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  1. I've never really listened to Tony Pulis before. I've heard him of course, and seen him, looking a bit loony with his trademark club base ball cap, but I've never really listened to him. But now he's speaking about us, and knowing how things have been for us, I really feel he gets it. And gets Wednesday, and what we've been through. I will always get behind a new manager, I think you have to, you know, give them a chance. But I'm starting to actually believe in Tony Pulis, and it feels pretty good! We'll probably get bleedin battered now
  2. Almost spat me branflakes out at 'shove a digit right up his tea-towel holder' Take a draw tonight , pray for a win. Up the Owls
  3. Genuine anticipation for today, team sheet and performance. Thanks Snoots, excellence as usual. Good to have footy back once more.
  4. Even professional racing drivers had to pass a driving test at one time. Same thing. Different, but the same
  5. Thanks Snoots once more. Can't resist the OMDT no matter how pap we are. Hoping for a draw me. And god knows a bloody half decent performance. We were playing well and feeling optimistic not so long ago how it's gone so fubar so quickly is still a mystery to me. 0-0
  6. Signature dish. Boiled egg on a bed of melted cheese and a drizzle of Marmite. On toast. There's lovely
  7. The team sheet will be interesting today. Decisions decisions....
  8. Superb as always milud. He does indeed remind you of one of those cads hanging off the back of the waltzer, bravely leaping from one spinning carriage to another, intimidating and impressing teenagers in equal measure! One just can't help but be enamoured by such a rogue.... A win today please. There's lovely
  9. Westwood needs to hash bloody tag grow up and realise the world doesn't owe him a living
  10. I remember this being the beginning of the end of our PL existence...
  11. Seems to me he's been used in different positions on a regular basis. I imagine our coaching team know exactly where he is most effective and will coach him accordingly. Job done, cheers Cardiff.
  12. No. Ghengis Khan also used rape and pilage to great effect, I didn't approve of that either...
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