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  1. Come on, we've all been surprised by a shart before...
  2. Best OMDT for ages. Not because Snoots' has delivered anything other than his usual brilliant performance, but i feel it has brought out the best humour from us Wednesday fans, which makes me very proud. Don't expect a win tonight but God knows I'll be singing and shouting like a mad man and get right behind our boys. Up the Owls!
  3. Brilliant Snoots, thank you. Sprayed milky bran flakes @ furry potato head
  4. Ted's forgot about the new lads, they can't be w*ank, not yet, they're new...
  5. Very attacking line up, I like it. Is Big Dom injured or just rotation??
  6. Very attacking line up, like it. Is big Dom injured or just rotation?
  7. Loved him, reight player. Legs had started to go imho so ultimately the right decision to let him go unfortunately...
  8. I lived near wombwell for a few years, Barnsley football club really do reflect the town's folk, down to earth, grafters, self defacing, working class - even if they've got money, and a sense of humour. Glad I don't live there anymore but fond memories of the place! Always check their results. Good luck to em, just not today!
  9. If only our football was half as consistently entertaining as our OMDT. We'd be champions I tell thi, champions
  10. You can have all the ability in the world but if you don't have a strong mentality it means nothing. The players here now have the opportunity to show their strength of character, it's up to them to show it and improve or its time to get gone.
  11. 'Who have Wednesday got today Gaz?' 'Blackburn at home pal' 'Should beat them, they've been crap recently' 'Which means it'll be 3-1 to them then....' Genuine conversation.
  12. Hate Dirty l**ds, always have. The result was made all the sweeter when a bet I had with a L**ds fan at work was settled today. I love my smug face
  13. And lots of spare fish around by the sounds of it!
  14. Sounds very detailed, almost like you've performed said act previously...
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