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  1. Actually enjoyed reading that, until I got to the end and thought what a prat
  2. Superb Snoots as always. Time to turn this Behemoth around. New year new dawn. Rhodes comes on in the 78th minute to score the winner in the 85th....
  3. What a shambles. It feels like we're trapped in a perpetual footie soap opera with crap story lines, where you watch it and go 'yeah right, as if that would really happen'......
  4. Christmas lock-in at the Nuns last night apparently. Last i heard Stubbs beat him in the final of the annual arm wrestling challenge and he was finding solice in the landlady's dumplings...
  5. Forgot what a win feels like. Please remind me Mr. Pulis
  6. A wonderful scribble Snoots, much appreciated. Must admit I'm nervous about today. We surely don't need to be letting them have possession and trying to hit on the counter. It's Barnsley.....at home.....we should be grabbing this by the scruff of the neck bossing these kind of games. I really think this is a game where a 25,000 strong crowd willing the team on would give the boys the lift they need...
  7. God we need a win. I can't even fully enjoy the piggies slow painful demise fully due to our own farcical situation. It's just not fair!!
  8. How do you explain the thoroughly outstanding performance at Norwich if this was truly the case?
  9. Quite like Norwich. A well run club with a somewhat 'family' feel about it. They have also stuck with their manager through good times and bad, through promotion and relegation. We could learn a lot from them... However, stuff em today and I'm one happy teddy bear. I'm going all in, 4-1 to us. A Reach screamer, headers from set pieces from Pato, Iorfa and Lees. The TP steam rollers in town boys!
  10. If TP does for us what he did for stoke we have potentially a bright future. Certainly I feel much more confident in his ability as a manager as some regular posters on here! Gifton Noel-Williams has no agenda and no reason to say what he has said, other than a glowing honest appraisal of his former manager. We should be very pleased to have TP as our new manager.
  11. Don't forget 2 of the 4 games TP has overseen we have been reduced to 10 men. Give the man a chance ffs
  12. I've never really listened to Tony Pulis before. I've heard him of course, and seen him, looking a bit loony with his trademark club base ball cap, but I've never really listened to him. But now he's speaking about us, and knowing how things have been for us, I really feel he gets it. And gets Wednesday, and what we've been through. I will always get behind a new manager, I think you have to, you know, give them a chance. But I'm starting to actually believe in Tony Pulis, and it feels pretty good! We'll probably get bleedin battered now
  13. Almost spat me branflakes out at 'shove a digit right up his tea-towel holder' Take a draw tonight , pray for a win. Up the Owls
  14. Genuine anticipation for today, team sheet and performance. Thanks Snoots, excellence as usual. Good to have footy back once more.
  15. Even professional racing drivers had to pass a driving test at one time. Same thing. Different, but the same
  16. Thanks Snoots once more. Can't resist the OMDT no matter how pap we are. Hoping for a draw me. And god knows a bloody half decent performance. We were playing well and feeling optimistic not so long ago how it's gone so fubar so quickly is still a mystery to me. 0-0
  17. Signature dish. Boiled egg on a bed of melted cheese and a drizzle of Marmite. On toast. There's lovely
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