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  1. The players seem to be buying into the way Monk wants to play, lots of players sticking their hands up and saying 'I want to play gaffer' with those performances last night. Hunt looks a real player in the making. Great night last night, lots of potential. Looking forward to Watford now !
  2. Mid table 11points behind whoever finishes 6th.
  3. If we can't get 13 points more than Rotherham, Luton and Wycome we will deserve to go down.
  4. Wednesday legend... People always say he was a hard defender which he was, but he could play too. RIP Gerry
  5. What a mess. To think years ago teams would use 14 or 15 players a season,
  6. Agree signings are encouraging, not sure Rhodes or Reach will play much, maybe subs at best. Our trouble moving them on has got to be their wages, can't belive Monk is keeping Reach just because we are short on bodies.
  7. They were brought in under Bruce. But those were the days when Doyen gave Paxo and Chansiri names of players looking for a last payday, OH! That's how we got in this mess 😞
  8. No from me. Monk is changing the way we play and they don't fit the style.
  9. We will do better than what alot of people think. Seige mentally, BE POSITIVE WAWAW UTO
  10. If you are arrested here it is possible to have your case in front of a magistrate next day and sentenced.
  11. Have to agree should be keeping a lower profile, maybe private villa somewhere. As for the story, the police story has been same throughout by the looks of it but Maguires seems to change by the hour.
  12. Looks like his advisors are looking to sell the story to Hollywood. Albanian gangsters, damsel in distress. Liam Neeson starring in "Nearly Taken in Mykanos"
  13. If we are after him he must have recovered from his injury, probably not ready for prem but could be good for us.
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