it was said after all his injuries he would not be able to play 45min.. did Watford know? Did the agents know? Did Wednesday know and just thought they would take punt? Whatever the answer I don’t think I’ve seen a worse signing since Sammy Todd
  7. Jakes Grandad

    FF nutmeg on Pearson.

    That was better than nutting him, made him look a complete ar##
  8. Jakes Grandad

    who attended this game

    I'm there on the kop can't you see me?.. was it not played in the afternoon because of power cuts? I remember being told by my boss not to miss college because of the game got a right royal Bo!!!!ing 2 days later when he found out.
  9. I used to go in Leop where scoreboard is now.. We used to get free tickets from our teacher on Saturday morning after playing for school football team.. always remember Colin Dobson taking corners, one of my earliest memories
  10. Top 6, no problem if the injured one stay fit
  11. Jakes Grandad

    Best available 11 for Saturday.

    When we played them earlier in the season Carlos put Jones in just to stop Saiz playing, every time he got the ball early on Jones was in at him and he disappeared and sulked after 30 mins, If Hutch is going to play he needs to do the same or at least we need someone to. All Leeds better play comes through him. I like to see Bannan, Hutch, Reach start high intensity and take the game to them. They have not been doing well lately and we could get at least a point if not 3.
  12. Jakes Grandad

    Almen Abdi returns to training

    he would have been if we had paid that much, 10 bob and a rabbit would have been too much for him really
  13. Few of these players were the ones that got us to 2 play offs
  14. Based on recent performances I did not think we could beat either. It's not ludicrous to blame the man who brought a lot of these players in. A lot of this side have been criticised for the last 2 season by supporters as not being good enough. We have no players in the current side who can create a chance. For heavens sake we all know Joao best running at defenders he got 2 opportunities to do that all game on Saturday one led to a goal. Our players were not creative enough to make enough chances to win.
  15. We don't know what he is saying to them. IMO this looks a very unhappy bunch of players and has been before Carlos left these players as a team are just not good enough...results are showing us that and it's Bl***** frustrating