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  1. Wilder did not get a tune out of those players immediately they were struggling, but working with a good backroom staff and changing the way they played, more attacking high tempo, they got momentum and then the whole club and fanbase bought into it. He got everyone at the club giving 100% all the time. If you look at some of their players Sharp and McGoldrick you wouldn't think they would be top half of prem. Depressing as it is at the moment, Football success comes and goes, might be a long time but we will be top dogs again someday just hope I'm around to see it.
  2. Johnson should have a better record than Monk he has been able to spend money, Monk hasn't been given a pot to pee in and probably wont be given money going forward. We are borrowing or shopping in the charity shops of football at the moment
  3. Remember their supporters chanting "phsyco" everytime he went for the ball in first match at their place. Bennett went in on Knight with real intent that night, horrible assault.
  4. Not impossible? A surge to the play offs and then the EFL pi55 on your chips
  5. Unless we have a massive clear out and some new players coming in I'd stick with 442. 2 new full backs who have energy to get up and down the wing and maybe Van Aken playing a pivot role in centre mid..play 2 upfront.
  6. It could be close, imo it will go 'end it' but there will be owners speaking to lawyers, guaranteed.
  7. Some very good players amongst that lot.. sad we have fallen so far behind in youth development.
  8. One of the best things Jack did was to get John Harris to help him spot players, didnt half wass a few Unitedites at our work. Harris was well know in football circles and turned up some great players in his career.
  9. He was one of my heroes when I was young. Looking back he did play in a way that suggested a lack of pace. My elder brother always told he was one of the players that wasn't happy about the money Tommy Craig was getting and it was one of reasons he moved to West Ham.
  10. Half a post?? Just taking the statement on face value it is correct as not every team bounces straight back, the problem is it distorts the wage bill of other clubs in the league as they have to compete or their better players move on...
  11. Just taking that statement on face value it is correct because not every
  12. Man city 1-2 a very young Ian Bowyer coming on as sub for them and tearing us to pieces. Still to this day I believe if he had not come we would not have been relegated as rest of City team didn't seem bothered.
  13. My Brother used to send me down the newsagent every Saturday, gave me the money for a green un and a bag of spice for going. Always remember blokes giving van driver an earful when he was late especially when it was a cold night.
  14. We should never have sacked Ron. I remember Troussier being touted about as well as one or two others then we got Wilson. So many bad decisions made around that time. Hindsight a wonderful thing, as they say
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