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  1. Last season was Championship opposition.......................
  2. Not at all, merely pointing out how lucky we were to be playing the league new boys for the first match. Looking back, I remember how Wolves' new signing's took a few matches to get going, heres hoping for a similar impact.....
  3. Exactly, thanks Triple. I'm not trying to say I'm unhappy with the 3 points or how we achieved them. More that against other opposition we will not be so fortunate. Here's hoping that the manager sticks with a nucleus team that will develop an understanding. (yn)
  4. True, it just made a better title... ;) Danny Jones looked handy for the 10 minutes he got, I thought. Good potential crosser.
  5. You'll be lucky. It was D&R. We scored from corners 'cause they were crap.
  6. Fair one. I didn't see many shots from open play. Or was I just asleep???
  7. . I know, and I'm glad, but I really expected a little more than punt for your life.
  8. That's why D & R showed us how to play football in the second half then?
  9. PUNT > HEAD BACK > LOSE BALL ; PUNT > HEAD BACK > LOSE BALL; ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz........
  10. Well thanks Malek, but why didn't you point this out earlier, before Watford made a move, then perhaps we might have had a chance.
  11. ROFLOL!!! Most inspiring, arguable, biggest failure, definately. WHAT AN EFFING MISTAKE. I hold Trevor Francis personally responsible for ruining the team. His first season in charge was his most successful, oh and look, it was an inherited team. Over the years of his tenure, his slowly destroyed the success of promotion and the MAN UTD cup victory, the club finished progressively lower in the league which finally led to our demise and drop from the top flight. The only two things he did right were WADDLE and WALKER. So thanks, Trevor, thanks for ruining everything.
  12. The Brittania is a very nice wetherspoons pub. I didnt realise they allowed away supporters too, if this is true, It would be a good place to go as its right next to Home Park.....
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