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  1. Flawed genius is the perfect description of Diego, unbelievable talent but had a bad side and thought nothing of cheating.
  2. Got a feeling this could be one of those strange results the championship throws up every now and then Mi Lord 1-2
  3. Get Barry Fry in to wee on all 4 corner flags like he did at Birmingham, that'll sort the curse.
  4. Bloody spell check Wenger gets changed to a district in Chesterfield
  5. We need the Pulis of Stoke days, remember Arsene Wingerworth used to hate playing away at Stoke
  6. Well said mi Lord, have another brandy we need some nasty barstewards to stop making us a soft touch at home. Get back to the days of Jack Charlton defenders sneaky elbow in the ribs a quick tread on toe at corners. Might be few yellow cards but some players just won't fancy playing against us.
  7. I am expecting to finish mid table now, under Monk i was just hoping we would survive but then realised that might not happen. Don't think it will be pretty but effective.
  8. I just want us to stay in this league I don't want to go down and become Sunderland mk2 which I can see under Chansiri, if Pulis is the man to keep us up, so be it. Didnt Chansiri say we would have a side playing open attacking football when he came, not with this bloke we won't.
  9. My brother used to say Albert was his favourite when he started going to matches. RIP Albert owls legend
  10. Hopefully we could end up with another Bruce type situation with Pulis. If he does well here over next 2 months, one of those teams at bottom of prem might see him as a short term saviour. He'd think nothing of leaving for a big payday in the prem.
  11. Thats one less for Chansiri to choose from. He likes a big lad upfront so Atdhe will be happy.
  12. If we are alreadyf****d and we go down, last thing is to become another Sunderland Cook may save us this season but if its too late he knows league 1 and can get us back quickly.
  13. If Monk goes, new manager tries and fails to keep us up, God Forbid! We need someone who knows how to get us back up quickly. Someone whose done it before, we don't want to become another Sunderland. PAUL COOK for me if Monk goes if he doesn't keep us up because of the 12 pts deduction, at least he will know by the end of the season who is up for the fight in league 1
  14. We've gone backwards since last Christmas, summer window has brought change but no improvement.
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