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  1. He will have nice big payoff, would he come back here? would Chancer pull the trigger on Moore and replace him with Bruce? I'd have him back but can't see it happening.
  2. Too much chopping and changing the team and you would think for someone who was a good centre back his team could defend a 2 goal lead.
  3. Peter Kay could write a comedy series about our shop and this debacle with memberships.
  4. Ask them if we can have Hannibal Mejbri, but don't start him at left back
  5. Agree, with what you say, but we are a million miles away if Moore does not recognize it.
  6. Summed up how most of feel tonight after the dross served up today.
  7. Got membership for me and two grandkids no sign of cards yet. Bought tickets for this Saturday and not got option to print them off myself got to go to ticket office to pick them up. ******* tin pot
  8. Great player and he scored all those goals on mud bath pitches and against defenders that would kick you for fun in those days.
  9. Probably John Ritchie just ahead of Mark Bright and Lee Chapman.
  10. I'm not really bothered what others have done. If DM can get his signings to gel as team and make Hillsborough a fortress all the others can F**k right off.
  11. Should have asked about loaning Mejbri while we were there
  12. Barca wage bill €647a year 2 years ago that is a staggering amount. I agree La Liga can't give in on this one.
  13. Got to agree with you. I thought we were heading for another relegation battle but I do feel optimistic about the coming season.
  14. In Carlos first season it took us till October for all the new players to gel and start looking like a good team( I know they were better players and cost more than what we have now) it's still a simular scenario. If we are in top half by mid October and DM can get them playing we might just have a chance. UTO
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