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  1. Thanks Snoots once more for your superb efforts. We're due some good fortune aren't we?? Suffered enough haven't we?? By all that's Holy please let Darren Moore be the one that sorts this shower out and give us a side to be proud of. We don't want instant success, just a team that will fight to the end with a sprinkle of quality thrown in here and there. Finish out of the bottom 3 and let's crack on next season with fans back in the stadium. Perfect!
  2. A splendid read Snoots, a shining light on the gloom once again!! God know for tonight's score. Can't see a win which means we probably will. Then all could go to type and we'll get slaughtered. Then again I feel a draw so could be that. Like I said, God knows!
  3. A Wednesday win and the bullet for Karanka. Sweet
  4. Still can't get used to seeing Fletcher in red and white stripes I think Rhodes is gonna get serviced to buggery tonight and get a winning brace. 0-2 Thank you and good night
  5. These are the later FWD corollas, no where near as desirable as the previous RWD model.
  6. It's more biggist than racist. I'd rather that than Little Dave..
  7. Thank you Snoots, difficult times, hopefully we'll be able to look back and laugh about it come the end of the season... We'll have to be on our toes tonight. If we don't scrap for everything for 97 minutes we could well blow it. I just hope we show that we are up for a proper battle. No mincing about tonight boys please.
  8. Really enjoyed that Snoots, a great read with the bran flakes. I heard an owl on the dog walk this morning, a haunting beautiful sound echoing through the still dark trees. I'm taking it as a sign. A win today and a soaring climb up the table for the rest of this campaign. Up the Owls!!!
  9. Lets not over complicate this. Give him the job at least till the end of the season. Simple.
  10. Voted yes, cos you just have to dont you. Squeeky flippin bum time though int it
  11. 'Tommo' will at least have the lads grafting, of that we can be sure. Fingers crossed we can muster a few moments of quality to add into the mix. Get our wee Scottish magician on the ball finding some space for a re-energised Windass. I'm going for 0-2 to us with 28% possession. A total upset. Smash and grab stylee
  12. When you go shopping you need some money in your pockets...
  13. It's the one piece of sublime quality before the inevitable 90 mins of deeply unsatisfying 'entertainment'. Saying that, if we win I will promptly forget about the OMDT and wait with baited breath for the extended highlights...
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