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  1. Let Bully have a go. Wednesday through and through and he's gathered knowledge and experience from our other managers over the years. If he's ready to accept the responsibility, give him a chance I say. I would LOVE us to go up with a true Wednesday legend at the helm
  2. Sick of seeing Bruce's fat ugly fizzogg now. He turns my stomach. Like puking up after a curry night and having to keep walking past it for a week. Newcastle fans don't want this as much as we didn't want it. I just hope they give him as much greif as we would and they get rid of Bruce, his cronies and Ashley sooner rather than later and we can all move on from this whole seedy episode. Up the Owls
  3. I think he had the whole bleedin cow
  4. Can't we get Stubbs to put the Owls distress signal up in the dark night sky??? It's our hour of need goddammit!
  5. Perfect for me. Similar cv to the Geordie w@nk stain but seems to have more dignity. A valuable asset these days it seems....
  6. Full fat w@nk stain. If this is correct I don't know how he can sleep at night. I just hope DC gets every last penny from Ashley and its the disaster at Newcastle that everyone expects it to be
  7. Welcome back Snoots, a very warm welcome. Agree entirely with this. Wednesday will endure, personel come and go but we support the TEAM. Personally I think if Bruce does go, he needs his bloody frock feeling up....
  8. Just sing for the team. Enjoy the football and forget the situation for a bit. Let the team know it's them we support no matter what
  9. Sing for the team. Wednesday will endure no matter who the manager is. Enjoy the day and make the TEAM know it's them we support
  10. We need to show tangible support for our DC. I bought 3 tins of tuna this week. I don't like fish. I'm doing my bit, are you doing yours?
  11. IF he goes, best case scenario is the two hats get relegated, we get Chris Houghton who gets us promoted and we pass the farquars on the way up
  12. If this is true, IF, I won't be angry with Bruce........just very disappointed. Tut tut Steve (if true), shame on you
  13. I like it, there's no pleasing some folk however...
  14. .....'was denied his own goal earlier.....well, he's got one now!'......
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