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  1. Don't you think he's too old and injury prone to go on loan? Surely wouldn't be worth it...
  2. Nice. Cupla tweaks; Stevie may is magic He wears a magic hat And when he drove past hillsborough He said I fancy that He could have gone to rothrum But they are proper poo Instead he came to wednesday To play in blue & white
  3. It's a bit long. Might forget the words...
  4. He'd be good to keep as a target man. If anyone messes with him, he'll just knock em out...
  5. He supported Sunderland as a lad, and Spurs are prob out because he regrets the mullet...
  6. Well, to make use of this thread... Think I've just discovered where Ryan Giggs learnt all his silky skills. Check out 47 seconds in... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zC67tFYfmQs
  7. He was at Macclesfield for a start, seen him 4/5 Times this season . 4/5 is 80%
  8. I saw him play for Plymouth in his last game there, and he showed some great close ball control when running at players. Reminded me of Di Canio...
  9. Cus he wasn't involved in the original tie
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