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  1. It's fell off the back of her coat in shock at the score
  2. Geeky. But I like geeky. And It does correlate to league position as well if you compare the charts to the actual standings
  3. Superb. Exquisite. Lively and supremely entertaining OMDT. All the things fatty Evans ain't
  4. I think he said curtains cos in his mind he knows it's gonna be curtains, for him. Big thick ones, like what your nan used to have...
  5. I wonder if any players or staff signed up. Genuinely would be interested
  6. The problem with these games is you can't determine the volume of the games like you can in real life...
  7. I think we have to accept what DM says in pre/post match interviews is going to be utter nonsense. Once this fact is accepted our lives will be so much happier.
  8. 'When he's system free' ?? Is it me or has he just made that up?
  9. Thanks again Snoots, 2 weeks is too long without the OMDT. Big one today, not gonna be easy but hopefully we'll have enough quality and our new team spirit will carry us to the 3 points. Sing yer hearts out for the lads travelling Owls, show em what we're all about
  10. It's the guy from 'The Happy Man Football Boot Delivery Company'
  11. With all the whinging it's a guatanteed 2-0 Wednesday win with Paterson and Dunkley scoring
  12. You could clearly see Dunkley wasn't as comfortable with it as Hutch. But give the lad time, it was his first game and if DM has faith in him so should we
  13. Me too. Not from your hotel room though, that would be weird.
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