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  1. If you think that was onside you must be an assistant ref as well. You do know if he is in front of the last defender it is offside which the still picture clearly shows


    But in the picture the ball has already been played, so what does it matter if hes in front of the defender.


    When the ball is touched he isnt in front of the defender...

  2. Hello South stand Linesman, are you having a nice night?


    Just stating what apparently many blinkered fans are unable to see

    Why are we slagging our offside trap tactics when they were working previously?

    Fact is he was offside.

    Another fact is that it made no bleeding difference. We were so sheeite today we would've lost against Andorra ladies reserves.



    He wasnt offside.


    When the ball was touched, he was at least in line...

  3. I watched the stream at half time and both were off, the goal scorer - twice! When he squared it in the box he was in front of the defender by a country mile. Terrible defending from Palmer (no chasing back),however had no help from Hope down that wing for both goals.. Need to send hope back..


    But he was behind the ball passer therefore the ball didnt play forward, therefore onside

  4. The guy four yards off side was clearly off side.the defenders didn't know the ball wasn't going to him. He was clearly in play. Forget the tight one...


    But hes not affecting the defenders positioning hence not interfering with play

  5. No way are we gonna lose 4 home games on the spin.

    We just added Ravel Morrison to the ranks too. Just what our side needed, someone who loves a bit of aggro.

    Our side, on paper, are the best in the division by a country mile, but Solskjaer did something to Fack it all up.

    Pick your 11 out of this...

    A few select players, obviously there's more than this...

    David Marshall

    John Brayford


    Juan Cala

    Ben Turner

    Bruno Magna

    Sean Morrison

    Peter Whittingham

    Kagisho Dikgacoi

    Adam le Fondre

    Kenwyne Jones.

    Federico Macheda

    Craig Noone

    Kim bo kyung

    Aron Gunnarsson

    Tom Adeyemi

    Anthony Pilkington

    Mats moller Daehli

    Javi Guerra

    nicky Maynard

    Guido Burgstaller

    Ravel Morrison

    You got nobody players...

  6. Bought two tickets online on Tuesday night for tomorrow's game, paid for £1 delivery. Just got home from work and they're nowhere to be seen!

    Rang the ticket-master number and they've tried there best to sort it, saying their supervisor is going to print screen my receipt to SWFC who are then going to e-mail Cardiff.

    I've now got to travel all the way to Cardiff with no tickets and the chance of not getting in, the club have always been spot on with delivering tickets but can't understand this happening

    Fingers crossed


  7. Are you mentally flipping ill? This is an absolute DISASTER!!! Fine we were going to lose to city. Fine we would probaby concede a few, but we haven't looked like losing in the leauge all season conceding 7 in 45 minutes of football against anyone will be the worst thing in most of our players careers this far. How can losing 7-0 not spill into the league? This could DESTROY our league form!

    How so?


    Played well in the first half against a multimillion pound team packed with World cup squad players, some great possession, movement and passing.


    Play like that in the league and we're in the playoffs minimum.


    Could actually prove to be the contrary as they've realised some potential.

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