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  1. You didn't have anything to do with Donald Trumps election campaign did you? And done.
  2. Your dead right ya know. Well done that man. Same door handles as a Princess, only very slightly cooler...
  3. Trying to work out the car. Austin Princess?? Dad used to have a gold one with a brown vinyl roof, what a beaut.
  4. To be fair as much as I do not like the guy, he isn't afraid to make difficult decisions and he does seem to have stabilized a notoriously unstable club. I think his experience could be invaluable to us. It would be a rocky ride but what's new!?!
  5. Ahhh righto, reminded me of one of their intro's, on repeat, if you get me. I'll get my coat........
  6. Enjoyed that. Nice instrumental, is it an artic monkeys tune that?
  7. Come on, we've all been surprised by a shart before...
  8. Best OMDT for ages. Not because Snoots' has delivered anything other than his usual brilliant performance, but i feel it has brought out the best humour from us Wednesday fans, which makes me very proud. Don't expect a win tonight but God knows I'll be singing and shouting like a mad man and get right behind our boys. Up the Owls!
  9. Brilliant Snoots, thank you. Sprayed milky bran flakes @ furry potato head
  10. Ted's forgot about the new lads, they can't be w*ank, not yet, they're new...
  11. Very attacking line up, I like it. Is Big Dom injured or just rotation??
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