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  1. I think we'll have too much for them, in an attacking sense. If we can resist the Keystone Cops defending we should come away with 3 points.... Should
  2. Some of the toys out the pram antics on here are hilarious on here when we lose. I bet when they go into Tesco and they've sold out of their favourite biscuits they scream and blart and have a good old foot stamp
  3. Hit em on the break, them to have 65% possession, us to win 1-3. Party time Monday, get yer inflatables ready
  4. What a beautiful day for beating Portsmouth. Keep positive, we can win this!
  5. We've got to be at our very best tonight. I believe if we are we will be too strong for them. As long as we stay positive and fight for every ball we will take the 3 points. Still bricking it however
  6. Face like a stuntman's knee Brilliant Snoots. God I'm nervous about today, 3 early goals from us should settle things nicely....
  7. Still been a success in my eye's, the way this squad has been transformed in the last few months has been great to see. Getting rid of the dead wood and changing team mentality is no easy feat. Onwards and upwards whatever happens
  8. It's fell off the back of her coat in shock at the score
  9. Geeky. But I like geeky. And It does correlate to league position as well if you compare the charts to the actual standings
  10. Superb. Exquisite. Lively and supremely entertaining OMDT. All the things fatty Evans ain't
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