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  1. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Excellent OMDT Sire, much appreciated. I always worry when we've had an international break, for some reason the first game back we seen to be laclustre (or is that just in my head?) Here's hoping i'm wrong and we replicate the L**ds performance - and scoreline. Hoops will score again and I predict a headed goal from Van Aken from a Wallace corner to make it 0-2. UTO
  2. Interesting stats, but its the fact he's not getting game time that's affecting his scoring not how many crosses we supply...
  3. 11th November

    Surely we only have to have a break if Scotland are playing...
  4. Like most fans i actually like Carlos, but things definitely need to change. You need a stubborn streak in management of any type, otherwise it's mayhem, but at the minute i think his stubbornness is stunting the team and results are bearing this out. We can all see the faults in how we are performing, Carlos must see them too. For me he needs to freshen things up - open the door to the likes of young Hirsty to inject some youth and vigor into the side. Look at how van Aken changed things with his running and passing over what we have with Loovens. We are way too predictable and one dimensional at the minute and this makes it way too easy for opposition teams to deal with
  5. Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Well done sir on managing to create an OMDT when all around us is, well, shambolic. Only a positive reaction will do tonight boys and girls. I want to see Carlos' face look like Psycho's did when he scored that penalty for England, a complete F*CK YOU to all the criticism after an absolute battering performance on the Brum. We're all living in Hope, that little village will be bursting at the seams soon...
  6. OMDT of pure genius. How honored and lucky we are to have The Lord amongst us! A Wednesday win is all i can see for today boys and girls. Lets finish these half-breeds off and continue our march to the Promised Land!
  7. The Wilder Factor

    To be honest I've never paid much attention to the guy - well, why would I? Just had to search for a interview video to sample his bizarre accent, and it is indeed bizarre. All I care about is sending him and his cronies packing, empty handed, back to the Stain tomorrow until we unfortunately have to show them who's boss again in January!
  8. Dom Howson should read this and take notes on how to write a match report! Great post!
  9. That Waddle Goal in '93

    Cool cheers !
  10. That Waddle Goal in '93

    What a picture, love it! Would make a great canvas. Be interesting to read the match report as well if you can post that too??
  11. I drink Magnet like a fish, does that count?
  12. My shits already got real this morning after last night's biryani, to the extent i had to let a flare off in an attempt to burn away any residual methane. Is this what you mean? Because that would be a hideous situation, especially with a few of one's compatriots in a similar situation located away from a public convenience...
  13. And sense of humour, don't forget sense of humour
  14. Mate you need yer frock feelin up!
  15. Fantastic value, ordered (with no stock issues btw)