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  1. .....'was denied his own goal earlier.....well, he's got one now!'......
  2. I think this early activity is just what we need. Get in there early doors and get who we want or move on if we don't. Then the players are there for pre- season and Bruce has got what he wants to work with
  3. I blame DC, surely he should be aware of this issue. What's wrong with another series of time delay images of the pitch refurb? The excitement, the tension, the drama. In fact, who needs to watch a game of football when we have such riveting entertainment??
  4. I remember seeing Kevin Pressman with a huge plate of fried grub in Damon's in the early 90's, that lad could put it away let me tell you! Great keeper though...
  5. I think we're gonna knacker em, a 3-1 win for us, payback for the villa result. We need to strike fear into the rest of the top 6, NO ONE will want to play us and Sheffield Wednesday will win the play off finals 2019...
  6. Come on Wednesday. 3 points and a resounding win tonight. Don't care how we do it just a win please
  7. Excited for today......way too excited really. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!
  8. Hope we kill this lot off early doors in 2nd half...
  9. The wonder of the omdt, it just never fails to make life just a wee bit better. This will be ours today if we ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK
  10. Funniest read I've had in years Snoots. Top marks sir! Bloody brilliant. We've already won cos we've got Snoots and the OMDT
  11. Genius Snoots, pure bally genius!! Can't wait for The Adventures of Stubbs and Snoots Away Day Fixtures to hit the shelves. A win please boys, 2-0 will do with a brace for Fletch I reckon
  12. Hope we win hope we win hope we win hope we win.....repeat ad infinitum
  13. Splendid as usual Snoots! "Irony alert" from Stubbs had my spitting my tea out! The Football Gods are behind us, I can feel it. A Wednesday win is coming tonight, believe
  14. Lovely kit that, fair play to the club looks like they've listened to the fans and given us pretty much what we want. Well done Wednesday!! Both new kits are a huge improvement over last couple of seasons. Can't please everyone but for me they are both excellent
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