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  1. Spat out milky bran flakes @ 'rolled up his sleeves like he's about to deliver a calf.......' Thanks Snoots
  2. Good to see you back in the first team Snoots, the universe finally has it's balance back. It's going to be a trial of attrition today, mud blood guts and thunder....love it!! Agree with 2-1 to the Wednesday
  3. Splendid OMDT once again Snoots, much appreciated. I do miss the antics of Stubbs and the Nuns Chuff however... I really hope for a win with a big goal margin today. I've a feeling it's going to be a tight league this season and that goal average will be important come the end. 4-0 please.
  4. Agreed. Garbage nights footy and we dust down and move on. Roll on Saturday
  5. Can't wait to beat these and then beat Wigan on Saturday. Then beat everybody else this season and beat everybody in the prem next season.
  6. Splendid analysis once again Snoots. Gibson makes my skin crawl. Gotta be a win, we'll be well up for this one. Got a Reach worldly written all over it and 0-1 to the Owls. Superb.
  7. Never liked Everton, though prefer em to Liverpool. Not sure why that's relevant.... Looking forward to this one, prem team scalp in the cup, happy days. UTO
  8. Quality Snoots, muchas gracias. This is what it's all about, good Fulham side but as famously stated in Escape to Victory, we could win this.
  9. My old boss has a framed Wednesday shirt signed by Bobby Robson saying '8-0 - sorry!' He could never bring himself to put it in the wall however...
  10. Why don't people just leave him alone? He's armless enough....
  11. Winnall did well for Derby before his injury, confidence is a huge thing for footballers, especially so strikers. GM speaks about the importance of playing with confidence, let's hope he can get Sam playing to his full potential and we'll see the best of him. There is a space to fill now João has gone, fingers crossed he takes the opportunity
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